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What I appreciate the most, is that deapite the way she exited the club she still supports and promotes anything Wests Tigers through twitter and other social media. Classy lady

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@Madge I still maintain he isn’t an organising halfback and should be used as a running 5/8th… it’s his job to direct the team and make the rights calls, the amount of times he gets the ball takes one stop in one direction and then stops and goes the other and no one else knows what play he is running so have to stop and stand back is inexcusable.

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@fair-dinkum said in Fallen Soldiers:

Ive been on here since 2004 under various reincarnations throughout the years. Dont know how many of these are still getting around. The OG 2004-2005 crew i can remember.

Gus22, Time for another Siro, TIGERPies, Magpie Nick, Sinclair, aids, Shanghai Charlie, weststigerman, HOT028, Joel, tiger8989, King Tigerman, Kul, The Tooth, fade to black, GlennC, steven_tiger, MaFeeLi, chunk, westie, Buffalo, Eddie, Suzie-Q, [F]amous1, aids, sweety, Patto, westie, laurie, StrathfieldTiger, Micko, Benny, Port Rabbit, Danos, PymplePETE, gr8_1, Essjayp, Davester, daslacker, tiger4life#3716, Magnattiude, Tigerpete, LARDS, BeeJ, Siro & Skando, Dallas Field Goal, Beardo, Michael, helmesy, Junior008, joel caine number 1 fan, PrinceEWS, General, shaunt, splinter, dimitri, whynot, Shagsta, tigerheart, JOELCORE, tiger_nick, manzy, Ghostdogg, Digeze, Paul Maul, simonthetiger, Da Leb, Gothetigers, super_coach, Zaibatsu

Lots of old Names that were big contributors in the early days. I’m still around but spend most of the time reading rather then posting these days

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Brooks has not been in good form this year.
If it weren’t for Farah we’d be 0-4.

It’s frustrating watching Brooks stifle momentum in Attack with his indecision and lack of confidence. Kicking Game has been off too.
Reynolds showed last night how to put a decent kick in. Brooks just isn’t up to it this year.

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Brooks isn’t an organising half. He needs to shift to 5/8th and just play a running/supporting game. Problem is attracting or developing a dominant controlling halfback.

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Luke Brooks looked lost… Had some good runs, but also some momentum killing stop starts. He’s the new Fitzhenry stopping and starting and changing his mind and moving nowhere.

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One point from the press conference, Madge said through the week he encouraged Brooks to run more as that is when he plays his best football.
Long term we are going to need to find or develop an organising half to partner him as it’s not his strength.

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Definitely a game we should win given the start to the year both teams have had.
They will be desperate, but if we are any chance this year of playing finals footy, these are the types of games we need to win.