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@willow said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

@McQueen_Magic said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

@willow said in WT Player Recruitment & Retention for 2020:

3 Chris McQueen

Can’t see the logic in keeping Momorovski when you have Joey L, Mbye and Talau already fighting for centre positions, particularly if Benji goes around.

The logic is very simple, the Tigers are hanging onto him and extending his contract.

I get where you are coming from McQueen_magic.
were strong in:
Center (3 that can fill+ momo)
5/8 (3 that can fill)
Were weak in:
Second row
Hooker (we maybe have one in Liddle. OR he may always be injured).
Fullback (Corey T is great for a cheapie filling in… We need a fullback. Maybe Doueihi is the dude but we haven’t seen it.).
Were okish in:
Winger. (2x with Jennings and Nofo).

Sure we can move BJ to the forwards, maybe lock. But it would be better to keep him in the center or wing as he can do an occasional run to ease workload on our forwards.
Likewise we can move Mbye (why?) from center to Fullback, but he can’t stop players. He can be there infront of them but he can’t stop them. Mbye is his strongest in the center.

We have so overhired in the centers.

In fact our entire strategy, I don’t know what were doing. It’s like were aiming for the “big 17 + 5”. Newcastle instead sharpshoots for big forwards like Tyson Frizzle and David Klemmer on top of Geurra and Saififi then you have a pretty fearsome forward pack. No one likes being pummled weak after weak.

Maybe Frizzle wasn’t an option for us. But if forward or second row talent isn’t first priority for our recruiters we won’t get past 8th.

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Honestly Liam Fulton was probably the League’s second best Energizer bunny, only surpassed by Nathan Hindmarsh.
But hey guy needed to retire. Glad he did without too much trauma.

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@Fade-To-Black said in GREENBERG GONE.....:

@jadtiger said in GREENBERG GONE.....:

@gallagher said in GREENBERG GONE.....:

@jadtiger said in GREENBERG GONE.....:

Fittlers comments just show that he is employed by public enemy number 1 CH 9 and will do whatever they tell him.

Which comments? He seems very pro for the game returning and ch9 seem against it.

He praised Greenberg for his job and said he should “hold his head high”

Freddie has been on one of his infamous benders again if he thinks Greenberg should walk away with his head held high.
He’ll probably be found sleeping in the garden outside the police station again in the morning…

Notice Greenberg and Raelene Castle get turfed at the same time.

I think Freddie is wrong. He is dead set wrong in arguing about infection control with Queensland. But as others say that’s the SOO money.

Overall no other code is as panic’d as the NRL. No other code is pushing to resume as quickly as the NRL. Would anyone have kept the Clubs from robbing the NRL savings fund? no. But Greenberg was chief, responsible and needs to be held to account.

Moreover Greenberg had the players say “hey, we will have everyone on min wage 110k max” and back of office staff did next to nothing to match (I think I heard 30% off. but no cap at 110K). Yes I know that many may have had their partners/others loose their jobs but heck same with all of us. The players themselves only get a 10 year bite at the cherry while your back of office staff can have a lot longer (and keep their body/career usable post job).

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Honestly, when did politicians and footballers reverse standards.
In the old days, footballers would fight, be rude to women, do a tonne of beer and what not. Yet if a politician did this they were pillars of the community.
Now some 30ish year old football player, who lets face it may be good academically but probably wasn’t is expected to have standards of not doing drugs while our politicians act like 4 year olds?

The logic is insane.
Give a 24 year old an 800K contract. Put them in a high performance/high pressure situation away from their normal peer group (however good or bad that is), add painful injuries… What do we expect?

Look I don’t care because it is AFL. But no one should Ryan Tandy and someone should have Banned Sam Ayoub from the game. Meth sucks.
That being said if the guy is just taking himself, the idea of throwing him in jail is dumb and silly (just don’t work). Won’t help him or anyone else. Either commit to fixing his life or Leave Him Alone.

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@Moh said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Do any of these rumours hold any weight in the state we’re in right now - sure they’ve both apparently agreed to terms, but it’s almost pointless right now till we know how we’re coming out of this.

Yep …if the cap gets cut by 2-3 million a club all deals will need to be renegotiated …1.1 million for Ben Hunt …anyone …anyone …anyone …

Smith will retire
He won’t want to get his socks dirty for anything less than $1’000’000 a season

Todd will pay him that just as one last goodwill gesture. Sooner both those maggots are out of the game the better. Just a shame people couldn’t get bashed out of the game like back in ye good olde days.

