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@Newtown said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@weststigerman said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

They should turn this Latrell chase into a movie.

Call it “The Laterall Chase”

CaLatrell DaMitch

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@Spacecub said in Josh Reynolds Charged:

Just my thoughts to the mods, as this is an ongoing legal matter this thread should be locked

Yes totally agree
ITs not nice for people / strangers to be speculating on social media on matters which we all know nothing about
I think Josh and the woman involved would be under enough duress already
Have a heart and close the thread

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Here is an idea for the Wests Tigers

Make every game important to the indigenous of this country
How about a Welcome to the country speech at every Tigers home game as recognition to all Aboriginals, thier land, heritage and Value to our great game and to Our club.
By doing this and showing some initiative in our game and as a club we may just attract players like Latrell Mitchell Josh Addo Carr and Cody Walker
If we all stand with them as a club and its supporters and show we care about their traditions and culture and we value that then we may be able to sign some of these players with less difficulty
If we do this and they truly value thier culture then what better club is there to sign with
We could do something also with our close Island nations which may also benefit the Tigers in the long run with signing some of their players
You only have to look at the number of players pledging there allegiance to their small Island nations to see what it means to these players
Don’t underestimate Culture
We should embrace it

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I dont get it
We haven’t made the 8 for 8 years
We are trying to buy top line players to make the 8
These so called top line players don’t want to come here because they think we can’t make the 8
Well that is what they are getting paid the big bucks for
To help us make the 8
It looks to me that these players want to take the easy road to success and not put the effort in to become true legends in their own rights
The only way I see a really good player become a great player is to stand out head and shoulders above the team they play for
For instance
If Latrell signs with south’s he will be competing with Cookie and Arrow? And others to be there best player
Sure they may win a premier ship
But he already has 2 of those
If Latrell wants to become a legend of the game then he needs to come to a team like the Tigers and make out team great
A bit like Thurston did to the Cowboys
So Latrell the choice is yours
Legend or just another good player

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We just can’t take a trick
Just when you think things are going to get better for us "BAM take that
That will be a no to Mitchell now
You can also say goodbye to Arrow if we had any chance in the 1st place
Well we could go for Walker now Pfft
So Addo Carr or Xerri
Wait for it
Wait for it
Wait for it
As Fatty Vaughten would say
I can see south’s somehow get Arrow Mitchell and Addo Carr
We get the dregs again

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Why dont we just get Latrell Mitchells best friend to be our new water boy
He can run the drinks on the field
Jobs for the boys

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Keep on Signing the best youth
At least they have opportunity here
If we can’t sign top line players for 2020 then front load some players so we have even more cap money for 2021
That’s when our COE will be ready and more enticing for players to come
I am quietly confident in our forwards
We obviously need speed
I only see Addo Carr and or Xerri helping here if they become available now and we are able to sign them
Money talks we have it so let’s use it

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Apparently Russell Crow is working on a new Movie
It’s called “The Conmen from South”
And get this
He wants Sam to be the leading actor
It pays $3,000,000 for his services
Sam is still in negotiations the terms

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Moylan being mentioned as a target by the Tigers is a smoke screen which is designed to hurry up who we really want
And that would be Lomax
Surely Maguire wouldn’t be silly enough to entertain the Idea of signing Moylan
Unless for an absolute bargain and for 2 years max
He’ll I would rather give Xerri a go at fullback

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We are or were linked to
Lomax Mitchell Frizzel Addo Carr Oats

But we are more likely to end up with SFA
Spry Felt Aitken