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That’s true @Geo it’s still HIS manager that is ultimately responsible for bringing us into the limelight…yet again.

I’m sick of seeing players crap on our club.

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When are we going to hear anything from our spineless management? This type of thing can cause friction within the playing group…
Our new coach and highest profile signing already at loggerheads.
This club is dumb.

How can anyone be in support for Ryan when every complaint he’s brought forward sounds nothing but ungrateful and selfish.

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Just read the live thread, yeah it was rough but they were outgunned today and I’m proud of 9th from this squad but I may be in the minority on the forum.

@Curly_Tiger same.
And with the dreaded thought of having approx. $180k to play with, we should more concerned with how we improve on our squad and how we will line up next year.

What an exceptional year for both Benji and Garner.
Thought Elijah and Alex have been outstanding leaders for Mikaele and Clarke and it’s such a shame Aloiai didn’t finish the year- as I thought he really came into his own.
Loved watching the growth of Brooks, Matterson and Momorovski this year also.
Corey Thompson once again proved he’s Mr Reliable.

We may not have gotten the desired result but today honestly showed us that we just don’t have the squad yet. Their squad with the likes of Graham, Johnson, Gallen, Fifita, (and even)Woods offer sooo much more big game experience.

I don’t like the whole “woe is me” mentality and just hope to see Brooks use this game as motivation to work on certain aspects of his game.

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Tyson Gamble wins it for Redcliffe again, with a field goal 20secs to go 25-24. Think they’ve won 10 from 11 since he returned.

Was good to hear him acknowledge the WT before game.

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@GNR4LIFE agree and am a little disappointed to see how easily our fans read into it all.
Perhaps withhold the outrage and see how things unfold first.
There is currently only the one negative article in circulation ATM and its from the Mole.
Even the DT are posting positive stories.

Just be proud and supportive of the boys for their camaraderie and attitudes etc., as this is the biggest game or moment of their lives and careers.

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@Joelcainenumber1fan I somewhat agree with this. It’s honestly embarrassing to hear Madge talk about the team making a dash to the Finals, when he still can’t even select our best team.
Stop filling their heads with false hope and unnecessary pressure.
Our boys are struggling - busting their arses.

We all know the team’s shortcomings yet our coach couldn’t be bothered by rectify any of it.

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No was never implying that we had the same scenario and I believe only Trent Robinson’s been fined for approaching referees - it amounted to $40K.
My point is its been done once before however there are zero repercussions for ICs actions.
We offer RF a post career job and get hit with $839K + fines. Bunnies and Inglis, also zero consequences.

Mate I finally can see how much our club has bungled up stuff over the years but I also realise there’s a different set of rules applied to us.

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This is unbelievable.
How on earth could WT be sanctioned so harshly yet Ivan Cleary’s actions reap zero punishment?
I am not making any comparisons between the two whatsoever but Ivan going to Penrith had more of a knock on effect than offering RF a post job at WT did.
He’s helped destabilize a NRL team, ruined their salary cap situation and their short term and long term retention & recruitment.
Now he’s allowed to approach referees in the most unprofessional manner??

What utter crap from the NRL. They’re not even hiding their bias anymore.