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@tigerap said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

JRey injured already…he has to be the worst signing ever

Careful, there are A LOT of people in contention for that prize here.
Ballin, McQueen (assuming injury was known, WHY !?), we got some kind of Value from Blair although his style never worked at the Tigers (if we had 2x Melbourne players it may have*). Anasta seemed to half retire, half put in.

Josh Reynolds, as a signing made good sense at the time. We had just lost 3 of the big 4 and looked to be bottom of the table for 4 seasons. Sure we should have spent hard for either Maloney or Cooper Cronk, but I could imagine Maloney going the same way as Reynolds. I doubt we would have gotten either of them with where the tigers are at now let alone then (in coaching Chaos). Had jRey not signed with us I don’t know if other players would have signed for us. Hindsight, it was a bad decision. But that’s hindsight.

*Blair getting 3 matches while Glen Stewart got 2x was wrong. Even though every Manly player ran in got 2x weeks, it was still unfair that Blair missed that final. Blair/Glen should have gotten like for like.

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@Cairnstigers said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

With south’s being short in the forwards, I wonder if a trade of sorts may happen
After posting in another thread I realised that Clark is off contract at the end of 2020
So what if
Doueihi is released and subsidized $100,000 per year for two years by rabbits
Tigers sign Doueihi and release Clark
South’s pay full freight but get a forward cheap
2021 Tigers get Stefano to take Clarks place
So Doueihi would cost Tigers $250,000 1st year and $500,000 second year
That’s an average of $375,000 per year for to years
I think this is more than fair for both parties
It’s years 3 and 4 that come into ?
So a 2 year club option
$650,000 A year
Perform and get an extra $1,300,000 for two years
Don’t perform and we don’t take up the two year extension
Adam can go and test the market
That’s enticing for a young man that hasn’t reached his full potential yet

While Souths have forward problems, so do we.
I hope Clark stays, happy to swap him for another forward but I would swap to upgrade him.

IMHO we have enough backs to start round 1, yes we need 2x reserves but I think they are there. If we get Joey Leilua then were set IMHO with Mbye playing the bench utility role (honestly his best position, great passing and can just add glue when he comes in).

We need a premium forward. I have heard Tyson Frizzel mentioned and IMHO we should blow whatever else we have left to get him onboard or player swap. Dragons have Merrin coming and probably need to free some cash.

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Is Tyson Frizzel on the Market?

Why go for AJ, JAC or Doulei?
Get a good platform up front. We have BJ Leulia to fill a gap in the centers with one reserve, Let a Junior come and have a crack if these three want to wait on the bench at Souths.

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“Canberra have already paid around $200,000 of Leilua’s $700,000 deal, and are only prepared to throw in an extra $100,000 to seal the Canberra-to-Concord deal.”
Joey BJ Leilua for 400K where do we sign?

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If Frizzel is open, I would consider him ahead of our back signing options.

Doueli, Alex Johnson, the fox, BJ. All these players play better behind a good pack. Frizzel is the only signing (maybe other then BJ, but it is stretching it to count on him running the ball) that would upgrade our forward pack.

He is the only Origin forward on the market that we can buy. Yes I would like Arrow and any of the up and coming Brisbane forwards. But Frizzel we can get.

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@Fade-To-Black said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

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@wokesmoke said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@TYGA said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Adam Douehi is worth no more than 400k, BJ 450k. You could justify 50k more at a stretch.
Not a chance you take either on back ended inflated contracts.If we are talking 600k + walk away now.

I like both but the club has to be sensible and not get desperate. It’s how we ended up with Reynolds, Mbye, Packer on big money.

450k for BJ? Lol. I mean yeah if you could. But you can’t. His metric value is closer to 700k. So yeah 450k won’t happen BUT how good is blind impressions of ones worth

Raiders signed Curtis Scott on a 4 year deal at 400k p.a. He’s 22 and a better centre ask Ricky.
The Rabbits just signed Latrell on 700k.
I’m glad your not managing the salary cap as that’s a mighty expensive BJ. The Metric Value of A BJ depends on the technique.

He’s a good player, I rate him but at those dollars it would be as bad as Reynolds. You don’t pay that sort of money for a centre known for inconsistent play. It would undo all the work Madge has undertaken for short term gain. When we lose a young player that comes through we will regret the expensive BJ.

Latrell is just as inconsistent as people are saying BJ is. Being in a team jam-packed full of Internationals allowed him to play 1 good game every 6 weeks, he won’t have that luxury at Souths. IMO Latrell will struggle this year with more onus on himself to dominate.

There were two things I was thinking about BJ.
He is a player you would want on a finals run. While he doesn’t turn it on every game he can play and was smashing in the final.
His size. Our backline has this small guy problem. You add a guy with size in there, particularly when you look at Mbye more so then Momo I think you will see our defense go up. At least people will know who not to run at.

Lastly BJ is at least fun to watch. I never ever want the Tigers to loose their flair. Don’t care about a premereship if I can’t have a heart attack at every game.

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@tigger19 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

I can’t see how Douehi would be on 500k even if back loaded,the guy only just last year cemented a first grade spot,that amount seems way off

I can.

Bennett rated him. I believe the last coach rated him.
I also believe that his manager is Sam Ayoub. Sam would not keep a hot talent at a club unless the pay is there.
I suspect this would have created trouble for the backs OR is creating trouble now. Imagine being AJ and hearing that Douehi is on 500k? Gagai has already made noises that he was unhappy on the wing, I suspect because of Pay.

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I was getting excited about this guy till I saw that his Manager was Sam Ayoub…


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@Strongee said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

@Snake said in Josh Addo Carr Contract Discussion:

Jac has to work out his management issues before anything else…talk of legal action from present management to other types shopping him around to clubs … ugly matters these things and it takes time to sought out …doubt he will be playing anywhere but Melbourne this coming season .

A bit strange that 2 very close mates , both staunch indigenous men , are having the same issues with management.
Is it this culture or “you’re my mob” ,that a lot of indigenous kids , have to provide for anyone who is remotely connected to thier family.
Can anyone shed any light on this ? I’ve been reading about the culture , and it seems so foreign to me. I get family loyalty, but mates of your cousins mate , type stuff , just doesn’t seem right to me.
It reeks of opportunism, of which , I really feel for these kids , and the weight of the world they must feel .

No I think most of the Player Agents/Managers are just looking out for pay checks.
They develop relationships early in the rep career, give the guys sneakers or whatever they need. Then get a huge chunk of their pay and push them to be money hungry.

Issac Moses, Sam Abdul, etc. Doubt they are any different to Orr or any of them.

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@Harvey said in Alex Johnston Contract Discussion:

Was madge a fan of Jennings as well? We don’t need a coach getting the band together for old times sake.

That did not work out well with Packer, Matulino etc

Jennings didn’t have a preseason before. He does now.
Few miss that - preseason is extremely important.
Judge him on this season - think we will see him improved.

He had a preseason with Souths, no excuses. He’s a dud buy.

He had a brilliant time at Souths. Not the best season with us but considering how many changes were done on our backline I wouldn’t rule him out.