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What I appreciate the most, is that deapite the way she exited the club she still supports and promotes anything Wests Tigers through twitter and other social media. Classy lady

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Sounds like this play swap is just about done according to Pascoe. If Momirovski isn’t at the members day tomorrow it’s 100% happening I think.

I thought the members day was postponed cos of the heat.

Location change. Now being held indoors at Camden Civic Center

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Ive been on here since 2004 under various reincarnations throughout the years. Dont know how many of these are still getting around. The OG 2004-2005 crew i can remember.

Gus22, Time for another Siro, TIGERPies, Magpie Nick, Sinclair, aids, Shanghai Charlie, weststigerman, HOT028, Joel, tiger8989, King Tigerman, Kul, The Tooth, fade to black, GlennC, steven_tiger, MaFeeLi, chunk, westie, Buffalo, Eddie, Suzie-Q, [F]amous1, aids, sweety, Patto, westie, laurie, StrathfieldTiger, Micko, Benny, Port Rabbit, Danos, PymplePETE, gr8_1, Essjayp, Davester, daslacker, tiger4life#3716, Magnattiude, Tigerpete, LARDS, BeeJ, Siro & Skando, Dallas Field Goal, Beardo, Michael, helmesy, Junior008, joel caine number 1 fan, PrinceEWS, General, shaunt, splinter, dimitri, whynot, Shagsta, tigerheart, JOELCORE, tiger_nick, manzy, Ghostdogg, Digeze, Paul Maul, simonthetiger, Da Leb, Gothetigers, super_coach, Zaibatsu

Lots of old Names that were big contributors in the early days. I’m still around but spend most of the time reading rather then posting these days