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Either way, clearly the tigers didn’t know that the shoulder charge would have priority. Otherwise why would we of challenged the out of bounds call.

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@Elderslie_Tiger said in JAC:

Is this article a journalist quoting another journalist of the TV passing it off as his own work? This article is pretty lazy journalism…

He is watching TV and writing about it. The only quote in the whole article is Noffa hasn’t had any contact about a swap deal… the rest is an opinion by a journo… terrible

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@momo_amp_medo said in Departing players:

I know many will disagree but for me Matt Moylan is a better fullback than anything we have at the moment.
From reports Cronulla is willing to offload with +50% freight included. If we could organise a Mbye trade we could offer 2 year deal. I would take a risk …
Anyway my thoughts for next year and beyond

Moses Mbye (Matt Moylan who covers quite a few backline positions would be my pick if we can get a trade deal)
Josh Aldo Carr
Adam Doueihi
Joseph Leilua (Kotoni Stagg should be the player we go after as 2021 replacement)
DescriptionDescription(Kotoni Stagg should be replacement at end of next season)
David Nofoaluma
Josh Reynolds (Matt Burton if we can offload Reynolds OR not … we should go all out for this guy … future is as a ball playing lock forward)
Luke Brooks
James Tamou ©
Jason Liddle (Harry Grant If Smith plays on for one more year and retireS when Bellamy leaves)
Zane Musgrove
Sam McIntyre
Luciano Leilua
Shawn Blore

Josh Aloiai
Russell Packer (Jack Hetherington (if we can offload Packer)
Thomas Mikaele
Alex Twal
Stefano Utoikamanu
Jake Simpkin
Luke Garner (Bunty Afoa from Warriors would be good replacement if Garner leaves)
Michael Chee Kam (Tukimihia Simpkins from Cowboys is an upgrade if we can move MCK)
Tommy Talau
Jock Madden
Asu Kepaoa
Billy Walters
Paul Momirovski
Zac Cini
Kane Bradley
William Kei
One available spot ???

Development Contract
Reece Hoffman

Moylan said no last year when sharpies tried to offload him to the tigers. I doubt the sentiment has changed

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1st try we had given them a 7tackle set because his kick went out on the full.
2nd try be collapsed the defence to cause an overlap. Third try he threw an intercept when the pass was never on. We were 16 - 0 down after 15 mins with three mistakes from benji…
Put a fork in him…

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I don’t get this like for like comparison… it’s not like we don’t need to upgrade JAC contract considerably, we also have to give them a talented rookie that is also on a low wage?

A like for like replacement is JAC for Nofa. If Nofa insisted on an upgrade and demanded to play fullback for 800k a year.

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Any chance of a poll going up, to see where the members sit?

(Not on if we should support #keepbenji it’s your sandpit, kul we are only playing in it.)

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For me it’s time we moved forward. It’s the same as sheens, he was the coach that delivered our first premiership and I believe would be considered one of the best coaches if he was in charge of a glamour club.

Rightly or wrongly we moved him on because we thought the club was not performing to required levels. Doesn’t mean we might not go backwards but we cannot be happy just not performing because of success more than a decade ago.

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We are very mediocre

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@facepalmer said in Once a game manager took over...:

Correlation is causation. Liddle goes out there and we score three tries in ten. We won the last game he started. He’s an absolute weapon.

Umm correlation is NOT causation… if I ate peanuts every time the tigers won, doesn’t mean the tigers won because I ate peanuts.

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Wasn’t Payton with the same manager as the big 4? The theory being he was white anting the coach for the top job and manager was saying if he is head coach the big 4 will stay?

So yeah, if it turns out we could of kept them all together and had a decent coach without going through the Taylor/ Cleary saga… it probably would of been a lot easier to go with the managers demands