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Are Ben Matulino and Josh Reynolds traitors Dogs…I’m just curious…

I don’t mean to be disrespectful Geo, but the situations are so completely different that it is stunning you could even compare them…

Reynolds and Matulino have both been effectively ‘pushed out’ by the salary cap. Both were loyal clubmen and both broke down in tears telling their mates they were leaving. Both are towards the end of their careers (27 and 28). Both showed loyalty for years. Both went to GFs and finals with their clubs.

Tedesco is a local kid, who the club stood by 1000% despite years of injuries. They then offered him Thurston like money to stay. At only 24 he is walking away having achieved absolutely nothing with us.

If Tedesco was 28, I could understand his urgency. But he is 24 and, instead of leading us…he is bailing. It is that simple. He is taking the easy option of just jumping on the Rorters train.

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The plain and simple reality is that Tedesco had two choices:

1. Lead us like a best player does. At 24, he could have turned into an Andrew Ettinghausen type leader who stayed with one club and lead us to finals footy for the next 8 years. Possibly got a premiership in there. Retired an absolute legend.


2. Take the easy option. Join the Rorters and basically ‘slip in’ to the role Minichello once had. Club is already full of leaders, thus no real responsibility. Win a comp there maybe, and be just another piece in their crooked machine. Don’t win one or get injured and he will be shipped off as damaged goods as quickly as possible.

Ultimately, he took the easy option.

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Why not just be up front weeks ago and say “I am going”.

Why tell Hooper……who knew ages ago…yet not tell Cleary.

We ended up with farcical stuff like Hooper interviewing people and saying “they ARE GONE”, as he had been told. Yet Cleary had to face press conferences and say “I have not been told anything”.

Just be a ‘leader’ and tell the coach to his face from day one and explain to the supporters what was going on.

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The worst thing is having Anasta putting the boot in.

Yes. Cut by the Roosters, but still raves about them…

Given 500 000 plus from us to basically do nothing except show some maturity and lead…did neither and bags us out non stop.

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He has been absolutely a hoax. Assumed no responsibility, took no control, set out to look out for himself whilst things were difficult. Lied to fans, led other players astray, did nothing to try and steady the ship, avoided any responsibility to gather the troops together during adversity. Spoon fed Hooper and co, whilst avoiding Cleary. Could not even man up when asked to do so…

IMO his ONLY defense is that he is, literally, an intellectual midget.

It all may have just been too much for him to cope with. Absolutely hopeless.

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How about when he said “Farrah will not move to 7 that will only weaken the number” then he moves Farah to seven? does that say anything?

“Timmy has trained at 7 all off season. He’s run all the plays, his body type has been developed to play 7. He’ll be our half back for the season”.

……moved after one game.

Sheens is dead set is making it up as he goes.

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@smoking gun:

He is second actually 😉 but with having that many halves partners how can you really blame Marshall?

I was alarmed when I realized this stat. Surely this is unheard of EVER that’s a new halves pairing every second game pretty much. And pretty much miller and humble (the 2 best options) have gone through the season uninjured. So it falls soley on sheens IMO. Totally inept

I am not blaming Benji. I have said since day one that the kid is BRETT KENNY. He’s a great, great ad lib player who needs to stay in the background and produce two or three magic moments a game.

He’s needed an organiser like Sterlo to steer the side. Prince and Lui did it and Benji was great.

Benji left to run the show? He’s freaking terrible.

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Sheens “Timmy has trained all off season as a 7. He’ll be our half back”.

Plays there for about 100 mins all up. Does that mean all the play sets and moves trained for in the off season for a complete waste?

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A coach should be sacked for disrupting the key positions like that.

And letting Benji dominate the ball so much regardless of who is there. You keep on harping on Gun about “he’s third in try assists”……well he freaking should be given that he touches the ball more than any player in the comp and basically is his coach’s entire game plan. He also makes a tonne more errors than any other “elite” half.

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@Brisbane Tiger:

We might beat the Roosters

Roosters have only won one of their past ten games……and that was against us.