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What about Gideon Gela-Mosby on a basic 2 year deal to keep Jennings & Co. on their toes for that wing position. JAC obviously being the target & lock-in for 2021 onward.
Still only 23, and not currently signed anywhere. As realistic as we are going to get for 2020.

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Roosters going for a three-peat.
You would assume they would rather keep a top 3 player from their roster to achieve that in 2020, than grant an early release to Souths.
LM could also have that three-peat in mind which could be a reason as to why he has ignored our offer despite the money thrown at him.
To be remembered as one of the greats in any sports, you need that type of achievement to stand out. Premierships/Championships are everything in sports legacy.

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@Ponyo said in Promising Juniors:

Cini is the one to watch…it’s a race between him and seyfarth for the next ranga to debut but Cini has the edge. Cini is the man

Being a development player, he’s eligible for a debut from round 17 (2020).
Cini & Talau played in the same Aus schoolboys side, both were pushed out of centre positions by others… But it will be interesting comparing their development over the next 12 months.
Zac’s highlights package is one of the best iv’e seen for a youngster, hopefully he gets a taste of NRL level, be it 1 game in 2020.

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Amanda Anisimova is only 17… She dismantled Halep (2018 French open winner) in her previous match.
Both strong hitters, will be epic.

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Kayo have 14 day free trial with code: LAUNCH

Once you create your account, go into your settings and cancel the subscription before your trial is up so you are not automatically billed after the 14 days.

My NBN connection of 50/20 (Aussie Broadband) streams HD without any issues.

They don’t currently have a ‘resume watching’ feature, so if your stream crashes or you change streams you will have to play from the start again and use the seek bar (may cost you a spoiler).

Kayo are working on a resume feature.

$25/month is worth it, especially if you split it with a mate.

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@softlaw Streaming in HD (720p+) uses about 3-4 GB per hour… SD (360p) uses about half of that (1.5-2GB).

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Wrong Moses… clicks [x]

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Coach has derailed his sons career.

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@Tiger_Steve He 's never been the same player since leaving the Raiders.