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I heard yesterday Dean Whare hasn’t been re-signed by the Panthers yet. We’d be silly to not go after him.

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It’s an absolute stinker of a jersey. I honestly can’t believe the club moved away from the two strips we had last year. Same design - inverted colours. And having a predominantly orange jersey is always good for marketing - we’re the only club with claims to that colour. You see a big Dragons crowd - a sea of red. Dogs - a sea of blue. Tigers - should be orange, but it’s a mix of black and white like half the other clubs!

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Pretty much all his kicks today were taken on the full or one bounce. Not good enough.

His passing has also been a huge issue both last year and this season. Last year he had Benji-itis, throwing it over the sideline too often. He also struggles with soft hands. A lot of the time he’ll rocket a ball to someone where he really just needs to drift it to them.

And one thing I’ve seen far too often that is really concerning is he is just way too reluctant to get tackled. He will get rid of the ball at all costs.

He’s a liability at the moment. Give Drinkwater a crack.

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1. Tedesco
2. Naiqama
3. Simona
4. Lawrence
5. Richards
6. Drinkwater
7. Brooks
8. Woods
9. Farah
10. Galloway
11. Sironen
12. Sue
13. Taupau

14. Santi
15. Seumanufagai
16. Liolevave
17. Buchanan

Halatau has little impact off the bench, Would like to see what Lamar can do

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Kinda reminds me of Ayshford. Useless.

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I’m flying 2,000km to see our second string State Cup side run round? Thanks Wests Tigers…

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Squad of 15 right?

Tim Simona
Kevin Naiqama
Kurtis Rowe
Josh Drinkwater
Te Maire Martin
Mitch Moses
Delouise Hoeter
Chris Lawrence
Chance Peni

Robbie Farah
Manaia Cherrington
Sitaleki Akauola
Brenden Santi
Curtis Sironen
Martin Taupau (would go great but he played 4N so may need a bigger break)
Someone like Lamar Liolevave or Salesi Funaki would also be great. They run good damaging lines

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He’s only 21 as well. Has that on his side. If he was recovering from constant knee injuries at 28 I’d be more worried. He looks like he keeps himself in decent shape too, so his body is probably in quite good knick.

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This is all a load of whinging crap. No one told him his form was declining? Hello? Do you really need to be told not to pass the ball to row 10?

And wasn’t part of the deal we made for him to be released that he wouldn’t play for another NRL club for the remainder of his contract? Fast forward six months and he comes crawling back. The Tigers were compensated for Benji breaking his contract.

Give it a rest Benji. Stop bagging the club and focus on playing footy!

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There is potential to build a good stadium there though.
At Concord behind the grandstand opposite the tunnel side there is land there, if Council approved you can maybe get a 4 storey Car park, just saying.
If we could get some Government funding maybe could be an option if the Club felt worth it.
But I do agree homebush stadium is already there ready to go, if we wanted to entertain it as being our permanent home.

It’s not free/empty land. It’s a set of hockey fields used by local sports clubs pretty much every day of the week.