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Hope it all works out

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@tiga4eva said in Latrell Mitchell Contract Discussion:

Cap space that he created by releasing players early,we didnt obtain any compensation from Parra for Matterson, and the early release of Marsters, who we are yet to replace. Im a Maguire fan, but im seriously scratching my head this off season

Maybe Madge believes he has a replacement with Momo, or Talua and doesn’t need another centre, with Mbye.

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@diedpretty said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@new-smoking-gun said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:


This is the difference between Melbourne and us - compare this to the Matterson fiasco. They lay out the conditions and timing of release and then will obviously negotiate to come out reasonably well whereas we throw our hands in the air, sook about having players not wanting to be here and then cave in with no conditions.

No, this is the difference between a player with integrity and one without.

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@new-smoking-gun said in 3 Way trade - DONE DEAL:

@AnnandaleTiger said in 3 Way trade - DONE DEAL:

New Smoking Gun and Chris Axelrod seem to have the same mailman

WTF is a chris axelrod?

Bad guy (car) in Cars 2

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@Tigerstar said in Confirmed: Matterson released from Wests Tigers.:

I reckon Madge should select Packer when we play the Eels and give him one mission to smash Matterson to pieces.

I can see it now, Madge telling Packer, “I don’t care if you get suspended for the season, just smash Matterson”

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If he wanted to win a comp he should have stayed with the Roosters, not sure what he was expecting from the Tigers. As for the Eels, wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t make the 8 next year.

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I went for Ivan the terrible, but Moses and Matterson were not far behind. Woods was pretty bad, but I cut him some slack cause he’s missing a little on top and he did give his all in his last season with us. I didn’t hate Tedesco that much, until they did a piece on him during origin, and basically made no mention of his time at Wests Tigers.

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@Madge said in 2019 NRL Grand Finals *Spoilers:

Ricky Stuart’s press is quite saddening. I feel so sorry for that club at the moment.

He did the right thing, no need to go off put the attention on himself, everybody saw what happened, the newspapers will do his work for him. Still doesn’t change the result though.

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@Newtown said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

How about a top ref on our payroll?

I don’t think they are included in the cap, so there’s a good chance we could sign a couple on. Could be the difference between 9th and top 4

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Really feel gutted, the Raiders were robbed. May not have one the game, but refs call changed the game, Raiders were on top prior to the call.

Astounded at the response of social media, thousands of negative comments, never seen anything like it.