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Garner beats 3 to score

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Nofo being totally outplayed…

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Momirovski looks bigger , stronger, faster than last year. Love what I’m seeing of him in the 9’s. Don’t let him slip away!!!

He looked slower to me TBH. I wouldn’t have him starting the season due to that.

I agree. Just don’t get the hype.

I don’t see the ‘footy smarts’ either.

Was it Momo who passed it to Cory’s ankles when a simple through the hands was a certain try?..Is that some sort of 4D chess footy smarts that simple people cant work out?

Haha - yes it was - good comeback! Bellamy would get that out of him!!
But 1st half he did force a handling error by Gagai with some good rushing defence… we scored off that subsequent set.
Overall there’s much more upside to the young centre and I won’t be to upset if he doesn’t swap out for the season.

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I think he has footy smarts. My reasoning is based on game observation only - he can find the line and he makes smart decisions. He has footy intuition. Marsters, for all his raw talent does not seem to possess this. He made poor decisions regularly- mainly around when to pass, when to run.
I am definitely concerned about his lack of pace. Not sure where he fits into our team. But he does seem a smart footy player

Best way to describe it!
Look for him to make smart decisions more often than not, instead of the dumb decisions that so many have done for us!
Also think the way he moves makes him look slower than he is. No, he’s not in the speedster category but he ain’t no snail either!

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Oliver Clarke, Rob Jennings, Chris Lawrence, Benji Marshall, Sam McIntyre, Chris McQueen, Paul Momirovski, Alex Seyfarth, Matt Eisenhuth and Elijah Taylor are all off contract for 2021.

Honestly the only guys Madge might keep are Seyfarth and Momirovski. Might depend on how some of them go this year but I’d expect a few new faces next season

Good things would definitely come from replacing them with quality!

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Sorry, guys, I haven’t read all of what preceded this and I hope I’m not repeating or boring people but…as I mentioned before, I bumped into Junior Pearce a few weeks back and, during a chat we both agreed (as fellow 59 year olds) that to keep moving, get into a regular fitness routine where it became a habit, was very important if you wanted stay active in mind and body.
Regarding my weekly regimen, I weight train in the gym 4 or 5 times a week, go for a morning swim 5-6 mornings a week and I cycle on Sunday mornings. Other than the advantages just mentioned, I find that I sleep better, feel mentally and physically cleansed and, obviously feel stronger. On top of this, I know it strengthens bones and helps ward off potentially worse back pain than I already suffer. When a local spinal specialist heard that I was doing weight training on my back he said keep doing it!

Junior, what a legend!

What do you mean by “weight training on your back” mate, specific exercises targetting your back?

Ha, yes, I mean specific back exercises using free weights and machines. Some of these are quite arduous but very important for building core strength and developing surrounding muscle to support a dodgy spine!

Are u talking about…


No not dead lifts Demps. I used to do them but they hurt my back and I realised that it was absolutely critical to get the form right. If you don’t the consequences can be dire. There are many other alternatives such as standing rows, various machine exercises that work the deltoids. To be honest I can’t tell you all the names. I just do them, about 6!

Really interested in this, can you describe the others? I can follow up with searches, you don’t need to be techno correct!

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How’s the height difference between AD and CT!!

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@jadtiger said in Rugby on its knees after broadcaster walks away:

Good game to play patheticaly boring to watch

Yes, and I’d add it is dominated by rules and referees. Which Rugby League needs to heed, we shouldn’t go down that path!

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Agree with Hobbo - you’re still a pup mate!
But certainly agree that a good active programme will not only hold you in good stead but in fact becomes mandatory if you want to keep a good lifestyle later on.
I’m starting to stare down the barrel of 60… have always been pretty active and naturally lean, but realised about 5 years ago that I was seriously losing strength, having more and more back issues and struggling to play sports. So I included a home gym into our reno’ we were doing at the time, put in a smith machine and some other stuff. I like the old school weight routines. Keep in mind that this is for strength, not for body building (a bit difficult at my age!) so I could maintain the active lifestyle.
Agree it can be difficult to keep motivated at home, but I’ve done the gym member thing as well and for me, I definitely do more with it being accessible all hours.
There is no way I would still be playing sport (have been playing full field soccer the last 15 years or so) had I not set this up. I’m almost at the end of being able to play as major stuff is wearing out and the body can’t do what the mind remembers, but I still enjoy the team aspect, we have a couple of grades so I’m not an embarrassment on the field, and it’s a great group and good social outlet. There is no doubt that you playing keeps you fit, which I think is the most important aspect in having a healthy lifestyle.
In saying that, it can certainly be easier to stay off the routine rather than get back into it when certain factors disrupt the workouts. The most recent one for me was a broken rib back in September, then an overseas trip and before you know it you’ve had another month off!
Over the weekend I gave the gym a major spring clean, and hit it for a solid session yesterday - time to get back into the groove for a solid pre-season!

Man. Id love to see your home gym.
Can u post pics?

Ive put one together myself but need a few more items until I’m content.

A smith machine? Must have some space.

Finally got around to taking a pic for you Demps. Pretty basic set-up of Smith plus. Rowing machine, exercise mat, ball, weight vest. Would like to add a range of dumbbells and a flat bench.
But it’s a great room, ocean view out the far end and plenty of light and air flow right through Nth-Sth. Used as a bedroom while we finished the reno, has a high ceiling and good vibe.
Heading home now to get in there, pretty keen after having a read through the thread just now cheers fellas!