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I’d prefer to have the team structured to suit Brooks, get his passing improving, and then work on Moses. Currently, Brooks is making the right decisions but throwing far too many forward passes.

There was a ball brooks played on Friday (I think to Lovett who then dropped it) which was just magic, the decoy’s and Tedesco were positioned perfectly and he threaded the needle through the defensive line only for it to not stick. I’ve seen him try that play against the Dragons and mess it up royally, so those sorts of improvements are fantastic.

You can’t try to structure the team and allow Brooks to become a more mature deicison maker whilst also unleashing Moses. I say let Brooks develop like he is, get his combinations with the forwards much stronger (still a little sloppy for mine) and THEN shift the focus to helping Moses.

Just remember, Moses is playing game no. 15 on Friday.

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Looks like Marty will be named, Lovett and Buchanan named to start in VB Cup.

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I won’t be attending. It’s been on my mind all week but I can’t attend.

Seeing all this crap being leaked to the media, Potter getting sacked then not getting sacked, editing video’s as well as telling Farah not to go to the Presser but leaving him hang out to dry until he broadcast that message on Twitter, the board room struggles, etc. It’s all a bit sickening to be honest.

I feel bad for the players, as we’ve got injuries (why so many injuries though? Surely S & C should be looked into) and I have no doubt they’ll try their guts out.

I’m a gold Member, been so for 7 years so it’s not like I’m not renewing next year or hating the club.

I feel powerless. This club that I love is an absolute basket case at the moment, and what can I do? The only thing I feel I can do is not attend. I sincerely hope the club get’s a crowd of 3000 on Saturday night. I’ll be attending every home game moving forward, but I have to say something that they’ll listen to. I hate that they can make these stupid decisions and complete jeapordise a finals series for us but then put the players on a video begging us to go and making us feel guilty if we don’t.

I just can’t do it this week, and I hope there are others who feel and do the same that I do.

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Are the fans calling for his head? Are we really a club in crisis?

The way I see it, we have a backline with an average age of 22, missing SEVERAL key players to season-ending injuries (and have done so for a long time), and are in a transition phase into Life after Benji where a premiership-winning Toyota Cup side is starting to move into first grade.

WHERE is the incentive to change coach? Last year was bad because we had the roster that should’ve done better, this year it’s all circumstance and poor planning.

I cannot see what Potter could have done. Comparing his coaching with Robinson, who was handed a squad of superstars WHO HAD ALREADY gone through this process of transition 2-3 years ago is ludicrous.

I do not understand who can justify making this decision. It makes zero sense.

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Ayshford had the game if he was concentrating on holding that bloody ball.

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Warren Smith just announced that this game will be live on Fox.

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Congrats to him as well.

Here is that squad:
Richie Fa’aoso
Glen Fisi-iahi
Mahe Fonua
Daniel Foster
David Hala
Sydney Havea
Silivia Havili
Brent Kite
Samsoni Langi
Siuatonga Likiliki
Sika Manu
Sam Moa
Fuifui Moimoi
Ben Murdoch Masilia
Michael Oldfield
Pat Politini
Nafe Seluini
Jason Taumalolo
Anthony Tupou
Etu Uaisele

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Congrats to all three.

Gotta say, bit surprised by Lawrence. Is he really one of the four best centres in NSW??

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I haven’t been on here for 6 weeks and the top topic is exactly the same.

Come on guys.

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I support my local team. What possible incentive do I have to follow a team that would become, geographically, the furthest away???