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I think it’s time to demote Mbye and just make Benji Captain.
While Mbye hasn’t played all that badly I feel we need to make Benji Captain.
Chris Lawrence is defensively solid at Center and when BJ is available we will need his aggression (Minus the Brain snaps) for the coming weeks.
Mbye will be more effective off the bench as he can fill a lot of positions and roles.
It’s looking as if Benji will be back next season and we all know when he is on the field, he is running the show, just Make him Captain and put Mbye on the bench.
Ppl may say “Mbye is our kicker” but he seems to only be effective from one side.
I’m very proud of the effort from the boys as of late, but there is some areas we can make more solid, what are your thoughts?
Giving what we have available, what changes would you like to see?
Why would you say Mbye should remain Captain?
Should Mbye come off the bench?
Curious to hear your thoughts.

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Icing on the cake, Ivan had already created a Penrith/Tigers Rivalry, he has just intensified it, ironically enough… So has Bj.
The next time Penrith and Tigers play sure will be another great game.
Hopefully we get the W.
Oh… and let’s just throw Ivan And Bj in the gulag.

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@bptiger said in Would you drop BJ?:

If joeys looking at 4-6 weeks for that effort then the Penrith hooker must get 10-12 weeks , joeys effort was stupid but there was no force it was more a sling action .

Really? Luciano got hit in the act of tackling, it’s gunna happen, it’s part of the game.
Joey had brain snap, what he did was terrible, and not a good look for the NRL.
What he did was way worst than Koroisau.

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@bptiger said in Fake news from last night's game:

Joeys effort on the panthers player was dumb but he never hit him with any force, the hit on his brother should be what the so called experts should be looking at .

Nah, what Joey did was just silly, he full smashed Edwards without the ball, outside of football that’s a criminal offence, high tackles and head contact with the ball in a tackle is part of the game, what Joey did was just criminal, we won’t see him play again for a while I presume.

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Can we just stop the talks of offloading Nofa??
Gives his all every week, may not have the lightning speed and height , but he has the heart of a tiger and the will to win… plus his one skillful mofo.

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@Cairnstigers said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

Watching the vid it seems that Momirovski is able to play both sides of the field
That will come I’ve very handy for us should a back go down injured
I would like to see Momirovski start but can see home being our “Mr Fix It” this year
May have said he is not a winger and I now that was only a highlights package of Momirovski, but he looked alright on the wing to me
Scoring in the corners of stepping back inside
I don’t think you can leave him out as he seems to have natural ability
So with that said
1 Doueihi
2 Nofoluma
3 BJ
4 Mbye
5 Momirovski

I wonder if it’s possible to have Momirovski in the 14 jumper and have Thompson in the 5 Jersey
You could then shift Mbye to 9 if needed and Momirovski into the centres

He is to valuable to leave out

Just start Momo at 4 and CT at 5, Mbye off the bench, I know it won’t fold out like that as Mbye is a captain, but just makes sense, Mbye would be far more effective off the bench as he can fill multiple roles.

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@Dyloh said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

We still sleeping on momirovski?

The great thing with Momo is that his first instinct is to cut back in rather then run up the edge, the vid clearly shows this instinct he has.
Momo is a keeper for sure.

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@JoshColeman99 said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

@ElleryHanley said in Tigers and Storm Player Loan Swap:

They rate him the heir to Cam Smith.

The whole swap deal was to fast track his NRL experience.

There is no way the Storm are going to release him to join us for three years.

Brandon Smith is seen as a 13.

Grant is seen as their 9 for a decade.

My thoughts exactly. Unless he throws a tantrum I doubt they release him - but do we really want a fella who’ll throw a tantrum for a release?

Depends on the reason.
He knows he will get the game time he wants at the tigers, and if Cam Smith goes again next season no one can blame the kid for wanting to move on.
I Can’t see him Leaving but if he wants out for the above reason, then it’s tantrum worthy.
Lots of players move clubs for that reason.

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I Feel bad for Josh, The mental abuse He must’ve went through would’ve taken its toll on him for sure, hopefully he can somewhat move on, and put all his focus on football.
Hopefully he has a great year.