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Didn’t Jason Taylor try this once and everybody couldn’t stop saying how bad of a decision it was? 😂 😂

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What sort of coin is Ramien on at Knights? Any chance we could realistically afford him?

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@matto-the-GOAT said in Wests Tigers jerseys need to improve:

Currently, the spirit and culture of the Wests Tigers is dying because of the horrible jerseys presented by ISC.

One of the biggest faults is the loss of orange and the loss of all round creativity. The Wests Tigers gave birth to some of the game’s legends in iconic and beautiful jerseys - the 2004 jersey that won the premiership stretching to 2015 when they lost that sense of creativity and partnered with ISC. A mainly black jersey presents us as any other team and not the Tigers. The boring nature of the jersey shows a lack of creativity and it needs to change. The heritage jersey this year was great - something slightly more interesting and something to admire as a Wests Tigers Jersey.

ISC seriously need to stop using their scaffolds when making Wests Tigers jerseys and make something truly iconic, creative and most importantly interesting that. By not using a scaffold, it means they are not able to make another boring jersey and make a Wests Tigers jersey that people actually want to buy and put on.

Heading into next season, either ISC needs to make a way more interesting and unique jersey that includes orange as the main colour to truly bring home the Wests Tigers or us as a fanbase designs the jerseys for the Wests Tigers by switching to another brand.

Without such a warm and cultured jersey, the Wests Tigers are dying and losing their sense of pride - no jersey and no fans to play for. Our team jersey needs to change and become more like the iconic Wests Tigers I used to look up to in such beautiful jerseys.

I drafted up a few concepts that I put together in a few minutes on BLK and I ask that you all try and use your creatvity to mak ethe best jerseys you can and post below. (attached below).
Please, We. Are. Dying, we need the Wests Tigers jersey back

Your post is so off the mark it’s unbelievable. Go back and replace every instance of ISC with ‘THE WESTS TIGERS BOARD’.

It literally has nothing to do with ISC. The board has 100% final sign off on any and all Wests Tigers jerseys…So why do you think there’s been hardly any orange in our Jerseys for so long? Because Wests Ashfield is the one keeping the Club afloat and calling the shots.

The spirit and culture of the Wests Tigers is dying because of the ongoing divide between Wests and Balmain, not because of anything to do with ISC.

p.s. This years Jerseys are some of our best in years.

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Lets be realistic here guys…

Broncos 50+
Tigers 8

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None of our outside backs are getting the ball at the moment because Tedesco never passes anymore.

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Bad part was Suli went off with a leg injury

Has this kid even finished a game yet? Moltzen 2.0

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Surprise surprise there are problems. Received an email asking to update my password to renew. I entered the membership number and it says that they have sent an email. Have not received an email with new password nor can I access my membership account with my old password. Not in the junk folder either.

They really are incompetent with how they handle the memberships. Last year my girlfriend and i bought memberships in November. We were told they would arrive before Christmas. Mine did but my name was misspelt and on it was ANZ/LO when it was supposed to be ANZ/Cambo. Sent it back and didn’t get the new one till February. And the girlfriend didn’t get hers at all till February. Then when the season started the girlfriends membership card didn’t work, so every time we got to the gate, we’d get held up, till they finally sent her a new one that worked.

You really need to relax mate, everywhere is going to have its issues especially when dealing with thousands of people at once. Calling them ‘incompetent’ is a bit much.

I’ve been a member for years and never had any problems with the Membership department whatsoever…Maybe they’re not the issue here.

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You guys are bloody idiots. If you get done for sexual harassment in a modern workplace you are gone, no matter who you are. End of story.

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He’s been average since he destroyed his jaw

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Hunt is in the top 25, hence my disbelief that he’s not getting a run over Rankin after last week’s debacle.

I don’t know where you’re getting your information but I can guarantee you Hunt is not top 25.