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Shame we missed out on Zac Lomax. Only decent St George player worth taking. Sailor did show some promise but still has a long way to go.

Yet so many people on here wrote him off after the first couple of games this season, and his tail end of last season. There’s an awful lot of immature, impatient and premature judges on here.

It was clear as day Lomax would do well once he settled in to first grade.

And so many judge young players saying “I saw him play for 30 mins once is a game we lost 40-0 and he didn’t stand out” it’s just absurd.

I’d sure hate to see most of you as a boss. First day on the job you’d be yelling and screaming that the new guy isn’t up to speed and is getting sacked!

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I don’t mind this to be honest. Shoves a rocket up his agent who now has no offers on the table for his elite client. If Mitchell gets upset that no one wants him he can call us and tell us the deal is on and we still do it. Lets them know we’re not going to be messed around in their games, and if he want to play for us and get paid big bucks they need to get it done otherwise the money will be spent elsewhere.

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A pathetic response and shows how immature Robbie is. We need proper leadership at this club. Haven’t had any on field leadership for a long time.

Go has been the only real leader at the club of late.

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I really didn’t see anything to imply Matterson was leaving from that interview. Obviously Madge couldn’t go into any details. He just said he’s contracted, he has a great relationship with him and he’s done a lot of great things for the club to help them get it to where they want it to be. And that they’d sit down over the coming weeks to address the concerns. It confirms that there’s some agitation from Matto’s camp - whether that’s him or his agent is TBC. Whether it’s money or anything else remains to be seen.

In a nutshell Matto has a good relationship with the coach and players, has enjoyed the cast majority of the season, busted his ass all year and actively encouraged friends to stay at the club sot hey can build something together. Given the above you would think something could be worked out to appease whatever his concerns actually are.

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@Tigerdave said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

It’s a little odd that they didn’t specify reasons.

I can’t imagine he’d be pulling a Moses though

Do you expect the club to say Ryan is currently suffering from X. He’s seeing Dr Y and as soon as he is diagnosed we’ll inform all members of his latest health status.

This is no Moses. If he is struggling then he is entitled to space and the club shouldn’t say more than they need to. That’s not their role.

If he’s pulling a swift then Madge should tell him to get stuffed and report back to training 8am on the first day of preseason.

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@Tigerlily said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Butter him up Nof…🎃


Knowing our luck we’d end up with the white guy at the back

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How could he have signed when our coach is still away with the NZ team, and Latrell is on holiday with family near Taree. He’s probably got more pressing matters like helping friends and family protect their houses from bushfires.

Does anyone think it’s remotely possible that we would offer half a million dollars more than any other club, without the coach and player even meeting face to face to discuss the vision for the future of the club and player? Not a chance in hell Madge signs a marquee player without meeting him!

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Holy c**p some fools lack basic year 10 comprehension skills.

At no point have the club said the door is closed.

At no point have the club confirmed any issues with Latrell or his actions, only those of his management.

At no point did the club confirm that Mitchell out of the blue decided not to show up to yesterday’s meeting.

Trusting some c**p written by a muppet working for the telemurdoch over the clear and direct quotes from our chairperson?

Or choosing to ignore how twice, not once but twice, in Pascoe’s original statement did he reference they would be happy to pick up discussions if Latrell wanted to.

The only quotes in that article from Madge are about commitment, and that clear and simple. He wants all players that join the club to be committed to one another and the club’s cause. He’s publicly spelled that out. Of course Mitchell hasn’t committed to the club yet, and Madge is making it clear that if Mitchell wants to join he has to be fully committed.

The reason Latrell hasn’t committed may be because he’s not interested, or because he simply wants to consider all his options before he commits to anyone. If it’s the later, that’s fair enough, and going from Lee’s interview last night i think that’s where things stand.

The problem is there aren’t any other options at the moment. Just us, hence all the stalling and trying to generate offers. But essentially, no club can offer as much money as we have, and no club can guarantee him fullback spot due to having recently signed incumbents in the position already. There may be no other options that arise, maybe a few players get offloaded and it becomes more possible but either way he needs to decide in the next week or so. Waiting until January would be a joke.

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We could have easily promoted a dev player at the deadline if we wanted to gnr. We targeted him, as he’s been viewed as a future rep player for years.
Panthers saying they released as another club offered him a long term deal. We signed him on an 18 month contract…
They offered him a longer deal and on decent money, he turned them down for us. Another Utoikamanu situation in a way. He didn’t feel wanted and disagreed with some things the panthers did. Quite possibly an option on a third year, either club or player option.

I also like that Madge is signing leaders. Not egotistical assholes. Good, honest hard working players with the right attitude. That’s how you build a club and a culture. Having players with the same values.
I see reckon Blore is a bigger version of ET that runs more like Luciano/Garner. A player with heart and courage, that defends hard but also runs hard. He’ll need time to build up strength and match fitness after his injury but will be pushing for a bench spot and then lock soon enough.

