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Lui’s defence os better than 90% of other halves his age! Especially his front on defence.

And think if Mullaney, Fifita, Dwyer, Woods, Schirnack were playing for a team like the Dragons, Parra, Dogs, Broncos (etc) most of them would be straight into the NRL team from round 1 - mostly on the bench but maybe one or two starting… The storm will probably promote a few of their players to the top 17 for next season too.

Why must the Tigers always take a slowly, slowly approach? Playing a few games off the bench each year for a couple of years? These players are legitimately good enough to make the step up (unlike previous juniours we’ve had) and our senior team isn’t exactly overflowing with talent so these guys should be given a solid shot in the trials and whoever does ok starts the season!

If they’re good enough, they play.

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Liam can stay in the UK. We don’t need him, nor should we want him. For the amount we pay him we could get much better value elsewhere…!!

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McDonnell will be paid as part of the top 25 also if not picked up by another club next season.

We can now relax a little, Shannon has signed with the Knights for the next 2 years

Wow they must be desperate! Good news for us though! Warren can’t try bring him back now!

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Cayless met with Wests Tigers today. 😉

Could well be some more official news soon.

Lets hope Cayless and Lima both come on board,Lote can rack of to France,Japan or South Africa for all I care,we don’t need him.

Umm. Tuqiri would be the best back in our team if he signed…??? 😕

As good as some of our young players might be, Tuqiri is a proven talent at all levels of league and union.

Cayless if he’s on less than 150k might be ok if he’s still fit enough.

Lima? Absolutely worth it.

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Apparently 2ky said this morning that Burgess had signed with Souths after they paid out his contract.

Paying out his contract/transfer fee must surely come under the salary cap.

In most sports transfer fees are outside of the cap. It hasn’t happened very often in league so who knows.

Normally a player gets released if he doesn’t want to be at the club.

Did the money Sonny Bill paid to the Bulldogs to go to France get included in the cap??

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If he’s good enough, he’s old enough.

I too think he’s a bit small and could bulk up a bit, but he did prove on friday that he can take down bigger players. But in the NRL the players a bigger, faster and smarter…

He won’t be the starting fullback next season, but if injuries hit i’d expect him to be the backup, but starting the season in Toyota Cup. Like Dugan with the Raiders.

He’s like a quick version of Hodgo, and while i personally prefer backs to be a lot quicker, if he bulks up a bit more there’s no reason he couldn’t turn out like Stewart or SLater in a few years time. He has the talent, just has to put in the hard work!!