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It’s definitely an improvement, but still way too inconsistent (both ways) for my liking.

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@Magpie69 said in Ronnie Palmer:

Does anyone know where he is, I haven’
t seen him at our last 2 games, i hope all is ok ?

Seem to remember something he said in an NRL360 interview (through the lock-down haze) that he wouldn’t be in the bubble due to his age and increased risk?

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We were favourites against a lowly but tough team that’s had the wood on us recently. It was our 500th club game to celebrate.
We never seem to win those games but yesterday we did.
So while it wasn’t a huge test in terms of quality opposition, and we didn’t play that well, we won convincingly/ugly and so it was pleasing to see that happen. There’s a glimmer of hope!

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Definitely going to be the Proton of the clothing industry!

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Momo probably doesnt replace Mmbye as a centre
but perhaps Mmbye to 6 next year if we dont get Burton from Penrith then Momo to centre

Disagree myself, Momo is a much better centre than Mbye imo.

However you are entitled to yours.

imo Mbye is better in every way, including goal kicking. just my opinion though.

Well then iyo we should let Momo go.

Personally would have no issue with it. He’s a solid player but way overhyped by tigers fans, isn’t even getting a look in at Melbourne.

All depends on what happens with Mbye/if we sign another centre, then they’ll know whether to let him go.

He’s already said he signed on another year with Tigers anyway after this loan deal.

He is a true footballer and specialist centre. Give him the ball with a bit of space within the opposition quarter he can conjure up a try when many can’t. He makes good ground when running the ball out due to his height and gait. He could work on his goalkicking to make himself a mandatory selection at right centre. A fast winger outside of him to complement his elusiveness would be outstanding.

Yes, I agree about Momo’s footy nous. Same with AD. I’d like to see us start to load up with smart young footballers who can take us forward over the next few seasons. All the players don’t have to be genius but having a some with really good smarts as well as talent goes a long way.

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Would have been great to have kept one or two of Brown, Sironen or Taupau to add to these kids.

forwards: Taupau, Brown;
FB: Papenhuyzen;
Center: Suli.

I would not include Sironen in this group

Has turned into one of the best backrowers in the comp. His future projection is only going to improve.

I could care less for politics or dislike of the player. He is a hell of a player and was always going to be.

Have to disagree that Sironen is one of the best backrowers in the comp. He’d be a fair way down the pecking order IMO.

Did you watch him last week.

I’m not debating his quality now , as I haven’t been paying attention to him, but Siro had to go man . He was like the bosses son here. He had to go develop somewhere else. I’m pretty sure it’s the same reason Mitchell Pearce never played for His Junior club , and the one he supported . He needed to make his own way .

By his own admission, Sirro needed a change. We need to position ourselves as a club to attract players in that same situation at other clubs in order to bolster our young blokes.

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@willow said in Doueihi reflects on "filthy" playing group:

Signed to Wests Tigers on a long-term deal, the 22-year-old Doueihi said that area of leadership was something he was determined to keep working on, and said it was something he and Coach Michael Maguire have spoken previously about.

“I’m still new to the club and a younger player in the team but Madge does seem me as a future leader and I feel I have some capabilities in that area,” he said.

“I’m starting to get more vocal with the more game time I get under my belt and the more we do at training. I’m still growing in that side of the game, and Madge is continuously having leadership conversations with me and little triggers about what to say and when to say them.”

He is definitely starting to say his piece to the team on-field. Looks very confident and strong with how he delivers it which is great to see because we’ve been lacking this kind of behaviour on-field.
Really like his signing more and more as his season progresses.

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@Russell said in Round 6 *live spoilers* Discussion thread:

Thought the Dogs got rorted ‘Big Time’ in the PTB by the Ref. and the ‘sin bin’ was a joke.

Love the new rules but it gives the Ref too much lee way to use his discretion, instead of ref’ing fairly for both sides.

Definitely agree with this! It does still seem that ruck officiating is inconsistend, sometimes I can’t see any difference between the ruck where 6 again was awarded, to many of the previous rucks where it was just play on… and I missing something?

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As. Gould said, without JAC the Storm attack is not as threatening.

I am no league expert, but with the quicker play the ball and less wrestle in the tackle, Melbourne appeared to be struggling. Maybe with this higher tempo game the Storm may struggle this year?

Hope so.

Me too. But even so, they looked to get away with more in the ruck while still drawing the majority of six-again calls?

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Its moments like these where i can see the fall out from having an average team for so many seasons.

Moving on from a 30yo Corey Thompson is very smart roster management. The backlash from the fans across all social medias is ridiculous.

Cant wait to see everyone come around to Maguire some day soon. The guy is doing some smart work and putting us back where we should be not only on the field but also as far as roster building and cultural changes go.

Thanks Corey, loved your work. Hope you go well.

I think a bit of backlash is warranted. If our roster-building and cultural changes encourage getting rid of a bloke who busts his gut every week to accommodate uninterested, unmotivated, uninspiring players such as Jennings and Mbye: then questions will be asked as to just what our “core values” and other club BS spin really are?
Thanks for your efforts Thommo, you were always fun to watch and your wholehearted gutsy displays were much appreciated. Good luck in your new venture, loved watching you play for our Tigers

Maybe our ‘cultural change’ includes rewarding game winning talent and not just rewarding those who are good club men and do their best?

All the best Corey, thanks for busting a gut for us and enjoy the remainder of your career.