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Matheson Johns was NSW under 20s centre in 2018 and NSW residents in 2019. Partnered Billy Smith who was to start at the Roostwrs in the nsw under 20s and Papemhuyzen was fb at the time. So plenty of potential and has succeeded every year in stepping up a grade. Wouldnt shock me if he got a top 30 spot but more shocking if he started at 1

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Also Shuan Joihnson is past it at 29 but our current five eight is 35 and last year was his best year and the games best player is 38

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While we have all been debating this seems we have added 2 young blokes the NSW cup squad

Matheson Johns - Centre from Penrith who made the NSW Resdients team last year

Brendan O’Hagan - NSW under 20s Halfback from 2018 who played 17 games with mounties last year

Add some strong young players to the NSW Cup squad to work with our developement players

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FInd it funny how people talk about salaries like its still 2004. THe salary cap is 10 million, the bottom 10 would average say 200k each leaving 8m for the top 20 players - what you would descrive as geneuine first graders. That is an average of 400k over your top 20 so if you are signing a bloke to play starting fullback a key position and think he would sign for an average top 20 players money or that a guy who has been twice Dally M centre of the year in the last 3 years would come for 400k an average salary then you have rocks in your head and clearly can’t do much counting

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Hoffman for NSW cup makes sense brings lots of experience to a very inexperienced nsw cup team. Made an ave of 150 m plus at fb last yr in nsw cup, can play wing, centre, fullback and a good seasoned professional. Might suggest that Brad Abbey may not be staying though. Makes sense as a canterbury cup player

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@Spud_Murphy said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Ponyo said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

The NRL are like a Bikie club. They need to open a chapter in East Sydney, South Sydney Brissy & Melb. From the Tele this morning:

"James Packer joined Russell Crowe and Wayne Bennett to help Souths land Latrell Mitchell. Aaron Francis/The Australian
James Packer joined Russell Crowe and Wayne Bennett to help Souths land Latrell Mitchell.

The movie star, the master-coach and the money man — how could Latrell Mitchell say no?

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal James Packer joined Russell Crowe and Wayne Bennett to form arguably the greatest, and certainly the most extraordinary, rugby league recruitment team ever assembled.

Packing two Golden Globes, an Academy Award, seven NRL premierships and more than $3.5 billion, Packer, Bennett and Crowe combined to deliver the Rabbitohs a future South Sydney great.

Just a day after Bennett met the runaway Rooster at a secret location in Sydney, Packer flew to Coffs Harbour on his private jet to join Crowe and Mitchell for a private dinner, catered for by a personal chef.

While details of the dinner at Crowe’s luxury Nana Glen estate were revealed by The Daily Telegraph last week, Packer’s attendance and involvement in the bid were kept a closely guarded secret.

Until today.

The casino mogul and Crowe teamed up to convince Mitchell that South Sydney was his new home. Mitchell travelled back to Sydney intent on becoming a Rabbitoh.

After knocking back South’s first offer, Mitchell agreed to sign last Sunday on a one-year deal with another year option in the club’s favour. The deal is estimated to be worth $1.4 million over two years.

Despite signing a deal worth less than the $3.2 million he had been offered by the Roosters over four years, Mitchell is content with the contract that could amount to just $600,000 should Souths not exercise the second year.

The Roosters were stunned that Mitchell accepted the deal after he reportedly “laughed’’ when they made him the $800,000-a-year offer.

Avoiding an ugly showdown with their oldest rivals, the Roosters backed away from a compensation demand and released Mitchell from the final year of his deal.

But on one condition.

He must pay out his former manager, Steve Deacon.


With the dust yet to settle on the Latrell Mitchell deal, South Sydney have already been linked to another NRL big name.

Less than 48 hours after announcing they had signed Mitchell, there are noises emerging that Souths are now interested in Josh Addo-Carr, the man known as the Fox, and preparing to offer the Storm a player swap.

South Sydney have reportedly shopped Alex Johnston, Adam Doueihi and Dane Gagai to rival clubs."

That’s weird, I was sure that Packer was a Roosters supporter?

Umm he owns 40% of the bunnies

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@Jedi_Tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

i hope the mail is wrong he said AD announced monday

Hope the mail is right and we announce Ad Monday and BJ tuesday.

BJ didn’t go on Raiders 10 day pre season camp to QLD so you can be sure he won’t be with them

Both of them would be more then we could have hoped for and gives our backline real strike

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Update my team
A Douehi
David Nofoaluma
BJ Leilua
Paul Momorovski
Robert Jennings
Luke Brooks
Matt Eisenhuth
Luke Garner
Luciano Leilua
Alex Twal
Moses Mbye
Tom Mikelle

Zane Musgrove
Josh Aloia
Michael Cheekam
Billy Walters

ALex Seyfarth - 19th Man and Lock by end of season

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Do it - Never knock back a BJ.

Best NRL centre in the game for mine and is worth 600k imo. Wouldnt have an issue paying hiom that for a couple of years

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Cant find a reason why I wouldnt like BJ to join his brother. He creates points , he is still only 28 and playing with his brother would be inspiring im sure but he doesent really need it he always plays well. I know he has the odd brain explosion but he does way more good then bad and while he was injured for a few games last year think he has played 19 plus games every year for 10 yrs before that. Lets be honest if he played for a glamour team he would have played 20 origins by now