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@shifty said in YOUR Worst West Tigers Team Of ALL TIME:

The team that got flogged by Parramatta 66-12 with Terry Lamb as coach.

The starting forward for that game was far from the worst the Tigers have ever trotted out, but boy that backline and bench is a real sight to behold:

  1. Joel Caine

  2. John Carlaw

  3. Nick Bradley-Qalilawa

  4. John Wilson

  5. Makasini Richter

  6. John Simon

  7. Lincoln Withers

  8. John Skandalis

  9. Ciriaco Mescia

  10. Jason Lowrie

  11. Ben Galea

  12. Darren Senter ©

  13. Tyran Smith

  14. Trent Runciman

  15. Luke Isakka

  16. Mark O’Neill

  17. Corey Pearson

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@happy_tiger said in YOUR Worst West Tigers Team Of ALL TIME:

@Yossarian said in YOUR Worst West Tigers Team Of ALL TIME:

@shifty said in YOUR Worst West Tigers Team Of ALL TIME:

The team that got flogged by Parramatta 66-12 with Terry Lamb as coach.

At a packed Leichhardt from memory.

I wouldn’t have feed the side that got rolled 64-6 by the Cowboys for months …Corey Patterson goal kicker shheeesus

It just occurred to me that Chris Patterson, Corey Patterson and Corey Pearson aren’t actually the same person…

There’s only so many bog standard front rowers named Corey one can remember in a lifetime.

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Forgetting about Taylor for a minute….

Its time we turn the blow torch on the senior players for this shambolic club. We have had a soft boys club culture for years. Im not a Taylor fan by any means, but just changing the coach won’t totally fix our problems.

We lack leaders. We lack mongrel.

Robbie has been too busy having tantrums over the years. Lawrence looked like a choir boy at that press conference tonight, this after getting whacked by 60, no emotion no passion. Woodsie just looks like a larrikin, smiling all the time on the field. Benji was a sook, crying about not being able to have lunch with certain players. Dene Halatau looks like a good bloke, but does he inspire?

How I would love to have a player, a leader like a James Graham. Just competes on every play. Gives the team a massive spray behind the posts today. Even someone like a Greg Bird or Beau Scott, just physically try and bully the other side.

We need someone to shake this joint up from its slumber. There is no accountability. My guess and its only a guess is we have the easiest pre seasons of any teams. We don’t push ourselves through the torture some other stronger clubs do. We can cry about money and of course we could be right, but we also need to be accountable.

Our players shouldn’t be getting a free pass for our ineptitude over the past 5 seasons. Taylor will cop most of the heat and he deserves some. He might even get sacked shortly. However there is a part of me that would rather these players go down or at least acknowledge some blame for our pitiful state of affairs.

Is it any surprise that this club’s most recent period of success came with a bloke like Gareth Ellis in the back row…

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Yet Des has won 2 premierships and Potter is about to be sacked after finishing at the bottom of the ladder in consecutive seasons. I like Potter too, but wanting him to stay just cos he’s a nice guy, and being thankful we don’t have someone like Hasler cos he shows passion and might come across like an angry guy is insane. The results speak for themselves. Do you want to a win with a coach who shows a bit of mongrel, or do you want to lose with a coach who has the personality of Richie Cunningham. I know which one i’d rather thanks.

Manly won 2 premierships with him as coach (2008-20011) he began coaching at Manly in 2004. It took 4 years with a very strong, skilful and experienced team to do it. Given that Potter inherited ( young inexperienced squad, injuries galore, senior players out of form,boardroom dramas and everyone gunning for his head in his limited time at the job he has done very well Imo. I doubt very much that Des would have done better under the same circumstances GNR. I think Des would have had a heart attack or a stroke by now LOL. If Potter stays or goes he can at least hold his head up high.

It’s not like he inherited a team that was ready to win it all…. When Hasler took over in 2004 the Sea Eagles hadn’t made the finals since 1998. After he took over he got them to the finals in 2005 (his second season) and again inn 2006 and 2007 before winning it all in 2008.

You could say Hasler fell into good circumstances, but you could also say that he built his success, taking the club to success against a background of a sustained period of mediocrity, a failed joint venture, a dilapidated playing field, a lack of funds and a civil war erupting at board level between joint owners who didn’t see eye to eye.

Sounds familiar…

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He was on a mission in his first and his last stint. Not sure if he had a stint in the middle.

Absolute menace with the ball. Don’t think Siro can replace him if he keeps going like this.

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I don’t think he needs to. Gavet comes into the side for Lulia, Sironen in for either Austin or Anasta.

Four forwards on the bench with Sironen providing the utility value.

