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im hearing it is Ewan Aekin from st george from my source, Douehi zero chance and meaney is doubtful to be with us.
My source was like sure they are chasing JAC however he does not have any idea re the money side of the deal.

Aekin is the fullback currently with Penrith. Reports are that Wests Tigers are showing interest.

Caleb Aekin …Panthers
Euan Aitken…Dragons

Which one are we after ?

Mibutis Aiken from the chooks.

That is a crack up

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Got a few…
Mitsu Triton that’s mainly for the snow. An older Suby Outback that’s a loan car for the business, that’s also used for the snow. A VX Clubby that I take out once a month. And the GM (wife) drives a Kia Cerato

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Bought a pair of shoes off a drug dealer the other day, not sure what he laced them with but I’ve been tripping all day!

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@2041 Yes ever since the day I have been running around sporting fields, and ever since the day Moses (Biblical) was doing laps, there have been strong clubs, and there have been weak clubs, it’s just the nature of the beast.

And with so much money involved these days in sport, there will always be (legal or not) dealings going on. The Tigers just just need to learn how to do it, and get very good at doing it.

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And did St George use the same methods of exploiting the system as the Chooks are supposedly doing today?

Maybe the players back then just wanted to play for a great club (of the time).

Not having a go, just a genuine enquiry.

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I assume it would be a high quality sporting event, but personally I can’t stand either team, so I doubt I will be watching it.

One good thing about this game though is at least one of them won’t be in the GF.

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@Yossarian…I am thinking along the same lines re membership, more than happy to to support the Tigers forever, but just not financially. Yes some of these things might not be the clubs doing, but these types of things just keep happening, with no end in sight. Why should I be paying for this?

With regards to R.Matterson, if he genuinely wants to leave, let him go. Trying to teach him a lesson by putting him in reserve grade would be I think a “cut your nose off” scenario, which benefits no one. Shop him around for the highest dollar possible, turn this thing into a positive for the Tigers. Yes he had a good year, but he seems to be building himself a not so nice reputation.

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There’s a few hard task masters on here, I feel he’s not a bad “fill in” to drag out of the lower grades to cover hooker. Hopefully the team will have a different feel about it with Josh in it, and hopefully he makes it through the game injury free.

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@Tigerlily …I think you are spot on

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Haha didn’t even have the cojones to front the players.

What a dog. Hope whatever the motivation is, that it is worth it.

Maybe he was told in no uncertain terms to go nowhere near the players. Probably already cleared the desk out.