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From Sporting News…


If the reference to the coaching is in regard to the broom being taken to some of them then good.

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Hooper just said on NRL360, Matto will continue to ask for a release, not salvageable and he will be somewhere else next year. Mentioned parra and titans as the clubs most likely.
Me I would tell parra to stick it, they started this crap

I’m sure he will when he returns from his holiday.
Don’t expect him to be with us in the new year. Hopefully Maguire and Hartigan keep denying a release unless it benefits us.

I’d be willing to bet my last dollar that Hooper has little to no idea what he is talking about. As I understand it Matterson is a not happy with his current contract and asked for a upgrade.
The club told him he needed to perform next year and if he did so they were open to upgrading the final year of his contract (2021). The club is operating from a position of strength in this situation, they know it and they have made it clear to him. As you said I would imagine the only way he gets released is if it results in a favourable outcome for the club.

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Sunday Telegraph saying WTs have been in discussion with Alex Johnston over the last few weeks as Soths are interested in JAC.

Alex Johnston is the Jack Buchanan of outside backs. Plus if we have just signed Brad Abbey we don’t need Johnston.

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It says we have released him, no comment on what we got to let him walk. The next announcement should be interesting. Also, I’m chuffed that the only mention of him is in the footnotes to an article about a WT player who had integrity. Jog on expletive expletive.

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If I have a coronary watching another team I will snap.

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Benji has been dynamic at hooker.

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We need to make Matterson’s departure-if it happens-a costly exercise for whoever is behind this. Proszenko says that Matterson has already shut down an approach from Wests Tigers to discuss an extension and upgrade of his current deal. Maybe he has a better offer he reckons we have no hope of matching given our present cap problems and maybe it’s something else entirely. Some feedback from the club would be nice for a change. Even that rabid Wests Tiger-hater Rothfield now seems to believe this is all about money and not about some alleged rift with Madge.

If that were the case then it is pretty simple. We remind him he has another two years under contract and his obligations under the contract and we set a course to have whomever had tampered with him sanctioned as firmly as possible. Time to plant the flag and not be pushed around.

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Hopefully we can find some mean, glass eating forwards. Would rock my world if we can for the first time in our history bash people in the forwards.

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If there is remotely any truth here we should be lucky we don’t have the Titans management. Imagine making a “best” offer to Arrow (a QLD Rep player) of $1.8m over 3 years while signing a unproven young gun on a deal worth $2m over 3 years. Then being “devastated” to lose Arrow.

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Signing Koroisau would not make me api. With Liddle re-signing I would rather have 4 forwards on the bench and spend the money elsewhere.

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This dual threat of Marshall & Grub at hooker going forward could be tasty.

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  • Take the staple gun to Greenberg’s melon Mick De Vere style at his first press conference then turf him
  • Abolish TPAs
  • Get serious about junior and country rugby league
  • Sort out the match review committee and make referees accountable for horrendous decisions
  • Address game day costs for punters to get more bums on seats and
  • Bring back the lower grades on game day
  • In doing the above start treating each of the clubs the same and take steps to address the actual and perceived bias in the competition.
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Written by Weedler… Not one quote from a concerned player, not one fact presented. Just a bunch of words and hearsay. The closest he came was to reference a hotline the club set up that has received one message in the past 12 months since its inception. I would agree that there is a culture problem though. That is that there are too many in and around the playing group that are soft between the ears. Look where that has gotten us.