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so is crouching tiger still overseas ?
would like to hear from him.

I’m still in Hollywood filming mate!

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I’m still in Hollywood guys!!

But did I die??

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Not having a dig at the OP either, just to make that clear. I am just so very sick of all the worthless factional s*** that the two founding clubs seem to bring as baggage.

Forget about me and those my age and concentrate on those 15 or under who only know Wests Tigers and couldn’t give a flying [automatically edited] about Balmain or Wests

I’m loving it personally. Finally the underdog is having it’s day. Balmain had the run of the show and now Wests are gathering some momentum. The sooner the Magpies are flying high the better.

The Magpies supporters have been raising funds for the RMC, memberships to the Wests Magpies are skyrocketing. Good times !!!

Which Magpie supporters??
The 23 of them at last Monday night’s match??

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Humphreys is!!


Crouching Tiger……can you comment on the below article. Either you are making crap up or Humphreys is.


Another piece of good news for Wests Tigers is the extension given to prop Andrew Fifita following an agreement between Andrew and the Club to exercise an option in his current contract for the 2012 season.

Fifita, 21, has been a revelation for Wests Tigers since making his NRL debut in Round Two last year after joining the Club from Griffith Waratahs. Like Woods, he too was a member of the NSW Emerging Blues squad.

His mobility, hard work and offloads have seem him develop into a regular member of the Wests Tigers forward pack. Fifita has played 31 NRL matches for Wests Tigers and represented Tonga last year.

“I’m enjoying my footy here at Wests Tigers and I’m learning every day. We have a good squad here so it is exciting to know that I will be apart of that for a while yet,’’ Fifita said.

Wests Tigers Chief Executive Stephen Humphreys said that it was important to secure Woods and Fifita for a longer period, especially after both players progression through the Club’s development system.

“Aaron and Andrew are showing maturity beyond their years and are perfect examples of the depth we now have throughout our player roster,” Humphreys said.

“They’ve both had a lot more game time this year which will only benefit their development and the Club in the long run."

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Score MORE tries.

DON"T give it to Benji.

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What is going on with Braith? He has not stepped up once this season to take the match by the horns. It’s like he is scared to take control over Marshall’s calls, and Benji has backed off and become despondant as well.
And then neither of them take charge when Farah is absent.
Something is amiss here…

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If they don’t pick up their linespeed this weekend, Godinet will have plenty of time and space to tear them to shreds.
They allowed Kris Keating too much space last outing, which left the 3/4 line very exposed.
Should easily match them in the forwards and steal cheap metres hitting the pocket behind the ruck again.
Hopefully the match won’t come down to Meaney’s goalkicking.

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So are you suggesting Tigers have their own Twilight saga going on??
Team Bagz
Team Faff
Load of bollocks, and this crap has been fueled year after year with none of it ever coming to light except through speculation.
The only division within is being caused by Humpty Dumbty…

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Well the Tigers captain Robbie Farah said something along the lines to Matty Johns “come down to training and you won’t find a tighter bunch of blokes”.
Farah’s credibility > Fifita’s credibility

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