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@happy tiger:

Well as I have been saying with Miller and now Sironen lets get in now and sign them to long term (3+ years) asap so someone else doesn’t snap them up first

Exactly. Lock them in long term and work them into the team gradually

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Well we’d better make it clear to Miller that he is in our long term plans, and sign him up quick smart! Look what happened to other talented young halves who were considered not ready for the NRL at their then current clubs, only to be snapped up by another club and given the 7 straight away and become superstars.

Eg Thurston Dogs>Cowboys, Soward Roosters>Dragons to name a few.

If we don’t show that he’s likely to be in the 17 next season he will probably go…

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Well Hammertime, if you’re talking about online deals the NRL sponsored by Telstra has a really crap one. You can’t see anything online regarding the NRL in the UK due to their protection of their product.

Seriously they want me to pay to be able to watch highlights of the matches!! It’s a joke that in the only other country that plays league there is no coverage on tv, and its not possible to watch stuff online. The NRL have even blocked YouTube videos from opening over here.

They dont care about the international market!

The deal is ridiculously big for the AFL. Just giving more funding to their warchests. NRL will be about half what they got. There’s not enough competition to get any more cash. The AFL just have covered population centres that dont have any other sports to play so they have a monopoly on the audiences in VIC, SA, WA.

The AFL is proof that if you have money you can make anyone like what you’re trying to sell…

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Is this the guy that said he wouldnt shave to he played first grade a while back???

Im pretty sure the bet was that he wouldn’t shave his beard til he scored a try, and i don’t think he did. He shaved it only when he started training with the big boys after the 2009 grand final.

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Well Lui and Moltzen have never played hooker…

He isn’t being considered as a top 17 player yet people. He’s signing a 2nd tier contract with Balmain, which will allow him to play a few games of NRL if required. Of course if he’s killing it for Balmain he may get a run off the bench. But basically he is a backup hooker, ie he will only play if Robbie is out!

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Well he is a former local boy (Holy Cross), so of course he supports us!

Was one that slipped through the net really. I imagine he’s signed to Balmain and will simply provide backup for Farah (during origin or injuries). Apart from Ridell, if we do have him, who’s our backup hooker? Parata??

If he has a kid now maybe he wants them to grow up in the same neighbourhood he did, rather than in the UK…

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@Citizen Tiger:

The club needs to have a close look at this, there may be some real issues in terms of what’s called ‘Passing Off’

Nothing would please me more than for some beak to find that this GWS troupe have sought advantage by either inferring an association with the Tigers or by seeking commercial advantage by use of the colours.

Time to have a serious chat with a good commercial law firm, although I’m sure Humphreys already has

Exactly. Hopefully the club are on the ball here!

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This crap makes me pissed off.

Its a crap name, and they’re not even trying to differntiate themselves from their competitors!! Simply copying the colours of the most popular team of the region, of the opposing sport, is just plain pathetic. Next they’ll be saying that anyone who wears black, gold and white are diehard GWS fans. And Giants, i just laugh. With all the tens of millions of dollars they’re investing, the best their marketing team and all their market research could up with was the Giants!

Are they any hate sites on facebook which we can join to show how many people hate the concept of GWS and want them to fail miserably!

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So what happened to the young Jacob Miller kiddie from the rorters that we’ve supposedly bought and who has big wraps on him?

From the main site…:

Ben Murdoch-Masila, Pat Politoni, Junior Roqica, Neil Begovich, Aaron Woods, Dean Parata and Jacob Miller will be apart of the U20s squad next season but are currently training in the Wests Tigers NRL summer squad.

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I too have been looking for a stream for the past 45 mins. can someone PM me as well please?