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Hi Guys, we are downsizing from a house to an apartment and currently we use Telstra for everything, Fox, Phones, Broadband. Where we are moving to if we want Fox, we need to use Foxtel Now, so no IQ boxes, so basically streaming everything.

I have seen some adds promoting Aussie Broadband, which seems to have local support if needed, which appeals to me, so no calls to offshore call centres. Is anyone else using Aussie ?

If so any feedback, i.e modem quality, speed, reliability, contracts etc.

Any other suggestions also would be appreciated.

Why do you need to use Foxtel now. Have you confirmed that the apartment is not wired for Foxtel? It may be worth double checking. I know a lot of older buildings aren’t but many modern buildings are. We just downsized to a 1 bedroom apartment and the complex is wired for Foxtel satellite and works with an IQ4. The only channels we miss out on are the free to air SD channels.

Currently we have Tangerine (VOCUS) NBN and haven’t had any issues so far. We’ve used Aussie Broadband before, very helpful and had no issues with them either, pretty good service actually.

Hi Mike, the apartment is still being finalised, maybe 6 weeks before we can move in, we have been told they are just installing NBN but no Foxtel connections, hence we need to stream everything. TBH, I am thinking only Kayo, Netflix, Stan, we have the full Foxtel package now and hardly use it.

If your staying in Port Macquarie, its a mish mash of NBN - newer estates, resorts and new apartments in town get FTTP which is what you want. The majority of the rest is FTTN and then there is Wireless for areas that can’t access the other 2. Its a pain in the butt - we own a unit in Coffs Harbour that we rent out and it gets FTTP only because Coffs was in the early rollout. The whole NBN is a lottery.

Yeah staying in Port, moving to a new apartment near Port City Bowling club, hopefully as you say we have FTTP which would be good.

If it’s new apartment should be FTTP.

Can go here to check: https://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/check-your-address

If it comes up blank let me know and can find out easily whats planned.

Yeah didn’t show anything, the developer did say the NBN guys will be there maybe next week to do what they need to do 🙂

Try and drill down in this map. I always found it more accurate:


Problem with that map it assumes that NBN are putting in nodes where the pillars are. That is definitely not the case where we are.

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To be honest the middle speed is where I would be aiming with most providers, that should be around 50mbps. What you actually get in the home will be less than that, hopefully above 40mbps, our infrastructure isn’t worth going for the higher speeds as it is unlikely you will achieve those speeds. If you are on optic fibre to the home is the only time I would look at the higher speed plans.

This isn’t correct.
You can get over 50mbps on all fixed line technologies
FTTC & HFC get over 80mbps easily.
FTTN if you have bad adsl speeds (under 12mbps) now you will struggle to get over 25mbps on nbn, but 70% of people on FTTN can get over 50mbps easy

It really depends on how far you are from the FTTN node. Unfortunately NBN are rushing to get the network finished and not putting in as many nodes as they should to finish it and keep costs down.

Unfortunately we are about 1.2km from our node so best we can hope for is about 30mbps.

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I was with TPG for over 10 years, mainly because they were cheap but switched to Aussie broadband when upgrading to NBN last year. Aussie knocks them out of the park in terms of customer service.

Local people who know what they talking about, which is a big step up from the “turn it off and on brigade” most ISP have manning their lines.

If anyone does switch to Aussie you can use my refer a friend code (2329167). You get $50 credit on your bill and I get $50 credit on my bill. Win, win.

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Thanks got the 3 month. Question, if I get home 20 minutes after the game started, can I start watching the game from the beginning? Or do I have to watch it from where it’s at live or wait for it to finish to have the replay up?

It actually gives you two options when watching live events, “From live” and “From start”.

So choice is yours.

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We have a Sumsung 65" OLED 4K Ultra HD smart TV…works great in our unit…sit about 2m away…

Geo Samsung doesn’t make OLED TV panels, they make QLEDs? Edit: what mike said.

Correct … I have the 65” Samsung QLED

The Q is Samsung’s version of OLED

Amazing picture quality

That’s what Samsung would like you to believe. Not even close.

I’m very happy with the product …
Seems you payed overs for the same quality 😂

I’m betting Geo went beta as well …and remote with the cord still …please

No remote just a broom stick or the kids. 😂😂😂

Actually that’s my only qualm…the remote packed it in and only works from time to time…stupid thing…they want $80 for a new one…

But it was easily solved by downloading the Samsung Smart TV app to my phone…to turn on and off…

Have Fox IQ4…so watch everything thru that FTA etc etc…

I have a Logitech Harmony Universal Remote 650 which is great, especially if you have multiple devices. You can set it up with “activities” like watch TV or play Xbox etc.

Hit one button and it turns the TV on, sets it to the right inputs, turns the AV receiver, etc

Keeps the family happy, one remote instead of 4 or 5.

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I have a 2018 Sony 75" 4K LCD. Upgrade from 42" Samsung and the extra size is great.

As far as sound is concerned I think a dedicated surround sound system beats a sound bar every day.

Have an old Onkyo TX-SR606 7.1 Channel system setup and it is house shaking loud.

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😆😁Thanks kul… I’ve tried and still haven’t figured out what the lil b****r does 🧐🤪

Yeah, I must have missed whatever it did too.

It locks the left fly in menu, so it doesn’t disappear after you click on one of the options or back onto the main page.

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@Curly_Tiger I’d rather the curve be irrelevant weeks out from the finals. Somewhere up where Melbourne is would be nice.

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About half way through S2 of Happy!

Didn’t think a show that had a masturbating reanimated corpse could get any weirder but it did.

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@Kul I think you can do this yourself now through the edit option under the profile. I changed my username this way a couple of weeks ago