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Balmain 1908 since 1979, in the crowd for Wests Tigers first ever game and '05 GF win…never watched the 2nd half of the '89 GF

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Left out Ikuvalu as a possible winger pick up a lot of potential there

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So in my mind Taylor, McQueen & Lawrence should be playing their last season (could keep Lawrence for another year maybe) to fill that void we need a tough defender and a ball playing backorder two players off contract come to mind in Adam Elliot and John Asiata who would pair up with Garner in the back row, with Luciano off the bench.

If Reynolds goes there isn’t much to replace him possibly Nicho Hynes from the Storm as an up and coming 5/8 who could replace Benji.

If Packet goes we are light on experience up front, possibly Tolman or Tamou to lead the way or go after Welch if he recovers from knee injury well.

Fullback another issue do we fill the gap with Thompson or Douhei or wait until 2021 and go after the prodigal son in Teddy to return, if the Tiges can show promise just maybe, we always have hope there.

You could also chase Caleb Aikens from Penrith, great up and comer and will be a gun FB for years.

If we don’t get a FB then we need a winger, Jennings should be on the first bus out of here at the end of the year, Feldt woud be handy, even big Oates would start our sets off well with Nofo doing the same, plus hes great under the high ball.

Hooker, tough one, Liddle, Walters or young Qld kid or do we go for say McCullough for 2 seasons obviously on the outer at the Broncs, brings the experience and defense is quality ?

The Leilua brothers, if they put in another performance like they did against Newcastle they can take a hike, they were why we lost that game, the defence of Luciano is terrible and the brain explosion of BJ is horrendous, hopefully Madge can address this issue with them.

Let’s hope we keep building our quality, experience and depth we are really two or three players off that, you add an Elliott, Welch and Aekins and we make the 8 last year

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Sign Nicho Hynes from the Storm, great up and comer with big raps

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Do we have any updates of Packer and whether or not he will be playing for us in 2020 or will he be offloaded ?

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Does anyone know what we are paying M’Bye and are Canterbury paying some of his wage still ?

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@avocadoontoast Ha! I haven’t been on in a while, listen I understand the cynicism after all you are a Tiges fan, lets hope we can be a consistent top 8 side. Hope will never leave your side !

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@tig_prmz I think we are in a better position with everything to do with the Tigers. We have had our rock bottom with Teddy, Woodsy, Ivan & co leaving now with Madge locked in he is building our club with jnrs and the senior team. To be higher on the table than the Cows, Knights, Dragons and 1 point from 8th was a great season. I have faith that the next two/three years will see the top 8 duck finish up, we are starting to play like a top 4 side for 60% of the year

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@avocadoontoast Wow big change of tune from you, didn’t you say with words to the effect of “he would never ever think about coming to the Tigers” hmmm Avo on toast, more like Humble Pie.

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@avocadoontoast said in Lure Latrell....as a Fullback:

@Toolie_24 said in Lure Latrell....as a Fullback:

If we don’t land Moylan for next season, would it be a good ploy to chase Latrell with an offer to play fullback for 2021 ? he did play a few games for the Chooks there and it would only get him involved more and become more dangerous, I truly believe he wants to play in that position…and he’s a good goal kicker something we lack

There is no chance in the world, ever, that Latrell Mitchell would consider playing for us. Ever. Never Ever.

Looks like its not Avocado On Toast but Humble Pie for this forum member now