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I am not as worried as others regarding our inability to sign players. I suspect it’s a timing issue with our pursuit (and reported tentative agreement) with LM, we probably were too late for Lomax, Drinkwater etc. Their negotiations would have started some time ago and we obviously thought we had our target - alas we have missed the boat.

So in the absence of anything better, I would look to front end so see contracts so our war chest next year is massive.

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Unfortunately he seems to be a bit of a mercenary -offering his services to the highest bidder.

As much as it hurt, Teddy chose the Roosters not only for money but he wanted a more stable club and an opportunity to better himself. Say what you like about him and his loyalty but he is most definitely a better player since he left us.

The thing that worries me the most with all this is that LM doesn’t seem to know what he wants (apart from💰). He has won everything the game has to offer premierships, origins and rep jumpers. It feels like he is about 5 years older than he is and wants the ultimate payday.

I think the Tigers need a marquee who has the right attitude to build the club around. No doubt Latrell is a generational talent but i question if he can be the cornerstone of the club.

I would move on and find the right talent and someone who can lead the club into the future.

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The article mentioned a serious injury at training. I can only imagine it was Rowdy’s but that was a freak accident involving Matulino’s head. Ironically, if it is Rowdy they are referring to then he is obviously ok with it because he wants a new contract.

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I think your 100% on the money there Happy.

Think about Reynolds at Souths. Not a running half. A player that directs the team around the park.

I also think that Brooks needs time to become comfortable in that role hence his relatively quiet start to the season.

Brooksy likes to play “eyes up” footy and while structures are necessary, limiting a natural strength after his break out season last year may work against us.

Madge said he had learned some things in his time off, I hope one of them is getting the best out of players and not changing things so much, it becomes a detriment to the team.

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Sorry - I can’t agree with that call.

Moses? Really? The same Mitch Moses who lead Parra to the spoon last year?

The same Mitch Moses whose last game in our colours had more missed tackles than metres gained.

The same Mitch Moses who claimed mental health issues to take up bus offer at Parramatta?

Sure - Mitch had a solid game but one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

I agree that Brooks has had a quieter start to the year than we wanted but he is defensively sound and is clearly trying. Remember, he has a new coach and a new set of expectations that he may be getting used to.

I am willing to give him some time….but I do agree that he shouldn’t be the go to with field goal attempts.

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I sort of like the idea of Mahe as an impact player from the bench as an experiment. Not sure about his defence in the middle and fitness if he has to play longer minutes though.

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With the risk of being flamed but could Reynolds make a case as centre for us? While I think Masters is a lock, no-one really stands out in the left. Jennings played there today but didn’t do much.

I just think he adds lots to a team with his enthusiasm and can create something. I know defensively it can be a tough position and he would need some time to adjust but I want him in the team and am happy with our bench impact.

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Bit the same here as well. Losing Teddy and Woodsy in the manner we did was a bit soul destroying (but on the upside we said good bye to Mitch as well, so not all doom and gloom 😁)

What really makes me less invested is all the whispers and innuendo about too many Sydney teams and how Wests Tigers are always seemed to be suggested for relocation etc.

It’s hard to get fully invested if the NRL are going to make things hard for us.

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Hoping everyone has a terrific Christmas and a safe and prosperous new year.

May 2019 see the forum continue to be the sometimes informative, often bizarre but always passionate places for WTFs!

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Many have been commenting on whether they want the salary cap penalty spread over four seasons

For me , if we don’t get it reduced I say we cop it all in one season

Why mess with 4 seasons when we can get it all over in one season ……

The hit to our cap is only one issue.

The other is the attack on the integrity of our CEO and also what I perceived to be a veiled swipe at the integrity of our Chair by Danny Weidler in his weasel words column today in the SMH.

True but obviously are salary cap will effect our on field performance , why spread the hurt over 4 seasons

Fair point Happy but I’d like to know if the cap is likely to move upward in that period. If that is the case the percentage becomes less and obviously less of a hit.

Sadly, if we choose that path, I wouldn’t put it past the NRL to index the penalty based on today’s value - in that case, I think you’re right to take the hit now.