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@tony-soprano said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

U can Tell he wants out even using the welfare card. I agree with him, but why did he re-sign with storm knowing his behind smith. Should of signed with another club.

At the time Smith was 50/50 (apparently) on whether to play on. I guess Grant could accept one more year of development but had the sense to put a clause into his contract for 2021 in case Smith decides to play on longer.
This whole trade shows what type of a person Smith is. You’d think for the sake of $16k ($8k after tax), with the contract he is on Smith would take a pay cut to give the club cap space to allow the swap to happen.
No doubt Benji, Lawrence or Farah would do that for us.

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If we can snare Grant and keep Momo at the same time I’ll be over the moon

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@TillLindemann said in Wests Tigers v Penrith Trial Teams..:

Daine Laurie? I didn’t know he was still around.

Man, I was convinced he was going to be a star.

Different Dane Laurie to who you are thinking of

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Wow 🤢🤮I thought the telecrap was trash

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I’m a real Queen fan - love their music. Sad to see Roger Taylor with a second drummer last night. He’s older and bigger - hard to belt out the massive sound that is Queen on drums as he gets older. True legend, as is Brian May. And Deakin and Freddie

The second drummer is his son Rufus, also plays for the band The Darkness.
He’s mostly back-up percussion but is taking on more of the physical demanding songs as Roger gets older.

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@Hangonaminute said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@851 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Hangonaminute said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

We should make Jake Turpin an offer if he’s stuck behind McCullough. Kid can play

We already have a Queensland hooker, and he will be a good one

Not yet we don’t, and he’ll only be on loan.

We’re mad if we’re not looking at Turpin.

If we’re relying on Liddle we’re completely bonkers.
I really hope he gets over all his injuries and has a long career but we can’t afford to hope that happens or even think that a fit Liddle is the answer at 9.
Walters looks ok with ball in hand but I doubt he’ll handle the defensive load for all that long.

Hang on a minute, Hangonaminute. I think 851 was referring to Jake Simpkin not Harry Grant.

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Pretty much the players you’ve already named + Luciano with a couple of nice try assists to Mikaele/Garner. Good to see that part of his game

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I’m sure at some stage this year we will see one Leilua giving it to the other Leilua behind the goal posts a la Heighington/Te’o in '08

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@gallagher said in Kayo:

@AJ1 said in Kayo:

Agree with you GNR, it’s hard to justify at $25pm. $15pm is a fair price point.

You can watch it on 2 screens at the same time . Which means you can share the subscription with a mate and pay $12.50 a month.

Only $7.50pm each if one of you are with Telstra.

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@happy_tiger said in Kayo:

@Cultured_Bogan said in Kayo:

@GNR4LIFE said in Kayo:

I signed up for the 14 day trial last night. 25 dollars a month is steep when you look at how much other platforms like Netflix and WWE Network charge. They’re like 13 dollars a month. Kayo’s almost double, I don’t think it’s worth paying more to have two tiny screens on the bottom of your main screen, but that’s me.

Its better than paying Fox the sports pack and the basic subscription.

Yeah I reckon I might give them a call I thought I was on a good deal paying $99 a month …hopefully getting for the $50 a month you mentioned would be cool

You can always get a better deal on Foxtel by calling their ‘disconnections’ line and telling them you want to disconnect as the price can no longer be justified. At one point I negotiated them down from $89pm to $55pm (basics, sports, movies, drama, HD). Don’t take their first counter offer (most people do) keep threatening to go ahead with the cancellation until you hit their maximum discount. Their staff are measured on retaining you, so it is in their interest to keep you on board using whatever it takes.
It takes 10 mins of your time to save a few hundred dollars OR you can get rid of Foxtel completely and take out subscription services in lieu of. E.g. I have the following:

Netflix - $19.99pm
Stan - (Telstra offer, free for 6 months)
Amazon prime - (Free when you pay yearly Amazon subscription, technically $55py)
Disney+ (Paid $72 for annual subscription by purchasing 20% off Apple App Store Gift cards)
Kayo - $15pm (will cancel in Oct)

All up the above subscriptions work out to be just under $40pm and I could share with family/family to offset the costs even more.