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Fitting that they are both played their 250th and last game together

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@Magpie1969 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Sorry to write this but appears Maguire has lost the dressing room how else can you explain this rubbish performances.

Um, maybe because we have the second worst roster in the league? Nearly every other team is stronger than us. If they show up then we’ll lose most weeks.

When do our opponents play well but we still win? Never. We rely on their errors to have a chance.

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He looked good, other than fielding kicks. Extremely tough night to debut. He’d be all excited and so much nervous energy, then to be part of a team getting annihilated. He dropped off some kicks but I’ll certainly give him a another chance.
The only one of our backs to make good metres running forwards. Looked skilful, almost always beat an opponent on each run. Maybe swap him with Talau for next week.

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Drop Lawrence, Benji, Mbye. Hopefully Eiso goes for Twal. Blood Madden, Liddle and Simpkins.
Recruit a dozen new players. And most importantly sign a captain, preferably an experienced forward. We desperately need on field leadership. We have no leaders in our club.

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It is an important time for Madge. He needs to offload all our deadwood wherever he can. Paying as much as we need to. Brooks possibly survives another year to give Camroux and Madden time to develop but Benji, Reynolds, Mbye, Packer, possibly BJ.

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@Hangonaminute said in A crucial period for Madge...:

There’s one player that nobody seems to mention, he seems like a bit of a forum favourite and I’ve never really been sold on him and I think it’s about time someone called him out and that someone may as well by me, so here goes…


This guy has enough NRL experience now and has been at the club long enough to become a leader of our pack when we desperately need one but he just isn’t and I don’t think he’ll ever be.
The opportunity for him to become one is there and has been there for a while now, but I just don’t think he’s got it in him.

I’ve reserved judgement on Josh and waited for him to become a regular starter which he has become but now I feel I’ve seen enough of him to know that he’s not a top line footballer.

He’s not our biggest problem but I can’t see us doing much better if he’s a part of our future starting pack, sorry

Yep, he’s a bench prop. That’s it. Hasn’t improved. Still drops the ball too much, is weak in defence and incredibly inconsistent. We need to aim higher.

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I don’t see this working out for the warriors. Neither Brown nor Gould will help them. Brown has failed everywhere he’s gone and Gould is an eccentric fool. They’ll be in the same position in a few years time.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Harry Grant:

Why would Penrith let one of their contracted players play against them? It’s the same as every other loan deal in world sports.

Most loans do allow players to play their parent club. Only if they specifically add a clause preventing it do they not. The whole purpose is to get them experience which will benefit the parent in the long run. Playing in big games, like those against your parent club, can help bring out the best in a player.

Penrith are scared of him. In any case they needn’t worry as he’s going to be suspended for a month

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Don’t need to let Holy Cross slip away either, keep them all under our wing.

Having a constant stream of young kids from these schools is the way to go. Don’t know why the club moved away from doing it seems pretty obvious to me

A lot of the boys at St Greg’s are/were boarders on scholarship with other NRL clubs.

Holy Cross always produces good plyers - Woods, Moses, Brooks, Ben Stevanovic, Curtis Wilson and Zac Camroux.

Brendan Tumeth is one to watch produced from Holy Cross and the Balmain juniors NSW U16s rep.

The starting point is to offer scholarships to country players to board at the school. These are offered on the condition that the player is signed to the wests tigers

Yes, this is what we need to do. Top up the local player pool with some of the best country boys. Campbelltown might be more comfortable for the bush boys, a bit more quiet than some of the busier metro schools.

Actually securing the best juniors from the south West would also be a great start. The magpies have been embarrassingly poor for a very long time now.

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@Magpie1969 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Shame we missed out on Zac Lomax. Only decent St George player worth taking. Sailor did show some promise but still has a long way to go.

Yet so many people on here wrote him off after the first couple of games this season, and his tail end of last season. There’s an awful lot of immature, impatient and premature judges on here.

It was clear as day Lomax would do well once he settled in to first grade.

And so many judge young players saying “I saw him play for 30 mins once is a game we lost 40-0 and he didn’t stand out” it’s just absurd.

I’d sure hate to see most of you as a boss. First day on the job you’d be yelling and screaming that the new guy isn’t up to speed and is getting sacked!