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@momo_amp_medo said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

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@momo_amp_medo said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

@BAGNF05 said in Ofahengaue Signs/ Aloiai released:

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Wests Tigers boss says club is no soft touch

6:05PM NOVEMBER 30, 2020

Josh Aloiai slipped into a Manly jersey on Monday as Wests Tigers chair Lee Hagipantelis insisted the club had shown they were no longer a soft touch with their handling of his controversial move to the Sea Eagles.

Hagipantelis had threatened to make Aloiai mow the lawns at Leichhardt and Campbelltown unless the club reached an agreement with Manly that was acceptable to the Tigers.

The Tigers eventually allowed him to leave, but only after they received financial compensation from the Sea Eagles and signing Brisbane and Queensland forward Joe Ofahengaue to fill the void created by Aloiai’s departure.

The Tigers have been branded pushovers in the past, but Hagipantelis insists they showed with their handling of Aloiai that they would no longer be an easy mark.

“I said we would not be releasing him unless there was an advantageous outcome for the Wests Tigers,” Hagipantelis said.

“At the end of the day if a player comes to you and asks to be released in the manner Josh approached the club, his remaining at the club comes untenable.

“It wasn’t simply a matter of the player approaching the club and asking for the release. There was another level introduced into it — it was publicly reported that he threatened to never pull on the jersey again.

“The jersey has a certain intrinsic value that every supporter understands. It became clear from the outset that him remaining at the Tigers was untenable.

“What we have done is release a player who did not want to play for the Wests Tigers, we have secured a player who does want to play for the Wests Tigers, and there has been a financial accommodation with two of the clubs which serves the interest of the Wests Tigers.

“So we held firm and we fulfilled out expectations as to how it was going to pan out. I think from a Wests Tigers fan and member perspective you should be proud with the way the club dealt with this situation.”

Aloiai was at Manly’s Narrabeen headquarters on Monday, having made an immediate switch to the Sea Eagles after being released fro the final year of his contract with the Tigers.

Ofahengaue, whose deal will be paid in part by the Brisbane Broncos, is yet to begin training with the Tigers, although he is expected to join his new teammates later this week.

“Did Josh get what he wanted? Yes, he got released,” Hagipantelis said.
“Did the Wests Tigers set the conditions on which the release would be granted? Yes we did. Were those conditions fulfilled? Yes, they were.

“We had a player that made it very clear he didn’t want to play with us. I ask rhetorically, why would any fan or member want that player to remain?”

Asked wether he had a parting message for Aloiai, Hagipantelis said: “I just wish Josh all the very best. I hope he takes a moment to think about some of the more intemperate remarks he made about the Wests Tigers and that he may think better of them moving forward.

“I would hope he cherishes his time at the Wests Tigers and this incident hasn’t soured any of that.”

So not only are we a snowflake team we now hand out instruction manuals - “how to leave Wests Tigers if you are disgruntled”. What happens next time Lee when no props are available? Is it untenable then?

You can paint this result anyway you choose but in the end … it’s the WT club, the Board its Chairman and the coaching staff that received the compensation and replacement player which they wanted. So satisfactory result as far as I can see.
Nothing to throw mud about.

I don’t hate the outcome but I’m disappointed in the way it leaves us open to Adam Douehi or LL doing the exact same thing.

Well so is the rest of the clubs in the league. Nothing will change until the NRL puts some effort into this problem and implements some serious rules and penalties to prevent this situation in the future.
And don’t get me started about that other elephant in the room (salary cap and player payments) that is always in too hard basket for the NRL, the clubs and the players association to get serious about.
They have these cast of thousands committees forever banging on about one or two referees and what not whilst ignoring these two priorities areas which turn … fans of the game like us … from the game in increasing numbers.

Spot on

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@cqtiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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Excellent off-season recruitment so far.
We still need a kicker.
And a creative, kicking halves player.
The latter might have to wait.

Momo and Doueihi weren’t bad goal kickers but does Momo even make the 17?

They aren’t even near good enough if we want to be serious.
Momo does not make my 17.

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Excellent off-season recruitment so far.
We still need a kicker.
And a creative, kicking halves player.
The latter might have to wait.

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@Magpie1969 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

With Reynolds and Packers money I would go all out in 2022 for Staggs or Crighton and Victor Radley.

With Laurie signed would not waste my time pursuing JAC.

Staggs would be incredible. Wonder if there’s a chance there.

Radley is out of this world. There is no way on earth Roosters would let him go.

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We have the leverage here. Manly are desperate for forwards. If they want him, it’s got to cost them something. Otherwise he stays in Ron Massey Cup.

Won’t happen we are snowflakes

If it doesn’t then we (the fans) have every right to be furious. I take Cochise’s point, that long term we need to pressure the NRL to tighten the rules to prevent further occurrences. But, in the short term we have to get something out of Manly.
I’m also at a loss as to why the media aren’t talking about the fact he’s been induced to try to break his contract, just like it wasn’t mentioned with the previous players that have pulled this rubbish. There are currently rules around inducement to break contract, yet it barely rates a mention.

The only issue I have with that is it damages us on field next year just to prove a point. I do understand why people want him to stay, I just don’t think it is in our best interests.

It’s just the ease that we let him leave. All talk no walk as usual.

Yeah, Lee should’ve known Manky better but he won’t make the same mistake again. Very, very disappointed that we didn’t try and write into the release a contractual obligation for Alicia to be forced to sit out any/every time he should be scheduled to play us in future, at least for 3 yrs. See how useful his tactics are then…

Why would we do that?
Getting rid of an inconsistent upstart is a no brainer.
This feigning by management that he is worth so much more is genius.

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@TonyTiger said in Joe Ofahengaue Next ??:

Great signing, the engine room is beefing up, no more excuses for Brooks now - Big Units up front and Benji’s domination extinguished.

There’ll be excuses.

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I actually think this is a brilliant signing.
We needed pace and got a quality speedster at a bargain price. Roberts at his best is a game breaker.
The task now will be getting him back to that level.
This was a low-risk, high-reward signing. If it doesn’t work out no biggie, but if it does then it is a stroke of genius.
Nice work Tigers. Keep em coming.

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Harry’s quality injections at dummy-half were no fluke and no accident.
He was our primary hooker but was often used interchangeably, giving him ample opportunity to develop and learn how to explode in bursts and exploit in bursts.

So, tonight, can we credit the Tigers with inventing the rotating hooker (9)?

Cos it seems like it worked?

Did we accidentally stumble out a tactic which might be a NRL game-changer?

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Munster coming back made QLD penetrating again. He’s a really incredible and entirely unique rugby league player.

But Harry took them to another level. He was the difference IMO, absolutely superb.

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@Kazoo-Kid said in Gag order required for Hagipantelis and Pascoe:

I disagree. For too long we have allowed Newscorp to trot all over us. We are always painted as the bad guy. This time we were on the front foot and made sure the narrative was in our favour.

Kazoo you’re going for the record
36👍🏼 and counting
Goin harder than Jimmy the Jet 😃😃😃