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The boffins have put player names under the pics 😀

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BJ joining us would make a lot of sense for the WT, him and the Raiders. He’s staring down potentially being on the bench with them this year.

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Well now that he is a Grubbitoh… Owen Craigie 2.0

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A trade window would make too much sense. News Corp in particular would be flustered though 9/10 of their yearly NRL content would be condensed into a 4-6 period.

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@finnzo said in Wests Tigers snare teen tyro Utoikamanu...:

How old is this young gun?

19 - 191cm, 115kg

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@ElleryHanley said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

The Bunnies Pom again…

Mate I feel slightly responsible to the forum and I know the Mitchell camp and they are excited to join Souths and pushing hard. But they are a young team with little experience and have been totally ambushed with a grenade by a sophisticated unconscionable and unscrupulous organization. What these rats have done is very dirty and malicious, but there is a plan put together to combat them.

Yes I know their bid. Uncle nick will waive all costs saving Latrell 200k off the bat if he joins the Tigers. Plus they will offer 900k year one and $1m thereafter for four year contract.

Said the pot to the kettle.

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As if we needed another reason to despise the Grubbitohs. The whole ordeal has been suspect and somewhat orchestrated. If he really has signed with the Grubbitohs for less that what the Roosters were offering him (let alone our offer) and the deal is sanctioned by the NRL we can put to bed the concept of notional value. On a positive note it will be fun watching them flop next year with no consistent go forward.

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@wokesmoke said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Pascoe rates AJ. If latrell decides on Souths and AJ is made available Pascoe will sign him

Umm… is Justin now doing the player talent evaluations himself?

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Genuine question, does anything that happened in the past during and immediately after the merger, the make up of the board and who contributed what and when have anything to do with the Wests Tigers recruiting and signing players in the present or near future?