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@Demps said in Blocker: Tigers need an Ellis-style enforcer:

8 Twal
9 Hooker (Mbye, Walters, Liddle)
10 Eisenhuth
11 Luciano
12 Garner
13 Taylor

14 Che Kam
15 Aloiai
16 Mikaele
17 Musgrove

In my opinion, that’s our best pack for 2020 and its very solid imo with a mad purposeful bench.

CheKam, utility/2RF
Covers the backline if needed.
Come on at the end of the halves, run amok against the tired opposition and pull off some clutch plays he’s known for.

Aloiai, can play anywhere in the pack.
Lots of impact.
Maybe a nice guy but have seen him fire up a few times before and square up to the opposition.
He’s best off the bench for mine.

Mikaele, still a benchie imo.
He’s developing nicely though.
Great legs and an absolute machine.
Some room for improvement but a consistent year coming off the bench and he’s gonna be a top flight prop in 2021 onward.

Musgrove, looks the real deal.
Should be really pushing for a starting position quite quickly. Let him find his feet and form and shake off the ring rust. He’s gonna prove to be a great signing.

Twal and Eiso are starting.
Not big on Eiso but we don’t have anyone else really at the moment. Two workhorses. Let em tackle their guts out and make some hard runs before we sub em for the impact boyz.

Garner and Luciano in the backrow.
Garner has been a constant improved and imo is gonna have a stand out year this year. He can hit the line so well, great collaborater with Brooks and has a mean offload.

Luciano has a lot of the same attributes. Great find, great runner and I’m keen to see him really become a star this year. Its looking likely.

Elijah, safest man for the 13…
Obvs listens to critism and always steps up.
Never disappoints.
Known for a few silly errors and penalties but is legitimately our best defender, link man and definitely has a go.

Not sure about Eisenhuth starting in the front row
I think I would like to see Clark there
I just don’t see Eisenhuth going to another level

I think Mikaele will be our forward of the year and possibly our player of the year
He will battle that honour out with the next two names
Both BJ and Doueihi will have something to prove this year to thier doubters

Brooks I hope gets to finally play finals and if so may just kick on to another level
If anyone deserves some success it’s Brooks

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@Hangonaminute said in Blocker: Tigers need an Ellis-style enforcer:

@The_Patriot said in Blocker: Tigers need an Ellis-style enforcer:

I like our pack, I wouldnt swap it for many in the league.

More worried about the spine.

We have argubly the weakest pack in the comp and you wouldn’t swap it for any.
I’d swap it for a full strength Titans pack tomorrow, at least they have a hooker (actually 2)

You want to win the spoon

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@Tigerdave said in Blocker: Tigers need an Ellis-style enforcer:

Blocker Roach, special subject, the bleeding obvious.

But more importantly, we need a hooker.

If Robbie Farah has a role with the Tigers, and he looks after our Hookers will that make him our Pimp

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@Tiger5150 said in Elijah Taylor:

@Earl said in Elijah Taylor:

Awesome player. Even last week you could see him ball playing in the middle of the park and making tackles***. If he was quicker or bigger*** he would have been a star.

If your Aunty had balls she’d be your Uncle.

Not these days

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Watching the vid it seems that Momirovski is able to play both sides of the field
That will come I’ve very handy for us should a back go down injured
I would like to see Momirovski start but can see home being our “Mr Fix It” this year
May have said he is not a winger and I now that was only a highlights package of Momirovski, but he looked alright on the wing to me
Scoring in the corners of stepping back inside
I don’t think you can leave him out as he seems to have natural ability
So with that said
1 Doueihi
2 Nofoluma
3 BJ
4 Mbye
5 Momirovski

I wonder if it’s possible to have Momirovski in the 14 jumper and have Thompson in the 5 Jersey
You could then shift Mbye to 9 if needed and Momirovski into the centres

He is to valuable to leave out

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@Go_You_Good_Things said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@Elderslie_Tiger said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Roosters star James Tedesco forks out $30k to split with agent Isaac Moses
February 26, 2020 7:27am
James Tedesco has severed ties with his former manager.
James Tedesco has severed ties with his former manager.Source: News Regional Media
Roosters star James Tedesco has officially cut ties with former agent Isaac Moses after agreeing to a $30,000 settlement deal, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.
The NSW and Australian fullback sided with Moses’ former business partner, Joe Wehbe, with the pair now fighting a battle in the Supreme Court.

Uncle Nick to Teddy " I hear you had to pay that guy that I hate 30k. You want to play 2 holes of golf tomorrow" ?

