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Pascoe is on a trip with our new general manager of footy to look at overseas orgaisations - they were with the Chiago Bulls the other day. Legitimate reason and the roght time for the trip

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Fans- why do tigers only signed washed up usless players

Headline- Tigers sign 25 yr old Origin player who has taken his current clun to a grand final and has played 170 first grade games at only 25.

Fans- idiots what ridiculous signing

Is he the best player in the world no, is he well aabove what we currently have with a massive amount of ability and creativity - yes

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SO Oli Clarke the new Tigers prop is 4 wins from 4 games

I know he is only playing 25 minutes but he is running hard and his defence is really solid in the middle but I also think he has been tasked to go out and play a hard 20-25 minutes and thats it unless forced. It also means that Aloia, Twal and Mikele aren’t being overloaded and have all been playing better qulaity but a little bit reduced workload.

I am really liking the big fella especially as long as he stays unbeaten

What does everyone think

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Made 170 meters against our pack earlier in the year and has been averaging over 100 meters

Also if we need someone to work with young props we have - Twal, Aloia, Clark, Mikelle then Tim Mannah is as good as any

Also we need another experienced prop if we arent going to play Packer then we are 1 Matulino injury away from having Twal as our most experienced front rower -so I can see it makes sense for at least the next few months

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@WT2K said in Tigers to sign new high performance manager:

His profile -
was with dragons for 16 years and been at the Sharks for 5 years

Also developed the ADI system used by clubs like Real Madrid and PSG, celtic.

This guy is a great operator and has seen the Sharks use the least players of any clubs most years

Also was heavily involved in the changes to the Sharks system that lead them to develping thier amazing juniors approach in the last few years.

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All the people saying “if he is only coming for the money then we dont want him”. 1. Its a job everyone only comes for the money otherwise itd be a hobby or a volunteer orgnaisation. 2. If he comes for the money then thank god because if he was signing for - facilities, record of achievment, home ground, lifestyle, quality of footy team then none of those things would get him too us. We literally need him to want to come for the money its all we have

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I like Mats too but a 30 yr old prop with dodgy knees who makes 75 meters a gane and has 1 offload and 1 tackle break for the whole year vs the a 23 yr old who has captained NZ in thier most recent test and can play centre, wing and fullback is a bloody good swap for us .

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yeah because we want to get rid of 2 of our top 5 players in 2019 because of age even though they are playing for way less money then anyone in the game playing as well

If Benji wants another year and with the same attitude of only if he is good enough is he picked then he is worth 150-200k

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If you look at what we have done with signing top class juniors at 18 over the last 2 yeara youll see us taking the strategy. People need to stop looking so much at nrl signings because generally quality players arent leaving thiet club to come to a team running 9th. The Knights signed blokes but mainly they got lucky on Ponga and had 3 yrs of the spoon where tthey front paid everyone in thier roster so they h asd space.

We have signed from memory externally juniors/ devel players

FB- Dylan Smith and Logan Dillon
W- Kane Bradley and Ryan Garner
C- Zac Cini and Gibbs from newcastle although he went homesick
FE- Talau
HB- Madden
L- Seyfarth
SR- Mcintyre
H- Jake Simpkins
P- Young Henry Something something and Mikelle

We have mad a conscious effort to go out and sign class juniors from other clubs over the last 2 years and offer overs and spots in our devleopement abd moving into the top 30 as part of the contracts to take the approsch of Roosters in buying great juniors before they become stars not after they have been. I think the future is bright just need to develop them well

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Loved the effort across the board from the Tigers really put in when we were clearly outclassed roster wise.

Very impressed by all the boys tonight with 30% possession we were never going to win so a great effort.

Not a bad player for us just played with 15 players and lacked the extra class but still competed for 70 minutes just the last 5 mins in each half where we lost it through just not having enough ball or fresh players

Well done boys very proud of tonights effort

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Brent Read just said on Tripple M that Billy Walters will sign for Wests Tigers this week. Plays 5/8 but has utility value across hooker and half by the looks of him.

Josh Reynolds is on the show which made it akward haha

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Congratulations to Russell Packer - he has really shown how someone can turn their lif around and despite a hard year in footy he has continued to set himself up for the future

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We are moving on but if Latrell calls us before we have made other decisions he can but we arent waiting for him. Fairly clear to me

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All this talk of Hastings having no talent

  • He played NSW U16s, U18s, Australian School boys, Junior Kangaroos
  • He debited for the Roosters at 18 the benchmark club in the comp playing 32 games in 2 years
  • He has played and won an NRL semi at Halfback (unlike our current halfback)
  • He played 1 year in UK Super League and won man of steel and made his debut for Great Britain
  • At NRL Level he has kicked 29 goals from 35 attempts

He has had some problems with his attitude but they seems to be fixed - his talent imo has never been the issue

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How good has Benji been and surprisingly for a older player his 2nd half of the season has been even better

He has played 18 games
First 9 - 5 try assists, 1 line break, 4 line break assists and 6 tackle breaks, 1 try, 3 offloads,
Back 9 - 13 try assists, 4 line breaks, 12 line break assists, 16 Tackle breaks, 2 tries, 6 offloads

I would go as far as to say him and Brooks have been the form halves combination of the 2nd half of the season