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Macguire makes sense. Strong Kiwi connection, which will fit our club culture well, knows how to build a culture (eg Melbourne), turned Wigan around, turned Souths around. He is the bloke on the market that every club looking for a coach wants to sign. If the Tigers can swap him for Ivan and use some Penrith money to achieve it that would be a good outcome from where we are currently.

Nothing against IC, who has done a good job on the rebuild, but I think Macguire would be a good next step.

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The drama over the coach is painful after all the other drama the Club has copped, but if Ivan wants to sign for the Panthers in 2021 (or sooner) good luck to him and let’s extract maximum value and keep going. At least Luke Brooks knows he can build his career at the Tigers, with NC having signed long-term for the Panthers.

If Ivan wants to go to fulfill a dream of coaching his son, then extract full value and grab another coach. All the “we expected the wooden spoon but narrowly missed the eight” talk which the media is promoting around the Tigers of late is defeatist nonsense. We should have been in the finals and dropping games to weak teams cost us. We beat the Roosters and we beat Melbourne (twice) and they’re playing in the GF. We also beat Souths and the Dragons, and they were the other major contenders.

I wouldn’t mind a coach trying to win the comp in 2019 instead of more talk of a rebuilding process.

From where I’m sitting the board has done a good job. IC was a good signing (even though he was fired from his last job and has a <50% win record), getting Benji and Robbie back was good work. Mbye was a great acquisition and the forward pack has a nice mix of experienced professionals and young bulls. Whatever happens, I hope the board plays it out fairly quickly so the squad and coach get an uninterrupted pre-season and we can go out aiming to go deep into the competition in 2019.

Good luck to young NC, but to be honest if I was IC I think I’d want to let the kid flourish on his own. He’s making Origin and on a good contract… why upset that? Especially as Phil Gould is a narcissistic megalomaniac who can bleat all he wants about the Panthers, but was perfectly happy to take the best player of a generation away from the club to the Rorters when it suited his own purposes. Phil Gould’s personal interests will always be placed before any player’s, any coach’s, any club’s or the game’s and that makes him a dangerous and unpredictable employer. That is only amplified with the father/son dynamic at a club he controls.

Will be interesting to see how it plays out but for the first time in a long time I am confident the Tigers’ board will work the angles as best we can for the Tigers and bugger anyone else!

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It is certainly an exciting prospect.

People bang on about Robbie and Benji (and rightly so as they are awesome), but it was Scott Prince who won the Clive Churchill Medal and captained us to the 2005 Premiership. We haven’t had another halfback of that quality since.

Brooks is playing great football and his defence is drastically improved. I would imagine he is very keen to stay under IC’s tutelage.

If we’ve taken one thing away from 2018, at least we can defend now. Attack wise a 2019 team with NC and Brooks playing behind a solid pack will be tough to contain.

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It’s great to have a result if you’re a gambler or one of the sports betting agencies embedded in the game, and fun for a novelty, but in a game that’s been tougher out having the field-goal-a-thon at the end is always unsatisfying.

And I’m not sure why the NRL thinks draws are undesirable. They’re rather rare, add another possible result and hence interest and some of the most ,emerald sporting contests ever (eg tied tests) have been draws.

Time to drop golden point.

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On tonight’s effort though it looks like his manager has told him to protect himself and be in good nick to party with the new team (and management) at Ivy on Saturday night.

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I thought I understood. I sympathised. I expected to cheer Teddy every minute he spent in a Tigers jersey.

But those two “tackle attempts” suggest he couldn’t care less about us. Get a bag, find a cubicle and enjoy the rock star lifestyle at the Roosters.

Time to move on.

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Can’t help but feel the club set the tone with business dealings. They were mercenary in forcing Farah out(not saying it was justified or not) and now the 3 have been mercenary in their dealings with the club. Why complain? Those complaining about lack of loyalty and the treachery of managers while supporting the ousting of club legends need to take a rain check. The Board and CEO with the previous coach need to take the blame for rubbish attempt at recruitment. The fact that Taylor wasn’t sacked at the end of last season shows the board and CEO are inept and have no idea. Really how long can you blame previous management for the clubs failures! No other club would have allowed 2 x SOO players who were juniors to leave! This includes the creating right environment at the club. Pascoe is right in admitting his negligence. He is paid big bucks to deal with players managers and to recruit. Go should go as she has no idea. Maybe put her in charge of next years newsletters or club wear. Don’t blame the players in leaving after all they are following the example set by the club. Now with my ranting over its great to have a coach who can recruit and get the best out of the players. Hopefully we will finish this year in the semis and next year with a competitive side.

Unfortunately the current administration has had to deal with a legacy of mismanagement, salary cap issues and a culture of players and their managers running the club. Woods and Moses wanted too much money. They’re readily replaceable. They were also part of the poor culture. If Pascoe is prepared to own his mistakes, Woods should own his too. He was Club Captain after all.

Tedesco is a superstar, and of the three leaving the one we will miss the most. Dynamic and a genuine game changer. He is also consistently injured. If I recall correctly 2015 is the only year he didn’t miss lots of games through serious injury. He’s torn his ACL, fractured his patella, cracked his fibula, had serious shoulder injuries, broken his jaw, had more than his fair share of concussions. I’ll miss him and it’ll always sting to see him in another team’s colours, but on the money he commands you have plenty of eggs in a very fragile basket. I don’t wish him anything but the best of health, and he is an awesome talent, but history suggests he will spend a good part of the rest of his career cheering from the stands.

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Sure. But if Woods doesn’t have a handful of the marker’s jersey it’s not an issue. Too much nonsense, niggling, wrestling, cheating is tolerated in league these days. Unlucky call for us, but Woods was cheating and it probably cost us a try.

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It would be a shame to lose our skipper and best forward, as it also would be to lose one of the most exciting players in the NRL. I hope we keep them both.

Contract discussions are always going to be polarising, especially with young players in good form (both likely to be Australian reps this year), and with a club they love having underperformed and been poorly managed. There are complexities beyond the money and for Woods and Teddy this may be the most important contract of their careers.

Lots of vitriol flying around at the moment, but I’d love to see them both remain at the club,

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Rankin didn’t have a great game last week, but his super league stats suggest he’s a decent player and his ability to cover any back line position gives us some flexibility to take a forward biased bench into the game. Looking forward to Monday and hoping the young man has a blinder.