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Moses mbye will be playing 9 i’ve heard it out of farahs mouth … paul siro also said joey leiula is a done deal. Don’t believe me watch rd 1

Yep…and AD is off the WT radar, unless he compromises

As he should be. Read he doesn’t want to leave Sydney, that’s all well and good, but if you want it bad enough ( to stay) than you would take the pay cut. Souths mistake should not become Wests Tigers mistake.

He wouldn’t be getting a pay cut though would he?
Not for the next 2 years as he has a contract with Souths. The stumbling block in signing for us, as I understand it, is Souths refusing to chip in any money and we won’t consider any deal without them putting in.

This is the problem with back ended deals. Souths now want to move him on but he isn’t worth what they are paying because they short changed him at the start. Now his salary is inflated so they want to move him on. Exactly like when we tried to move Farah.

If I were a player I’d be very hesitant about signing a back ended contract, and if I were a manger, I’d be advising my clients not to sign them.

The NRL could solve the problem by forcing clubs to pay out the average over the contract term. So if it’s a 400k per year deal average for Doueihi, Souths would have to chip in any money above that 400k for the remaining term. It is really money that they owe him from the early years of the contract.

No way that’s a terrible idea , a club SHOULD NOT have to pay a player to play for another club unless by mutual agreement which basically means that the club is desperately trying to move the player on and they are willing to pay for that Privledge . how would you feel I’d WT had to pay for next couple of years, matto to Play for Parra

Totally different scenario.

Look at it this way. If you are on a 3 year deal, year 1 Is 200k, year 2 Is 400k and year 3 is 600k. In the 3rd year you are basically getting paid the 200k you were short paid in year 1. Why should another club have to cover that?

Because if has a great year and in year 2 he was worth 650 a year, another club would sign a him On year 3 for 650 and you got yourself a bargain for years 1 and 2

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Blind Freddy can see they are trying to release AD so they can secure Addo-Carr. We should be the ones trying to sign Josh.

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Penrith now has just one player on a long-term deal – halfback Nathan Cleary.

Lol - jeez that family are a bunch of self serving <self censored> <self censored> llamas.

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“One roadblock to the Bunnies securing Mitchell on a cut-price deal is that it would have to be cleared by the game’s salary cap auditor, who will determine his true market value.

It’s understood NRL auditor Richard Gardham has final discretion to determine market value using a list of comparative players to reach his decision.

NRL’s salary cap laws state a player cannot be registered on a contract worth considerably less than his market value.“


If they allow it, then it’s setting a precedent that it’s ok… brown paper bag deals will triple

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Know nothing about him, but get the feeling that this Rose guy is some similar indigenous form of the footy whisperer that had our group of juniors under his spell.

This is the feeling you get isn’t it. There is something off about it. They don’t come across as recognizing that it’s professional sport.

If we did offer that contract and he didn’t sign the guy clearly doesn’t appear to understand the situation that he is in. It’s bizarre.

It’s gorgeous George rose’s brother or maybe cousin. (There’s lots of the family in Bathurst)… he was a bit of a boxer growing up in his youth. It’s hard to believe he stumbled into being a major sports manager They are a nice and quite genuine family.

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Media standards have dropped so far. When an article is an opinion piece or advertising it should be clearly stated at the beginning of an article.

Unfortunately click-based and advertising media is so dominate and intertwined with the news it is hard to differentiate. That with the fact that nowadays anyone can be a journalist without a degree has totally undermined the public confidence in news media. They are at serious risk of making themselves redundant.

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Did this article or the diet tips thread start first?

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@Fitzy05 yeah I agree entirely the right person is important, but how you structure the job ensures you get the right person.

Ie if you believed that Madge was the right person for the job and didn’t want someone overseeing him. Then you would need to offer a long term viable contract so he isn’t looking out for his next gig.

I think a big part of our problem is that our previous coaches have either been unemployed or on there first head coach NRL contract, therefore are trying to find immediate success with what’s available at the time.

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We need Tim Sheens… not necessarily him exactly but a head of football operations a la Phil Gould…

The problem with coaches having the major say in building a team is they build for success in the short term sometimes to the detriment of the long term, so they can move on or renegotiate a higher contract in 3 years.

We need someone to oversee the football operations (so not Pascoe) that is someone that doesn’t have ambitions to move onto something else in 4 years. I know we have this but I believe it really needs to be one of those ex coaches that have experience being a head coach.

Ideally before each contract it would be elevated through a series of people

  1. Coach
  2. Head of football operations
  3. In-house salary cap financial Guru
  4. Lawyer
  5. Tigers agent for Contract negotiations
  6. CEO (company image protections)
  7. Board of directors (Oversight)

They would all need to work together on every contract.

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What very good forwards are available as possible for next year?

We are better off signing a great back now and waiting until very good forwards become available.

Otherwise we sign a mediocre forward to fill the hole and then in two years when we are looking for backs no one will be available.

Reality is that Latrell is of a caliber that is rarely on the open market at a time when we are one of a few clubs that have salary cap space… sign him…

Our cap is the best it’s ever been I think…

Next year we clear out a lot of “dead wood” contracts and will have much of the 5 million available the papers have talked about, the year after that we will clear the Reynolds contract giving us more available space. Brooks the year after that… We are getting to a point that we can have major marquee signings every year for the next four years.