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@beachtiger said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

Everyone saying we should just give him an upgrade so that we don’t lose him seems to forget one thing, we have no money available next year to offer him an upgrade!!

In saying that though I’m sure Madge has been watching games as much as we have and can see the importance of Matto and should he be able to clear some of our wood ducks then keeping Matto happy and offering him an upgrade would become a priority. Madge is trying to build a team/club around consistency and stability and what better way to do that than build a team around quality players like Matto which in turn helps you attract other quality players.

I know what i’m saying, and i’ve seen others saying too. You extend him for an extra 2 years, and upgrade him from 2021 onward. He can’t get any more next year. A token upgrade perhaps, but i think he’d see the value in signing better players for him to play with.

He extends his commitment to the club and he gets compensated accordingly. 2 years of matto at 350k is great value for us, and upgrading the final year of his existing deal is showing him the respect for what he’s done at the club and his subsequent increase in market value. If we don’t upgrade his final year he’d be more likely to want to entertain offers from other clubs next Nov.

A bit of give and take from both sides and we all come out better.

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Our cc team was deadset awful last year. You can’t have a team of teenagers playing against men every week, having someone like Hoffman who’s versatile and experienced is invaluable. Ask Wenty.

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Surprised there’s no discussion on this match which was undoubtedly the highlight of the day.
The front row was extremely dominant. Simpkins was superb. Lui was a monster. Mavoni was very strong.

While we had our starting side in the field we were in control. They scored a few tries as we mixed up our roster a lot.
Rizk scored a great length of the field solo effort. Simpkins with a try and 2 assists. Stevanovic controlled the game well. The outside backs all looked strong and fast.
Logan Muir on the bench looked like a Carl Webb monster on the bench. Sykes was excellent in attack and defence.

Considering the amount of talent to drop back from the nrl trial things are looking very promising for our hopes in Flegg this season

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Time to bite the bullet.

Tell Benji and Robbie their services are no longer required, after Robbie’s 300 put Liddle at 9, and Mbye at 14 for the rest of the season. Need to start planning for the future. Benji can play out the season but i’d like Madden to get a run in one of our dead rubbers so he can get a feel for the pace.

Bradley to replace Jennings immediately. Talau should get a few games too. Seyfarth maybe one off the bench.

We need to start planning for the future as this season is done. No room for sentiment.

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@madunit said in Wests Tigers re-sign Jacob Liddle:

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@madunit said in Wests Tigers re-sign Jacob Liddle:

Liddle is a big worry. He should’ve been pushing Farah out of the side this year. Instead we’re hitting 2020 with a starting hooker who has yet to play an 80 minute game, which means we’ll have to carry a play-maker on the bench instead of a utility back/forward.

The club should see if they get Harry Grant from the Qld Cup - that kid is a gun and way too good for that competition.

As if anyone was going to push Farah out this year. He was playing reasonably well and is one of Madge’s favorites. Liddle was lucky to get the amount of time he has gotten. How do you play 80 minutes if you are only given a maximum of 20 minutes - unless there are four of him, he can’t.

Liddle would not have pushed him out with a bulldozer.

Liddle can play 80 minutes don’t you worry about that, especially after a full off season to muscle up.

People say Liddle is too small, he is bigger than Farah and Grant is smaller than Farah - probably a couple of years away from NRL if he ever gets there.

Even in his 20 and 30 min stints, Liddle has not been better than Farah this year. He has a lot of flair, but he consistently struggles with the little 1%ers. Getting 20 minutes to be explosive should be something he uses to get 30 mins, than 40 mins.

Instead he’s not doing that. There’s a massive chasm between Farah and Liddle that should be concerning.

Yes, he has bootloads of potential. But we need actual form, runs on the board. He is the full-time 9 next year, he needs to be proving he’s ready and he just isn’t.

What rubbish. His delivery from dummy half has always been superior to Farah’s. His ability to get the ball quickly to the halves is superior to Farah. His ability to get us moving forwards is superiors to Farah. His ability to bust open the defense is superior to Farah.
Yes at this stage his kicking game is definitely inferior as is his defense, but he’s improved a lot on the latter.

The main thing he needs to work on is his engine at the top level. Playing 80 mins in NSW Cup may be more beneficial than playing 20 mins in NRL. If/when our chances of making the finals are over he needs to start every game.

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Absolutely he should retire. Rocks and diamonds gets you nowhere over the course of a season. The last 15 years shows us that much.
His ludicrous penalty early in the second half on the last tackle was the turning point in the game. They were fired up but we defended well that set, then he lies on the player for 5 seconds giving away the most frustrating penalty possible. They scored 2 tries and got all the momentum. Then add on his awful kicks, interception pass poor defence and it’s time. The fact he makes Brooks go into his shell only further confirms this.

We need to move on…