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Yesterday I saw an ad that read …
'Radio for sale , only $1. Volume stuck on full"
I thought to myself ’ I can’t turn that down".

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Brooks has been playing for years now and has never consistently controlled the side. Blame on Farah and others can only go so far. Brooks has shown no ability in being able to control a side. Why do people still expect that from him now? His 5/8 partner should be the one to control and be the organiser. Brooks strength is defence, running at holes and getting the ball away quickly to others.

All the hallmarks of a great dummy half I reckon.

That is if you accept his view, which I don’t. Also those qualities highlighted could equally be those of a good centre especially if you add in pace. Hell, they could even be the qualities of a Dally M Half.

No one is denying he has a number of strengths in his game or is a quality player.
The simple fact is he has still to show he can control a game when the going gets tough… ever.
This is something we have lacked for many years and desperately need.
Hoping 2020 is the year … should sit him down for a week watching videos of Scott Prince.

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There is no way North Queensland and (especially) the Storm have more fans than Souths.
They must have been counting teeth.

Well of course you would know because, well, your impressions of things.

Why can’t Cowboys and Storm have more fans than Souths? I actually was looking in the wrong table when I referenced Souths’ attendances in my previous post, I was looking at away figures. Souths average H/A crowd 2019 regular season was 16,924, compared to Tigers 15,699, Storm 16,454, Cowboys 14,755. So about 1.5K more than Tigers in 2019-2018, but less than Tigers in 2017. And slightly edging Storm.

That’s not even taking into account the fact that 1-team regional clubs like Broncos, Storm and Cowboys don’t have the luxury of the local derby crowd boost, i.e. every Sydney team, at least every other week is pulling on two local supporter bases. Cowboys have only their own locals plus the sprinkling of travelers. Tigers get to rely on the Easter Monday clash to reliably boost their annual crowd figures, as do Roosters and Saints with ANZAC Day.

So if Storm can pull 16K on average and consistently 25K members per year - well ahead of Tigers - how can you say they don’t have more supporters. Naturally, when Roy Morgan poll people there are going to be folks who claim to be supporters but aren’t necessarily voting with their wallet, and that would be true of Melbourne with a large population, as of anywhere else.

But simply in terms of quantifiable data - crowds, membership, official polling, there is no mechanism which illustrates Souths having some particularly massive fanbase compared to everyone else.

The “platitudes” stuff, you are just listening to Souths fans too much. Nobody says “pride of the league” except Souths fans. I can understand the chip on their shoulder, they were kicked out after all. But all that stuff comes from Souths fans only.

Or, I welcome you to keep a running tab of non-Souths people spruiking pro-Souths propaganda at the expense of other clubs, e.g. NRL, Channel 9, Foxtel, the newspapers. Keep a running list of every time you hear such nonsense and report back so we can have a proper look at the “ad nauseum” platitudes.

All good if you live by statistics alone …except not every supporter gets a membership or attends games.
I’d also think if you asked a non NRL supporter in Melbourne who they followed they’d nominate the Storm … same as I’d say Swans if the reverse was asked of me here.
Have a walk around anywhere after Souths win a big game and you’ll get a good idea just how many supporters they have.
In saying that I won’t be keeping a running tab of Souths nonsense for you though.
It’s usually from commentators and well… I couldn’t be bothered.
There you go … that’s my impressions of things.
Now let’s make some signings.

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I’m still not up to date on how some folks believe Souths are a powerhouse glamour club being looked after by the NRL.

Their side is almost entirely non-glamour footballers, lots of battlers actually, and they have an ancient coach who is gonna retire soon enough, having knocked Souths back previously.

One premiership to their name and a recent string of finals failures.

If not for Rusty Crowe, a single element, they are on the same playing field as all the other Sydney teams and not in Roosters’ league.

Make it simple for ya…
They have a huge fanbase and the NRL looks out for em.

That’s actually not correct on the first front, and not proven in any fashion on the second.
Annotation 2019-12-25 220702.jpg

According to Roy Morgan polling this year, Souths have about 30K more people reporting as fans than Tigers in 2019. However this fluctuates - Tigers were ahead of Souths by about 9K in both 2018 and 2017.

Fundamentally, according to Roy Morgan, the fanbases for the bigger Sydney teams like Souths, Dragons, Tigers, Eels and Dogs are roughly equivalent and fluctuate between 350K and 450K every year, i.e. the teams change places over the years but always remain higher than teams like Manly or Cronulla. And they all pale in comparison to the people who report supporting Cowboys, Storm or Broncos every year, without fail.

Souths have more ticketed members than Tigers, about 10K more, thought Souths have been stagnant or slightly declining over the last 5 years whereas Tigers have gone up markedly (15K in 2016, 20K in 2018).

So in terms of fanbase, yes Souths have a decent one, so do Tigers, and every year they are roughly equivalent. Considering also that Tigers haven’t made the finals in 8 seasons, you could reasonably expect that Tigers fall well below Souths in support, but that’s not borne out.

Even attendance, Souths 2019 averaged 2.5K more than Tigers over the past 4 years, which is quite modest, and you’d expect better attendance from teams that are playing finals footy.

The stuff about the NRL looking out for Souths is just conspiracy theory nonsense.

Roy Morgan might say that but they also said Labor would romp in at the last election.
There is no way North Queensland and (especially) the Storm have more fans than Souths.
They must have been counting teeth.
As for Souths getting ‘looked after’ you only need listen to the platitudes rolled out sickeningly ad nauseum … ‘The Pride of the League’ , ‘If Souths are doing good then rugby league is doing good’.
Once glamour boy Rusty and the big end of town jumped on board it only got ramped up… who could forget the lingering shots of Rusty and Mrs Burgess watching from the stands?
I hate them with a passion… always have and always will.

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@avocadoontoast what was the reason behind him losing his spot to Thompson?

Good question … he’s heaps better than Thompson.

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It all looks like Latrell’s umming and ahhing means he doesn’t really want to be here. Pascoe said as much in his statement if you read between the lines.
If that’s the case you move on and spend your money getting the next best who are available… in fact that’s all you can do. I’m not a huge fan of Johnston (hate Souths), however most of the people whining about him were whining about every other name that was ever mentioned. You can only get who’s available and it’s a plus if they really want to come here.

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AJ would not be my 1st preference but he is still a good signing and I am happy with this signing
At least he isn’t kicking stones like LM
He will do a good job for us and create more competition for spots which can only be a good thing
LM is a risk for anyone at the moment
I think the Media attention and Social media gets to Latrell
Why do the Roosters really want Latrell gone ?
It’s not the Money
Roosters wouldn’t let Latrell go unless he was high maintenance as he certainly appears to be that
Or he has some other issues that are just to difficult to deal with
Sure he can be a great player on the day the Roosters know that
But they still want him gone
I will call it now but I think we avoided a bullet with LM
Give me AJ and Jac and still money to spend
Be interesting to see just how the season plays out

Have to agree about the Roosters and Latrell. They never let anyone go that they want to keep.There must be something apart from money involved.

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If we do get him I sincerely hope it’s only as a winger … average player at best ( like the ones we already have).

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Seriously … why? If we are getting him as a winger would be far better to go after JAC. Plus I hate any Souths player.