It’s Patterson, Fulton and Halatau that I have the question marks over at the moment…

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Barry O’Farrell admits meeting ICAC target Nick Di Girolamo at 10 functions

Sean Nicholls
Published: March 7, 2014 - 8:55AM

Barry O’Farrell has revealed he has met controversial Liberal identity Nick Di Girolamo at 10 functions or events since becoming Premier, > including at Wests Tigers football matches> , despite telling parliament only last week he “can’t remember the last time I spoke to [him]”.

On Thursday, in response to opposition questioning on the issue, Mr O’Farrell claimed the Labor party had been provided with the information a year ago as part of a freedom of information request.

But Labor says it has no record of this, raising the prospect Mr O’Farrell has misled parliament twice in a fortnight over the issue.

Mr Di Girolamo is being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption for allegedly facilitating “regular payments” to a business owned of a staff member of former resources minister Chris Hartcher.

ICAC will examine allegations that in return Mr Hartcher “favoured the interests” of Australian Water Holdings, a company linked to the family of corrupt former Labor minister Eddie Obeid, of which Mr Di Girolamo was chief executive.

Separately Mr O’Farrell has been under pressure to reveal the extent of his contact with Mr Di Girolamo over the controversial Wallarah 2 coal mine proposal on the central coast.

In opposition Mr O’Farrell and Mr Hartcher promised to block the mine, but in government have allowed it to pass through the planning stages. It is now before the Planning Assessment Commission for determination.

Fairfax Media revealed Mr Di Girolamo registered as a lobbyist for the Korean company behind the mine, Kores Australia, in early 2012.

It has since emered he set about seeking meetings with Mr O’Farrell and Mr Hartcher over the mine.

Mr O’Farrell admitted to parliament last week he “dropped in” to a meeting between Mr Hartcher and Kores executives attended by Mr Di Girolamo in Februrary 28, 2012 - shortly before Mr Di Girolamo was officially registered as a lobbyist.

Mr O’Farrell insisted he dropped into the meeting to apologise for not previously being able to meet the president of Kores despite numerous requests. He was later forced to correct the parliamentary record after admitting a previously undisclosed meeting request by Mr Di Girolamo.

On Thursday, Mr O’Farrell’s office released a list of functions and events during also attended by Mr Di Girolamo.

It reveals Mr O’Farrell attended three gala dinners of the Italian Chamber of Commerce - of which Mr Di Girolamo was president - in October 2011, October 2012 and November last year

Mr Di Girolamo was until recently deputy chairman of the West Tigers rugby league club.

Mr O’Farrell attended a Wests Tigers match on March 17 last year and a “briefing on Wests Tigers governance issues” on June 12.

On September 4 he attended a Wests Tigers corporate lunch and on October 4 attended the club’s grand final lunch.

It has previously been revealed that on May 27, 2011 Mr O’Farrell attended a meeting with Mr Di Girolamo and then finance minister Greg Pearce to discuss Australian Water Holdings.

The meeting was about a $100 million contract with Sydney Water that was subsequently awarded to AWH. The contract is the subject of a separate ICAC inquiry.

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Seriously? There’s literally an identical thread on this topic two posts down from this one!

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Existing threads discussing Robbie Farah’s rumoured departure:

Come on guys this forum is becoming un-useable! Every time someone hear’s a rumour from a mate’s cousin’s dog they rush on here to start a new thread.

Can people please check to see if there’s already a thread on the topic you want to post about before you start a new thread.

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a lot of people are bagging the board and saying how sheens should of been sacked by now but this is virtually impossible without activating the payout clause in his contract. when we have no money to spare sacking him cannot happen. would be interesting to see what amount he does walk away with it will in no way be near his contracted amount.

Can you imagine what will happen next season if Sheens is coaching, knowing has no support from the players or the management and that the only reason he retained his job is because the club couldn’t afford to pay out his contract?

Every loss would bring headline articles about how Sheens will soon be sacked, he’d have no respect from his players who would know there’d be a new coach by the end of the season and the casual fans would stay away knowing the season was a write off. It’s a sure fire recipe for winning a wooden spoon.

The club can hide behind this pay-out dilemma all they want but by leaking to the media that they can’t afford to sack him they’re making his position untenable in the eyes of the players, the fans and the media. It’s clearly getting to a situation where the cost of a pay-out is going to be less than the cost of keeping Sheens around for a lame duck season.

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I don’t want lui back. I was proud that the club ( eventually) did the right thing and got rid of him. I don’t like what he represents and it’s disappointing that people have forgotten he attacked a women. Twice. Second time being pregnant. He is a low life and should of been banned from RL for good. If the same people that stopped mason coming allowed even talk of lui coming back then the club is a joke.

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Could not agree more!!!

So sick of people discussing the Lui’s position as if it is only a football related matter and the fact that the Tigers struggled at the half-back position since he left is the only issue that needs to be considered when considering his return.