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Sad thing is, he probably pots them from all over the park 99% of the time at training. It’s when it counts that it all goes to shit. 😖

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Felt like that last week, but you’ll be back around wed-Thur next week sniffing around for who’s lining up for the team! As predictable as our team is in tight situations, so is it’s long term supporters.
60yrs = balls of steel!

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It’s not even about field goals and golden point. Its about shutting out the game with 10 to go. Play smart for f sake. Can guarantee if Melbourne or east are in that situation with 10 to go they win 9/10 times.
Were cursed for sure!

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That one hurt. Seriously! I can’t believe that just happened.

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That’s Good News!

Love the J-Curve! 👍

Especially when it’s heading ⬆

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Hey all, This year has been my 1st year of following NRL properly and i can say i have throughly enjoyed it, and now i am hooked for life for better or worse. In previous years i would just watch SOO with out knowing jack all 😆 . I stumbled across this great community thru a friend and i am enjoying being able to keep up with the latest banter.

I wish everyone the best over the Christmas Break :supporter: :sign:

Nice one TDB. You choose the right team to support! 😕 We’ll come good this year!
Enjoying your input.
Merry Christmas.

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In our thoughts TT. Hope 2019 shines on your partner and family!

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Tacky, can feel a Go fan club coming on!

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I wrote this Nov 2017 Just sayin!

Date: November 2018
2018 NRL Table Completion:
Wests Tigers: Scrap into the 8, knocked out first play off.
Penrith Panthers: Finish 13th. (Nathan played his best year yet, in-spite of the ladder position)

Gus: G’day Ivan, mate I would like to catch up for a coffee you available anytime this week?
Ivan: Hi Gus, long time no talk. Yeah, I could make a coffee, what’s the occasion?
Gus: Just wanted to go over a few things you might be interested in.
Ivan: ok mate, let’s do it.
Ivan: Hey mate what’s happening?
Gus: Look, I’m gunna lay it all out there, getting rid of you was the biggest mistake of my career. As you know your boy is a super star and I have realised that without YOU we aren’t going to keep him regardless of the money offered. So, I thought I would explore other avenues to get Nathan to stay a Panther, we have built the team around him and need him with us going into the future.
Ivan: I assume you are referring to the write up in the press about me and Nathan being in the same team moving forward?
Gus: Exactly.
Ivan: So, what exactly have you brought me here for?
Gus: Well, As Nathans contract expires next year and yours the year after, I would like to offer you an opportunity to come back to the Panthers on a 4 year contract with the proviso that Nathan signs for the same amount of time. The current coach is taking us backwards and I have seen what you have done at the Tigers and it has shown me just how big a mistake getting rid of you was. I know you must have been peed off with how things ended but this is me making things right and giving you an opportunity to coach Nathan in a winning team. See out your contract at the Tigers and You have a gentleman’s agreement with Nathans Signature you will be running the Panthers in 2021.