No Nick
I only want to play one hole

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@happy_tiger said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

@avocadoontoast said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

@happy_tiger said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

@TheDaBoss said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

Combinations key for Maguire in Rotorua trial
Dan Talintyre
Wed 26 Feb 2020, 11:47 PM

Wests Tigers Head Coach Michael Maguire says combinations will be the key thing he’s watching for in Sunday’s trial match against the New Zealand Warriors in Rotorua as the focus continues to narrow for the 2020 season ahead.

Maguire has named a squad of 23 players for the cross-Tasman trial match for the second year in a row, with all the regular big names including Benji Marshall, Luke Brooks and Moses Mbye included for the visitors.

Having watched a number of the club’s new faces trial strongly against the Penrith Panthers last Saturday, Maguire said seeing how the combinations between players develop would be the key thing for him this week and a deciding factor in who will force their way in to the Round 1 side.

“I’m really looking forward to seeing those combinations,” Maguire said.

"We’ve done a lot of work in the pre-season and I’ve seen the boys grow throughout that time but it’s now about getting out on the park and delivering a strong performance before we start the season.

“I think the combinations will be the big thing for us — whether it’s the right edge, left edge or through the middle — they’re all growing. It’s going to be down to us to how they go in a game situation.”

Wests Tigers new recruit Luciano Leilua
Wests Tigers new recruit Luciano Leilua
©NRL Photos
Having watched new recruits Zane Musgrove, Adam Doueihi, Billy Walters and Luciano Leilua all have their first game for the club last week, Maguire said he was excited to see the new places take the next step forward now in their second game.

“Trials is a little bit about blowing off the cobwebs,” he said, "but it’s also too about seeing how they’re going to perform in the team and the unit and the way that we’re playing.

"We’ve got big BJ [Leilua] coming in this week… and all our big players are playing so I’m really looking forward to watching those combinations grow throughout the game.

“We’ve been doing a lot of work for quite a couple of months on that but it’s now about what they do on the field against the opposition.”

Wests Tigers will kickoff against the New Zealand Warriors at 12:00pm AEDT on Sunday (2:00pm local time) in their final hit-out before the 2020 season officially gets underway for Maguire’s side on March 15 against St. George-Illawarra.

So combinations are important now …but they weren’t important last week …

I am questioning why he’s not starting with AD. He, Benji and Brooks have had zero game time together. Bizarre decision.

It was mentioned Douehi had an upper leg injury …but again he is either fit to play or not fit to play

Take a Happy pill
Madge is the coach and has his reasons
If I was you Happy, i would be more worried about the two footy tipping comps you are in
Why you ask
Because you are about to go down faster then Monica Lewinsky in the white house

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@McQueen_Magic said in Wests Tigers V NZ Warriors Trial Teams..:

I think you will find that is close to our Round 1 team. Doueihi may obviously nudge one of the back three but thats it starting wise. Chee Kam probably the only lock spot on the bench with the following fighting it out for last three bench spots:

  • JR
  • Musgrove
  • Clark
  • Lawrence
  • McQueen
  • Musgrove
  • ET

I would say all other reserves are in the mix for the 4 bench spots, except Seyfarth and Talau who are probably making up the numbers at this stage.

I’d be happy with two Musgrove’s on the bench

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I’m in
55 on the nose to win
Happy it’s a long way to fall from up there

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@Cairnstigers said in WT'S FORUM TIPPING COMP:

@happy_tiger said in WT'S FORUM TIPPING COMP:



@happy_tiger said in WT'S FORUM TIPPING COMP:

@hobbo1 said in WT'S FORUM TIPPING COMP:

@Elderslie_Tiger said in WT'S FORUM TIPPING COMP:

9 sleeps to go before NRL kick off 2020

49 entrants in comp so far

I was pumped when I read 9 sleeps 😂

Then I checked the dates 🤬

Kick Geo out

why? is it

A- U dont want to hurt his feeling by beating him
B- You are scared he might beat you?


Happy has never won a single competition on this forum ever…

I’ve won heaps of thing

Best looking poster
Most popular poster
Sincerest poster
Humblest poster
Funniest poster

Your the only one who knows about these competition’s you mention and you still struggled to win them
The only reason you did is because you gave yourself the reward
And I don’t even want to think about that


Happy has a whole Hall of Fame in Gladstone…Included is the leather balls he used to torp 60 on the fly wringing wet…the Iron Boxing gloves he used to become Golden gloves champion…the 6 Iron and putter only he used to win multiple Gladstone open Championships and the wicket keeping gloves if not for and unfortunate injury where he bowled to himself and attempted a stumping would have seen him replace Ian Healy …

A true Legend in his own mind…

So in other words
After reading what you have written
It sounds like Happy is a “Jack of all sports and master of none”