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@THE_POM said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Club is hoping to use Joe Ofahengaue as a ball playing 13 & allowing Twal to go back into the prop rotation.
Broncos not very forth coming to begin with like the Jack Bird situation but appears once bitten twice shy & they’ve now come to the party & looking to cover close to $200,000 of his 2021 contract & closer to $150,000 for 2022.
Looks promising but few are skeptical in relation to whether or not Ofahengaue is the answer or not.

Thanks for the updates mate! I’m clutching at straws a little but any more news re. Grant or JAC coming here or have we moved on now after recent developments.

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@JayT said in Wests Tigers sign James Roberts till 2022:

Brooks is fast off the pace but gets run down easy, depends on definition of pace, but he can be zippy. Roberts, I have a good gut feeling, I know that means little, but I have a good feeling… 🙂 I love a feel good redemption story

Not so sure about that, Brooks has scored plenty of length of the field tries. Great to have some “jet-speed” in the team tho & heres hoping the gut feel comes through with the goods!

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So if BJ & the Jet fire, Mbye to fullback?

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Welcome Jimmy. Hope he goes that well that TigerAir get back into business & sponsor him!


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Big week for JAC. MoM (I think) in a winning Origin side & then comes home to the Tigers!


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@pawsandclaws1 said in SOO II 2020 *Spoilers:

Can WTs bring JAC and Crichton into the office tomorrow to sign both up. Crichton had a great game tonight as well.

This would be huge for us!

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Was Gould benched tonight? Don’t remember hearing him throughout the game.

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@WT2K said in SOO II 2020 *Spoilers:

Brooks would’ve KO’d him

both of them!

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@Speed2burn said in SOO I 2020 *Spoliers:

Walker and Cleary yikes. It’s like a train wreck waiting to happen

Keary/Wighton halves

Lomax Crichton centres

Would have also had Cotric on the wing replacing Topoo

Walker on the bench (think he has great utility value)


I think fitler got the pack right for game 2 but I’d be going with these backline changes also 👆

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According to Zero tackle the following are off contract from 2022. Wouldn’t mind having a crack at these although likely some are zero chance of moving also!..

S. Crichton
Xerri (?)





N Brown

2nd row:
A Crichton