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@weststigerman said in Our Defence over the season:

Anyway, I thought it was interesting, it says a bit about the impact Benji has on the team. Seems like we become all about attack and we score points but our defence falls apart.

That assumption seems a bit of a stretch for me. Yes, we know Benji had his defensive issues but we leaked on both sides of the ruck and had a soft underbelly in the middle as teams marched up the field.

I tend to think it was more about the changes post COVID and the speed of the game. We struggled to make metres with ball in hand. This meant teams started their sets in between their 30-40, rather than deep in their 20. Teams were consistently attacking our line and defensively, we just aren’t good enough to hold them for repeated periods.

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@WT2K said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Three NRL clubs have already started discussing whether to sign unwanted St George Illawarra player, Tristan Sailor.

News Corp understands Melbourne, Canterbury and Wests Tigers have expressed preliminary interest in Sailor

Sailor comes here and ends up like Rankin - goes to Storm and becomes Paps 2.0.

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It seems the only talent out there at the moment are journeymen type players. I think we should keep our powder dry if we can’t get what we want. Talks of Rapana, Sailor and others do not exactly fill me with excitement.

I like Shuster. Knights rolled the dice with Ponga and offered a kid with massive potential a huge contract and it’s worked. Maybe we need to do the same? He certainly has been a catalyst for lots of good stuff happening

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@TigerSJ said in 6th in Attack and 14th in Defence:

All the posters that keep blaming the halves - Brook’s kicking game or Benji’s bloopers - as if they only got that right it would be the solution.

Simply not true. NRL has some basic fundamentals that lay the foundation of winning games. If your team cannot consistently move up in D and halt the progression upfield of the opposition thus allowing them to play in your danger zone regularly (especially under the new 6 again rules), and if your team cannot consistently make yardage in A out of your own 20M zone - then you are behind the eight ball and it’s only a matter of how long and by how much.
Your kicker is kicking from 30-40metres out all game and has limited options. Blowing up royally about a kick that goes dead or a poor pass is silly - every ballplayer makes errors, Smith and Munster both kicked out on the full and Hughes threw the ball to nobody more than once against us, but they still smashed us because they have the fortitude to defend their errors, as do all the better teams.
At WTs we also compound the problem with slow marker D, losing the ruck, forwards too slow to get up or turn around and plain dumb errors and poor discipline.
Good Defensive structures are important but more important is hunger and effort on effort, desire to compete is what is lacking and it needs to be an innate characteristic within each of our players. We simply do not have enough of those character types and Grant is a perfect example of what that looks like.
Until we are able to reshape our group we will not seriously compete and it won’t matter who the halves are. My view is it must start with the forwards.

Good post! We simply do not have forwards to be able to consistently bend the line and make good post contact metres. In this new “V’landysball” it is all about the speed of the ruck. Make yards and have defences retreating.

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@hobbo1 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@WT2K said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

If manly sign Foran… Schuster wants out 👀

There’s slim pickings for next season …
2022 will be a smorgasbord If we can sign anyone decent .

I don’t think we will. 2021 will most likely continue our Winter of discontent. I reckon we will try to give some of the younger group experience, wait for the cap to improve and make a dash at the semis in 2022.

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For all the talk about player signings, it is the assistant coaches that has me interested. With Hodgo and the other guy moving on, I believe they will be as important as our next marquee.

Look at the top teams this year, The Riff have Ciraldo as their defensive coach and the Roosters have Fitzgibbon and the Storm have Ryles- they are associated with much of their teams respective success.

If Madge surrounds himself with a good staff, it will go a long way to restoring my faith

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Not many on-field with the exception of Harry and Nofa but a few off-field including:

We paid the final instalment of the Robbie Farah Fine.
We started the COE
We publicly backed a coach (rightly or wrongly)
We walked away from Latrelle when that became a media circus

So not all doom and gloom. I think we are heading in the right direction albeit at glacial speed.

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@TigerSJ said in OFFICIAL: Wests Tigers sign James Tamou:

Just back on Tamou…
My thought is Twal and Tamou should be our starting props next season. Aloiai, Mikaele, Musgrove, Stefano to fight it out for bench prop rotation. We will get more minutes from Twal an Tamou and the others focus on impact when we need it.

They are very similar in build (tall and lean). Yes they are very effective defenders but are am not as sure they would be as effective in attack. I’d like to start with a bit of variety with someone like garlic sauce or Musgrove

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To me he looks like a coach who has run out of ideas. From the point he went postal in the dressing room and abused a chair, he has been struggling. I also think the so called “honesty” session has thrown him as well. I sought of thought that player communication was an area where he excelled and to be publicly called out on it may be bit confronting? He is desperate to shed some players and bring some new talent which is fair enough. I hope it works for him because after that, I am not sure what he’ll do?

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@tbones10 said in Petition to have Benji dropped for next week:

Love ya Benji, but its time to go. Actually a quick “tin foil hat moment”, did anyone else notice the coincidence in the timing between Benji being told he wasn’t being signed and the leaking of the players meeting (eggshells), the rumours of Madge loosing the player confidence and the media giving us an absolute hiding. Just a though, its struck me as odd, what do you blokes reckon? or is it just me?

I think it more a conspiracy theory. If the Tigers suspected this I am not sure whether a post on-field role would be discussed.