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The Bulldogs have signed England International Forward Luke Thompson for season 2021. This is the player that I thought would have taken our pack to another level especially if Lawrence was leave at the end of year. Pretty disappointed in this although I have no knowledge if we even made an offer. There is some gems in the Super League and hoping Madge’s contacts in Wigan can land one for next season.

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Great signing as long as he keeps fit and buys into the culture. Big strong, aggressive centre which we have been crying out for. Lucky we got him before Scott lost the plot on his weekend in Sydney otherwise this would have been another signing we would have missed out on.

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I liked the look of Clarke last year…we had a good run of wins with him in the side although his minutes were not huge but his effort in those minutes was good. Big body who was getting used to the speed of 1st grade and I think he has plenty of upside. Was really good in defence around the middle of the ruck. More minutes will see him flourish in 1st grade.
Eisenhuth - i just dont rate or maybe we use him incorrectly but TBH he doesnt bend the line like a big man should, you cant play him on a edge as he is not fast enough or agile. Personally, I would rather Scott Sorensen who is a free agent than Eisenhuth.

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@happy_tiger I am totally with you on this. This guy would be great addition to our backrow…young, aggressive in his play on both sides of the ball and plays long minutes and wont cost the earth.

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Scott Sorensen from the Sharks was looking a very likely talent early on …seems he has been released by Sharks as well

Solid player from the games I’ve seen

Presonally Scott Sorsensen would be a great signing…aggressive, good hole runner on the edge, plays long minutes…lots of upside and would be a good buy and would not cost the earth.

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@balmain-boy - I have been singing this guys praises for a while now. He just won the Harry Sutherland Medal in the SL GF on the weekend (our Clive Churchill equivalent). He played for 70min straight at Prop making 188m and 42 tackles. This guy could transform our team. He is aggressive in the tackle and runs with determination. Top of the signings for me is this guy and what a coup it would it be.

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If we can offload Packer, Mats and McQueen, personally i would go all out and get Luke Thompson from St Helens (i think comes off contract next year). Only young but very highly rated and someone you can build the club around and fits perfectly with what the coach is looking for. Scott Sorenson is another who fits what we are after and would be a great addition to our backrow.

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I would take Sorrensen in a heart beat - tough aggressive backrower who can play long minutes. Wouldnt say no Tetavano but he will want decent coin…Jai Field also would be handy from a back-up and depth POV.

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Agree with everything that Big Mal has said. I would be happy no see Robbie in the team from die hard fan. We have looked on song… don’t change the music please