Worst player ever? That’s a ridiculous statement to have made in the first place mate. He’s only 19 and he’s got legit talent. Personally I don’t think he’s ready for first grade yet, but he’s got talent.

Worst player ever……geez, some people must have short term memories. Nick Graham…Sam Harris…half of the players during the entire 1990’s…

He had done absolutely nothing in every game I saw him play, including Toyota Cup.

He was ridiculously poor in the Foundation Cup match.

19 or 29 every performance up until last night was woeful IMO and last night he took a massive step forward in my book and I’m giving him the praise he is due.

I’ll own up when I’m wrong, but the problem for most of you on here, I rarely am.

dont have fox? cause the 7-8 games on fox last year Lui and Mullaney were the 2 best,didnt Lui also have around 25 try assists last year and u think hes done nothing ?

the hate Lui gets on these boards is crazy,is it cause u all want moltzen at 7?

Mullaney was streets ahead of anyone in the competition, let alone the Tigers.

Lui did not dominate anything. He played some okay football, but he did not dominate.

He was very inconsistent, he was also one of the reasons why we lost the Grand Final.