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@tig_prmz said in Brooks vs Moses:

if they had stayed together, I think they would’ve made a good combo.

Moses: sets up more tries, better bombs, more enthusiastic, can push a pass and better support play
Brooks: better defence, short kicking game, faster, better with clutch plays

But, Brooks will always be 100x the man Mitchell will ever be. Low life sook

Club got their positions mixed in my opinion. Tried to force a naturally introverted Brooks into the game controller and a naturally confident (read somewhat arrogant) Moses into a support act.

Can only wonder now how things may / may not be different if they swapped numbers and expectations.

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Please put Garner back in the left to run lines of Brooks.


Musgrove / McIntyre

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@Swordy said in Chris Lawrence announces retirement:

As far as im concerned, the greatest wests tiger to date, no exceptions.

Embodies everything I want in a player. Skill, humble, intelligent, and with a deep and untranished, unwavering love for the club.

Absolutely, the greatest West’s Tiger of all time. A player we have all been able to be proud of with the heart and soul of what we want every WT and NRL player to be.

Congratulations on the career Rowdy.

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We need a halfback. Brooks a running 5/8. Don’t think there are many options in NRL off contract. Maybe Cade Cust.

Are there any organising halves in the UK worth a shot? Sezer, Jake Trueman? Raiders found a good one.

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@teddy23 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@TYGA said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Our off contract players for this year are (10)
Oliver Clark, Matthew Eisenhuth, Robert Jennings, Chris Lawrence, Benji Marshall, Sam McIntyre, Chris McQueen, Alex Seyfarth, Dylan Smith, Elijah Taylor.

The only players that look like we should resign are McIntyre and maybe Seyfarth/ Eisenhuth.

Based on our team now and assuming we can steal Harry Grant our lineup next year is better than recent memory.

  1. Douihei
  2. Nofa
  3. BJ
  4. Mbye
  5. Talau
  6. Reynolds
  7. Brooks
  8. Aloai
  9. Harry Grant
  10. Mikalele
  11. Garner
  12. Luciano
  13. Twal
  14. Stefano
  15. Momirovski
  16. McIntyre
  17. Musgrove

We would have some depth Liddle, Hoffman, Simpkin, Blore, MCK, Eisenhuth, Seyfarth, Madden, Cini, Bradley, Scolari etc.

In my view we need to sign starters that push some players back in the depth chart to get better.

Personally I’d like to see Talau in the centre’s and Mbye as a 14 with a gun winger on the left JAC or Korobiete would be great.

CHN moving Garner to the bench would make us more formidable.

Long term replacement for Reynolds I’d make a big offer for Matt Burton from the Panthers.

A few changes and we will be a top 6 side consistently.

Based off Tyga’s plans which I completely agree with btw, this is what the line up would potentially look like:

Personally, I think Esienhuth is playing incredibly well I use to be his biggest critic but since he’s been selected he has made me look silly - giving us the same productivity as Twal so wouldn’t mind to see Twal move to prop to allow Huth at 13 as his passing game is better

If his form dips and he goes back to 2019 Huth, I’d simply put Twal back at lock allow Mikaele to start then bring Musgrove/ Garner to the bench

  1. Adam Doueihi
  2. David Nofoaluma
  3. Joseph Leiluia
  4. Tommy Talau
  5. Josh Addo-Carr
  6. Josh Reynolds
  7. Luke Brooks
  8. Josh Alioia
  9. Harry Grant/ Liddle
  10. Alex Twal
  11. Luciano Leiluia
  12. Corey Heriwa-Naera
  13. Matt Esienshuth

14. Moses Mbye
15. Stefano Utoikamanu
16. Thomas Mikaele
17. Shawn Blore

Depth Musgrove, Garner, McIntyre, Lawrence, Taylor, MCK, Clarke

Only inclusions would be JAC and CHN - which imo is likely if chased properly

Based off that line up I see us consistently playing finals football

And still we have no kicker unless you’re running with Doueihi - currently our third string kicker behind Benji and Mbye…

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A lot of wraps in him but can’t say I’m excited by any of the games I’ve seen him play. Looks slow to me. Not a winger that’s for sure. But if we need a centre again next week, I’d like to see how he goes there.

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Worst game of the year by Brooks and Mybe. Defence was terrible and offered nothing in attack. I know Hoffman’s first game. But he’s not a winger.

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Can’t remember a more one sided Refereeing performance in a long time. Not good enough

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Souths getting off their line very quick and we just don’t have the muscle to push through this week. If we get a few runs of possession, I still feel we’re not of this. But refs need to give us a go.

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Wow, didn’t think the refs could get worse than last week. But here we are…