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@Born tiger:

I know this is just off the back of 1 or 2 bad games but right now I would be happy to say goodbye to;

Jordan Rankin - Absolutely disgraceful every night, with every run he lost us about 5

Kevin Niaqama - He always shows an absolute lack of any defenceive reads and would easily
Say goodbye to him this year.

David Nofoluma - Had no strength in hitting the ball up and the right edge’s defence
always non existent.

Luke Brooks - Had zero creativity through out his career, it even got to the stage when
Joey and Sterlo were looking for answers to his one dimentional game.

Curtis Sironen - Had nothing like always hit the ball up about 5 times during the whole game and
was one the the main reasons that the forwards apart from woodsy had
no go forward.

I would like to know what your thoughts are guys…

Fixed in bold. These guys just aren’t good.

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Who is actually shocked at this? Just a usual day for this joke franchise.

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Boyd is a Immortal against us FFS.

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Mortimer was never good, he was a good support player and nothing else. Kinda like Luke Brooks tbh.

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As supporters we should be obtaining membership as a minimum in supporting the club financially. No ones denying the problems, issues and mismanagement that has gone on but i find it hard to fathom that by not supporting the club with memberships (financially) is there ever going to be an easier way to help the club get out of the mess that people seem to have so much of a problem with.

Talk about fairweather supporters, if we were an army i’d hate to follow some WT supporters into battle.

Yeah let’s fund millionaires.

If I were an incompetent general, I’d love having some WT supporters following me into battle.

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That is the difference between a Manly and a Wests Tiger supporter, WTDiehard - Tiger supporters are the salt of the earth, (never say die, throw what you like at us, knock us down but count on us getting back up again, type of supporters).

Balmain and Western Suburbs supporters were the same - hard times, don’t care, we’ll stick together and come out all the better for it.

What happened to all these Wests Tigers supporters, get a few things that don’t go your way and they want out. Whinging and crying about this and that - blimey these old supporters (e.g. Laurie Nichols) would turn over in their grave.

This guy whoever he is, says he has decided he won’t be a member this year because he is not liking it. Well Mate! Wests Tigers don’t need you when they are winning the competition or finishing in the the top four. They need you now, when they are struggling for all they are worth. They need support, more than ever.

You don’t hear Teddy saying I have played the first six rounds and I don’t like how we are going or some of the decisions that are being made so I am not playing the rest of the season.

I have been following this team in one form or another for 66 years and there have been plenty of lean times in there I can tell you. Do you give up. NO.
Suffer the bad times with the club, the players and other diehard supporters - because when it comes good it is sweeter than ever.

Wake up to yourself, stop being so pitiful and get behind our beloved Tigers and support them to the hilt.

Go you Mighty Tigers!!!

The team loves fans like you. Why would they change if fans just accept everything that they do and continue to give support and money? Just do the same old incompetent rubbish and everyone will buy it and you’ll still make profits.

No, I’m not saying be a bandwagoner. I personally can handle losing when I can see the team is managed at even a mediocre level of competence. I can handle losing when there’s signs of getting better. I can handle losing when there is a plan. None of these exists in this scenario. Don’t expect change by still feeding them money and telling them everything is OK.

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We’re not going far with a high paid passenger like Brooks. If another club wants to give him 500k, by all means do it. He does pretty much nothing all game, and has the vision/kicking game of a rock.

Moses is better, but not great, but at least he’s flashed superstar potential consistently. He’s a keeper.

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@Mighty Tiger:

Brooks was terrible today, looked injured and wouldnt take control as a halfback should

Brooks plays like this 95% of the time, injury or no injury. I don’t see a difference between this game and a normal Brooks game.

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Brooks has not been good since his debut. I don’t see the vision and spark in him that great halves play with. He seems to pre plan everything he does in a bad way, not to mention his lack of game IQ.

He’s a fan favourite, but I’d let him go honestly and give Moses the reigns with a running half. Someone like Austin…

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Tedesco shouldn’t have scored. Too risky.