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If I was Latrell I’d be asking that idiot Thurston why a week ago he was telling him to stay at the Roosters and now he’s crawling up his backside?

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@Roar_Power said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

@Spartan117 I don’t feel like this is about money with the club. I dont believe he would accept an upgrade. I genuinely believe he doesn’t rate the Tigers chances of continually playing finals football. Whilst moving in the right direction, we have a long way to go before players start wanting to proactively come here.

He left a team that continually plays finals football to come to us … and was immediately linked with the Titans who are worse than us.
Still think it’s not about the money?

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@Wagga_Tiger said in Balmain fans healing:

Do people seriously still have a problem with this 30 years later?


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Good to see the club stand up for themselves.
It seems pretty obvious to everyone that Latrell’s management is taking him from one disaster to another.
Or possibly we’ve heard his hearts somewhere else.
Either way we have thrown the ball back in their court and said we’re not playing silly games anymore.

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@Snake said in Bye Farah:

@rustycage The penny just never drops ! Leichhardt oval was Balmains traditionally ground not the Weststigers . Yesterday showed again what Leichhardt oval is , a throw back to the 70,s a small suburban ground with pathetic ammenities. So with2 must win games over the last 2 years with a sell out crowd that was anything but supportive the team plays like crap … it was was like the players did not want to be there was the cry from the Leichhardt fan club about BankWest stadium , hence a horrible place . I say the players yesterday seemed they did not want to be playing at Leichhardt !the support that come from the sell out crowd was basically non exsitant!
Leichhardt oval is a myth , our club has to give its supporter base its own home ground not live on the coat tails of times gone by as yesterday puts to bed once and for all the fallacy that Leichhardt oval is !
There will be three new stadiums to choose from in the not to distant future for god sake choose one to finally be our home ground the WESTSTIGERS home ground !

The team played like crap because we have a lot of crappy players … not because of Leichhardt Oval.

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I understand we’ve signed a young goalkicking prop, Etuale Junior Lui Toeava, from Parra lower grades.
Represented the Junior Kiwis this year. Obviously looking to the future.

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@formerguest said in Our Media:

@mike said in Our Media:

Something certainly needs to change in this regards but unfortunately the Govt. seems to be trying to head in the other direction making it even harder to make reporters accountable for what is published.

The current government are complicit in increasing the deception to the public as the last fortnight has again shown to anyone without party blindness. Then after the parliamentary year finished, their leader went to a party for the serial peddlers of untruths and political mouthpiece in the Murdoch’s.

If you think Murdoch is the only serial peddler of untruths then it’s because their publications don’t suit your personal views. It would be pretty hard to find any major media company that is straight down the middle these days. There are just as many (more) that flog a left wing agenda. I worked in the media my whole life and it’s nothing like it used to be… all opinion and not much news these days.

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@bythebeardofzeus said in Robbie Hammers JT:

@ElleryHanley said in Robbie Hammers JT:

A bigger man would have ignored Jason Taylor in a week as important as this…

But not our Robbie.

Yep my thoughts exactly.

I suppose you two didn’t even read the story… or maybe can’t comprehend what was written?
The reporter asked him about Taylor… he didn’t bring it up.
Hate on anyway.

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@Matto said in Tigers v Cowboys - Rnd 20:

1.Corey Thompson
2. Kyle Feldt
3. Coen Hess
4. Esan Marsters
5. David Nofoaluma
6. Benji Marshall
7. Luke Brooks
8. Josh Aloiai
9. Robbie Farah
10. Jordan McLean
11. Luke Garner
12. Michael Chee-Kam
13. Jason Taumalolo

  1. Matthew Eisenhuth
  2. Thomas Mikaele
  3. Alex Twal
  4. Chris Lawrence

Our chance of winning?

Pretty sad when Coen Hess is a better centre option than what we dish up.

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Seems most of the whining about Leichhardt is coming from oldies on one side of the merger… and that’s a shame.
Looking at the crowd yesterday there were plenty who wouldn’t have been born (or were very young) when it was Balmain’s home ground and just go to support WestsTigers … because they see it as a real home ground and it has a charm to it.
Sure it’s nice to sit in a new stadium, problem being they have no soul.
Maybe, to keep everyone happy, call it Fortress Campbelltown when we play there, Fortress BankWest… or even better play out of Fortress Lidcombe.

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@happy_tiger said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@TIGER said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

@Moh said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Why are no other club interested though…

I know it’s pessimistic, but I just can’t see him coming here.

Originally, I was in the side of those who say too much money for someone so frustratingly inconsistent, but the more talk about him coming, the more excited I get about it.

Even if he doesn’t deliver every game, it’s such a massive signing that other positive things will start rolling in around it.

I feel exactly the same, I was in the NO camp initially especially after seeing his woeful performance for Australia that just tipped me right off him.
But… This club needs a big name signing, it needs a player to excited about, and one in their prime and with plenty of upside.
We definitely need a fullback and a strike weapon and he fits both.

The $$$ are the ? but I think if he produces his best he’s a bargain.
He’ll definitely lift the confidence and belief in the team to a new level and we need to if we want to play semi finals footy.

So I can definitely see the positives outweighing the negatives.
At this stage though if we don’t get him I can see that being a big kick in the guts and having a negative effect going into next season.

The biggest issue for me is a true million dollar player best and worst shouldn’t be that far apart

Look at your Smith’s ,Thurston’s , Johns , Tedesco’s ,Taumalolo’s

That’s why I question paying 1 million for Mitchell …bit like spending a million on Hunt you just won’t get enough million dollar performances in a season …and particularly when you need it against sides like the Storm ,Roosters etc

Speculation Happy.
I would consider Mitchell to be worth more than million dollar blokes like Hunt, Foran , Ash Taylor, Milford, Pearce, Shaun Johnson, Jack Bird and plenty of others close to a million a year.
Plus he can still get better… it’s worth the risk.

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Yesterday I saw an ad that read …
'Radio for sale , only $1. Volume stuck on full"
I thought to myself ’ I can’t turn that down".

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Biggest positive this year is Matterson… and Twal’s continued improvement.

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@avocadoontoast said in Folau could be welcomed back - Sky News:

@cktiger well it’s hate speech because it’s a threat. Repent and live the way the bible tells you to live or go to hell. Now for me it doesn’t make a difference because I don’t believe in god and never will. But let’s say you’re a young guy or girl that is raised in a very religious household and are struggling to come to terms with your sexuality. A big sports star comes out and says if you keep going down that path you’ll go to hell. Youth suicide is already an issue and comments like that have the ability to add to the problem.

I respect your view but wouldn’t call it a threat - it’s just his opinion and basically paraphrasing the bible.
Are we going to close churches and burn bibles?
If you think what he’s saying is bad (and he’s talking about the afterlife) then everybody should be jumping up and down at what some other major religions think should be done about the same people while they’re alive.

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@momo_amp_medo said in Liddle:

Won us the game with that break. He brings bit of that X factor to the attack. Still learning though and not a 80 minutes player. But good off the bench … his time will come.

Fresh legs are always helpful.
If he can do that for 80, like Cook, we’re laughing.
Big fan of him but sharing with Farah at this time is most probably best for the team.
Hard to think what the coach is thinking long term with the signing of the young QLD kid.