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Grew up in Lidcombe, now live in Sutherland area.

Will go to most ANZ games and at least 1 at LO and Cambo.

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What I believe will happen next year is a smaller difference between our best and worst game. IMO Brooks is going to be a very good organising Half more than a brilliant game breaking half. Watching the game against Saints live you could see he was 1 or 2 plays ahead at all times and it showed that we did not have a set that just broke down. In the past a little bit of individual brilliance would be followed by we have to score straight away attitude.

I think we will finish somewhere between 6 and 10.

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The club is bigger than any player.If a player does not want to be there ,then go, I don’t care who they are .
We need pride passion and guts back in our club .

Agree 100%.

Robbie is a good player and has agreed to terms, if he now wants out then see you later Robbie. While I don’t want him to leave, I will not loose any sleep over him leaving.

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We are $9.00 H2H ( a record I believe) and giving 26.5 start

Blown out to $11.00 now and still no takers.

I think we will need every bit of the start.

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At the least it will be a cricket score. Could it reach a tonne?[/quote

Can only hope it is Australia batting and not the Poms.

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Big al how would you like to replace roycie as assistant coach lol. This is a very very smart idea for the reasons you have given but it will allow benji to finish in first grade ( form doesn’t warrant it but the season is gone and we should probably give him the respect of finishing in 1st grade). I do think if we can give brooks a game against not just parra but one of the power house teams too would tell us a few things

Last week I was talking to a mate of mine, who I consider a pretty good judge of a footballer, about Brooks. He said to me if you think Brooks is playing good and should be promoted wait until you see him playing with a fully match fit Moses. He believes they are both much better players together at 7 and 6 than playing seperately, as they compliment each others games perfectly. I can not wait to see it.

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If second teir is still a problem why not drop some of our young stars back to NSW cup so they can work on combinations for next year. Would most likely make the semis, so could have up to 10 games together.

the team could look something like this

1. Tedesco
2. Nofoaluma
3. Simona
4. Rudolph
5. Koroibete
6. Moses
7. Brooks
8. Buchanan
9. Luani
10. Ava
11. Lovett
12. Sironen
13. Sue

14. Gavet
15. Davis
16. Farlow
17. Taqele N

I know this would mean we would not have a great finish in NRL but at least we could get a look at these youngsters playing together.

I know this will never happen but was just thinking of a way around building for next year.

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Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story Bob.

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How good was the O Grady no try, scoring of his own kick but being called off side. Hartley was a goose.

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Learnt what footy and tribalism was all about as a 16yo on the hill at Lidcombe, sneaking Tooheys and watching Tommy & Dallas cause havoc against the silvers around 77/78/79…was very easy to buy into all that as a teenage bogan westy

Easy to buy into something that was true. We were treated as second class by the league and Manly absolutely thought they were better than us. Would of been amazing to of been at that trial match in Melbourne in 78.

Funny thing is that with everyone remembering all this we all forget that Wests were actually a very good side through those years not just a bash them side. Masters was a genius at knowing when to let it rip and when to calm things down and play the poor us hand.