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I wish the media would focus more on the sharks, and let us be let us train

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Good point/points actually i didnt even think about FOX ,ofcause will never give it up

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You would think surely they must change it,Considering its already a Sell Out, comon Channel 9 pay out the dues to both the Newcastle and Penrith Clubs financially and change Main Game to

TIGERS V SHARKS Live from Liecharddt Oval.
Winner Takes All for a places in the Semi Finals Series

A Marketers Dream a financial windfall with advertisement and sponsorships, not to mention the massive Ratings.

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Stadiums are there and offered many times, for the sake of the supporters whom dont attend. Most of these stadiums are an embarrassment when u see them half empty on the TV same as many of us at home watching in front of the heater with League having surely the best coverage/viewing on TV where the fan sees so much, more even.

Its only these super important times people ask the question why only 20000 supporters can get to see the game. The answer for me is because these are some of the most loyal NRL crowd you will ever find. The Liecharddt Oval Faithful, and they deserve to witness history.

As a supporter im very very happy its at Liecharddt 4-0 already. i actually dont think it is wise anywhere else for this important match to be honest, and am also unlucky to miss out on a ticket and i live fairly close too, but i do understand you i do feel you Go the Mighty Tigers.

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3/ Momo -
Though many good performers, certainly cannot go past good game bagged a hatrick and goal kicking we found our kicker 7 form 7 = 26 pts

2/ Brooks-
Was hungry today to show his capabilities. always turning up. up to something
good in defence 2 ball steals whilst in defence and a try, I agree with many game of careerr

1/ROT -
Rest Of Team, no special mentions or exceptions here for me whole team gets 1 point Go The Tigers Well Done, game of year next week. Bless us Liecharddt

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@TrueTiger I Agree with you TRUE but as long as he does infact blood some of and the often young talent we produce. But i like many fans like to keep Madge long term. he really does know football, i heard a few weeks back im not sure how true, that he was off(out of NRL work) and he absolutely studied thoroughly every single club in the NRL , and he really came forward and asked for this job, where most coached these days are approached, he really wanted to work with the tigers . and the fact is the longer he is there the better he can be involved associated and build relationships with our youth as time develops, can only be positive after all we have been through

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Garner Was Great Last Night
,im certainly a fan, he has always been a good line runner and hard hitter in defence . If You noticed last weeks game against the knights, off a line drop out by us, full steam ahead at his full pace GAVET james Gavet, whom we tigers know is also a hard hitter himself. Garner jolted him stop him in his tracks, really rocked him. if you fellas get a chance check it out and watch as the play goes on, next play James Gavet on his haunches Whew goes to his kness thinks holy sheet. check it out (2nd Half)

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@larry2005 YES Credit to him, after such a poor start last week to bounce back the way he did MOMO Good on him too to hit back keeping/earning his spot in first grade with his next 140mins of football well done