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@Geo said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

What do you do with a drunkun Sailor…

Strap him to the pine til he sober

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@voice_of_reason said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

I know I’ve said it before but Keary is close to the best player in the game right now. Pure footballer. Would never happen but would love to have him in our colours.

Didn’t happen overnight either. The perks of allowing a player to develop

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@Geo said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

Tedesco on the left …Tedesco sweeps over to the right…Tedesco goes to dummy half…Tedesco then sweeps back to the left…Rotters score

4 involvements in 1 set of 6…

All just basically effort to be there…

U reckon the Doobster has his notepad out?

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@Russell said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

@avocadoontoast said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

@hobbo1 said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

Why can’t our props kick goals ?

Packer kicks well but only if the ball has a face drawn on it.

I’d say that would be Reynolds, wouldn’t it Avo?

Avo’s going way back to before he learned the importance of soap handling skills

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@Geo said in NRL Round 13 *spoilers*:

Tariq Sims…playing for a contract…somewhere else…

Givng the ball to a half so he could hit them after they passed

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I’ve tipped the drag queens here. Think the rorters are a tad vulnerable

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@TheDaBoss said in Packer:

whats the matter son is still not in the eels squad

That hit must of sent him back a few dimensions by Packer.

Slimey’s handling of his recovery might not be up to standard. Could be exploring options elsewhere

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@TYGA said in Score Prediction Against Newcastle:

If we win it will be high scoring. This is possibly the worst defensive backline ever assembled.

Our left side Centre/Wing combo are league leaders defensively. Missed tackles(zero) and tries conceded(zero)…

Looking for them to maintain this momentum

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@Strongee said in Daley says Tigers need to ‘move on’ stars:

@Aesopian said in Daley says Tigers need to ‘move on’ stars:

@Lauren said in Daley says Tigers need to ‘move on’ stars:

Harry Grant has been a revelation for us - he’s got the skills and confidence of Smith with the speed of Cook - and I think it’s dawned on all of us fans that we need game winning halves, in order to capably take this team to the next level. Yet some fail to see we also need good line runners and backs who are strong in support to help turning/changing a game around. (I hope Nofo/BJ/Kepaoa and Talau are on the verge of breaking out).

I think we need to consider Benji’s replacement first and foremost tbh and that it’s stupid at this point in time to replace both halves.
Who’s available?? How much is it gonna cost? And would they really be an improvement? These are all factors that need to be considered and I’d rather our focus be imminently on Benji’s replacement and filling any other spots tbh.

Mbye’s a funny one for me.
I like him in some games, think he’s versatile with some great fundamental skills but he’s also never reached his potential. He seems to lack a whole lot of confidence in himself and clearly comes from a system on par with ours over recent years - I think Bulldogs Des was an abysmal coach at Dogs and treated the club similarly to how Ivan did with us. But if he’s not gonna live up to the pay packet he gets of course we move him on.
For the remainder of this year, I’d be content with our halves merely playing smart footy. I’d like to see them use more variation and apply a great kicking (and running game). We’ve not got the best results from our 5th tackle options and Brooks and Benji did extremely well in this aspect last year…think we struggled with scoring points which doesn’t seem the issue this year. And I’m sooo over this one out stuff.
I believe Benji’s passing game is as good as it’s ever been. If we can throw the ball around we’ll have other teams in two minds for once, instead of this bland predictable style we’ve been playing of late - it’s the exact opposite of putting pressure on teams.

All I wanna see is Brooks throw a spiral before the season ends… enough of these floating hand grenades and 1,000,000 MPH fast balls from 2 feet away

The spiral cutout doesn’t work . Most outside backs are really good at anticipating it. The floater over the top usually leads to space on the outside because , the winger/centre can run on to it, and it’s usually preceded by a block play or an unders run to create the space , with a jamming defence .
It works effectively when the outside back is quick . Hopefully with AJ and Talau and Joey and Nofo , we now have that .

Yes there is a time and place but to say it doesn’t work is a massive stretch. Some of the great playmakers used it very effectively, especially inside the attacking 10m.

Joey was the master at it, using it as a face ball against static defensive lines. When you need a quick cutout that’s gotta travel +20m across the face of defenders the old floata just isn’t accurate and is much harder to catch. The spiral gets there quicker and is more accurate. But again, yes there is a time and a place.

The point of my original dig is that I’ve never seen brooks throw a spiral. Maybe he has and I’ve missed it but I don’t think so.

It’s just a basic skill that all playmakers should have. And this next part makes me throw up in my mouth a tad but even Bwaith had that skill and used it effectively.

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@Geo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Who are the kind of guys who would not flourish under Madge …so we know who not to sign…

Pea Hearts

Pretty much 95% of this forum hahahahah