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Two key thoughts:
We can’t keep going with no backs on our bench.
We lost Benji, we lost the game by 14 points against a side we should have beaten comfortably.

Reynolds will be a good addition because Brooks is the Common factor in all of this. Should help give him ownership as long as Robbie treats him as first reciever.

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Not Nofo and Thompson on the wings.
I would go totally different.
1. Thompson
2. Jennings
3. Momirovski
4. Marsters
5. Fonua

They are our best scorers on the wing.

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“move Mbye to 5/8”
NO. ah NO. Mbye is NOT a 5/8. The Bulldogs have proven this again and again.

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I don’t get this. Totally weird game where the dogs were playing fast footy and we had first tackle defense but couldn’t handle the second or third offload.
Plus our damn errors.

I was thinking we should have swapped Reynolds into this game. Give him a chance to go up against his old club and put a bit of spark into it.

Lets see what Madge does. This is going to be one really weird season.

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What do you call having Brett Hodgson and Pat Richards on our coaching staff?

Both have worked hard in the UK for awhile. They know the game there and know other coaches. We can feed them our reserve grade, Kev Naquama comes to mind. They can then let us know who has itchy feet to cross the tasman.

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“Foran for Reynolds”

I could see us doing this and then Benji Marshall and Luke Brooks collide at training managing to break each other’s ACL’s in a truly freak accident!

That being said, If Elgey fails to perform at Manly. We could entice Haslier in a 3 way swap. Reynolds to the Dogs, Foran to Manly and Taupau to us.
Doubt even Haslier would be mad enough to swap Taupau for Foran, but hey I would sign on the dotted line.

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Sometimes it is, but we just seem to be open to it.
I take what Happy says, man I wish we had a halfback who could have fitted the gap between Prince and Lui, so much less pain.

I digress. Good teams will always be able to put on a try. Our defense though seems pretty porus and I think the wing seems to be a key problem area. This problem may start on the inside though.

Comp crazy competitive at the moment. Brisbane winning 2/2 then loosing to the Dragons by 1 point. Wow Revenge of the 90’s.

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I get it. If your inner defense goes in, you go in to close the inside gap. But that just leaves a gap out wide.

So your opposing halfback, if they read the field. They may see a gap on the inside but they will see a large gap on the wing. No expert but it is like us painting an arrow.

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If Fonua is moving in then I want it corrected too.
Fair point.

But the warriors did not go to the outside of Fonua. They did with Nofo but they did not with Fonua. Now I dont know why, but they did not. Maybe they thought Fonua would catch them. Maybe he intimidated them. Maybe its just luck… i dont know.
Thats one step Fonua has that Nofo does not.

I would rather see Fonua work on a percieved weakness then try Nofo again on a proven weakness. MWZ took Nofo’s spot because of Nofo’s poor defense.
I get Nofo is a clubman, I like him but I am over us leaking 2 tries on the wing then blaming Marshall and others?!?

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Thanks for the insight.

We could really use a Storm trained Hooker. lets see how Brandon Smith goes during the Origin period.

Liddle is a possibility but perhaps not a certain answer.