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Jesus Christ I was almost in the fetal position during that Wolves game. Just as I thought, very very tough team to beat. They had some chances and the game could have easily been a draw.

I have to admit, the VAR shouldn’t have disallowed their goal. Neto was off side by centimeters. I would have been ok if the VAR allowed it. The FA needs to re-visit this rule and fix it. Sheffield Utd were denied a goal against City for the same reason. I think it’s ridiculous.

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@WT2K said in Soccer talk and Banter , keep it all here:

Wolves continue to impress.

Interested in seeing how Don Carlo goes at Everton.

Wolves seriously make me nervous for tomorrow’s game. Traore destroyed City yesterday. He’s a freaking beast of a player. Liverpool’s back 4 are going to have a handful with him.

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hahahahaha @ that dimwit Raheem Sterling. Missed two penalties and gave the Wolves an assist for their first goal. He’s an over rated poser.

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I love seeing Sheffield United and Wolverhampton in the mix for a Champions League spot.

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He’ll be a Godsend until 2024 😉