Todd doesn’t give a stuff about the players.
As the players were willing to take a massive haircut, Todd and the NRL have kept staff at full pay.
You either are on small fry and take a small haircut or on 6 figures in which you can go down to 5.

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Maybe this is all a good thing.

Channel 9 is playing hardball. If this was the 80’s or 90’s I would be scared.
Now, well people will buy Kayo or whatever and just watch it. While Rugby League’s heart is going to be in the suburbs and those TV sets are going to tune in. Kids can subscribe and will be watching on devices.

The sad bit will be the nursing homes that still push footy hard. They won’t modernize and their residences won’t be able to tune in.

Otherwise happy for our NRL mismanaged dinosaur to say goodbye to another mismanaged dinosaur. If that means the RTS and Val Holmes leave the game, Great.

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I think the NRL needs to get smarter with the restart.
Don’t do a 13 man competition, do a 11 man. Have 3 reserves and only have them come on for injuries.
I think it would be more rugby league then the 9’s you would only miss a 5/8 and a lock. But you would decrease the possibility of infection by about 20%.

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@Elderslie_Tiger said in HOW GOOD IS DAVID FIFITA:


@Elderslie_Tiger said in HOW GOOD IS DAVID FIFITA:


Fifita, no contest. He’s 7 years younger than Tedesco. As it stands, I think the 3 most valuable players in the game are Fifita, Tedesco and Haas. Don’t let Fifita”s performance overshadow how good Haas is. He’s just as good. As for what Fifita is worth? Taulmalolo is on a million a year. If that’s the benchmark, he commands at least 1 million.

I think HAAS has resigned FIFTA still available
I think put the cat amongst the pigeons 4 million over 3 years

You can offer, but he’s not going to come. He won’t leave Brisbane.

Put the pressure on the donkeys with there roster they will have cap pressure being QLD beach umbrella pressure

You have it in 1.
If this guy is such a superstar, we probably won’t sign him. Someone said 4 million over 3 years… 1.3mil.
You don’t get motivation.
I know one guy who was working at facebook HR. He was offered a crazy salary 500k. He said no because he liked his team and company culture.
Doubt me? Look at Mitchell Latrell. We clearly could have given him 800-900 per season. He signed with the Rabbits. He signed because the Rabbits had cultural links and significance that money can’t buy and he probably signed on half of what our offer was!

You want him to sign?
Hire his favourite assistant coach at Brisbane.
Build a forward pack that he would want to play with. See how Cronulla got Luke Lewis, then far too many tigers forwards. You get a guy like Gallen and the forwards will look up to him.
It’s how Gold coast signed Hayne, they signed Parra’s old assistant coaches.

We brought backs this year. We were savvy to buy the Leilua brothers. But we are lacking in the forwards department. Fifita would never sign for us, as a forward who would want to get pommelled each weak after weak.
But you set up the culture right. You make us a place where forwards can play with their idols we might be able to nab some top shelf talent when the Broncos piss them off.

Meanwhile as Elderslie has said. Bid high, we won’t get him but we will make Brisbane pay top $ for him while we raid their juniors.

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@MtWarrigalTiger said in Corey Harawira-Naera:

McQueen and Lawrence prob won’t be here in 2021

Lawrence needs to retire. He has had a good run and moved from a interesting Center to an average forward. Chris, we love you and it was good to see a loyal clubman. It’s time though to retire on a high.

McQueen is in a very different boat. He hasn’t performed or played in quite awhile. I believe he could end up like Ben Ross, someone who has played at that top level, had a serious injury and needed to take 3 years in the wilderness (sadly on our money).

McGuire will know if McQueen should be retained. The interesting bit is how our forwards have changed, we have sacked a great worker in Matterson and hired bigger units. We needed more impact but as we saw against Newcastle our defense wasn’t there, which may be a sign of our work rate dropping. McQueen, if he returned to past form could step into that spot.

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@CarltonDry said in Corey Harawira-Naera:

Will have to change our name to Wests Tigers Bulldogs if we keep taking their rejects 🤦‍♂️

Who are we taking?

The only two players who have really performed since leaving the Bulldogs have surnames of Morris.
We let both go when both would have walked up in our backline.