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@tigger said in Coronavirus Outbreak:

I know this is from the ABC, so for some people it could be a conspiracy between the ABC, the Victorian Government, the Victorian Health Department and Australia’s Chief Health Officer, but for those of us who aren’t conspiracy theorists I hope it goes some way to putting to bed the narrative around the BLM march and the upsurge in coronavirus infections in Victoria.


It’s not just the BLM rally, it’s also the relaxing of lockdown laws too. These people who have been infected in Victoria have come up to NSW and drink in the pubs here, some of which are no adhering to the guidelines of relaxed rules, and started a cluster in NSW again which will force the state back into either a regional or statewide lockdown. There is multiple angles to this. We will not eliminate the virus in this country without vaccines, there are simply too many stupid and selfish people.

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@TillLindemann said in Harry Grant:

@PabloX said in Harry Grant:

I’d be happy to offer Harry the captaincy next year if he were to stay. Could even be a carrot to keep him.

I know yesterday he said he was going back to the storm, but what else was he going to say.

I have no idea how this plays out, I’m pretty sure Harry doesn’t either, but for obvious reasons I want him to stay.

I did notice he threw in an “at this stage”. 🙂

Anything can and will happen in this game.

He will go back to Melbourne at the end of the year. He’ll probably then sit down with Bellyache and get the skinny on what is to happen next year. Smith plays on, he may then enact his release and Wests may sign him (assuming he doesn’t get scooped by Easts to replace an ageing Jake Friend.)

He’s kept to his word in returning to Melbourne, and he’s been able to move on.

Players throw out these open ended statements all the time, they are managed to do so.

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@OzLuke said in Adam Hills' "Take His Legs":

@Cultured_Bogan said in Adam Hills' "Take His Legs":

Can you provide a small synopsis?

Adam Hills reads a tweet about the South Sydney Physical Disability Rugby league team, and being based in the UK he decided to start up the very first PDRL team over there and it’s a story about how he tries to make them the best PRDL team in the world. These guys have all sorts of PD like cerebral palsy, missing limbs etc and the efforts they go to to play the sport they love and create a community around it really gets you all warm and inspired.

Yeah right. Will have to have a look at that, thanks for the overview.

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Easts are looking at the threepeat. They’ve got it all over.

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Can you provide a small synopsis?

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No Twal still? Damn.

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@JoshColeman99 said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

@hobbo1 said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

@Russell said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

@hobbo1 said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

@Russell said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

@Hangonaminute said in My team for Round 10 vs Broncos:

Give Walters the no7, can’t be any worse than the underachiever Brooks.

We also need a no1, Dooee isn’t a bad player but he’s just not a 1, adds very little in attack.
Imo he’s a 3,4.
We need some speed, we need an excitement machine at the back, we’ve got a sloth.

Garner needs a rocket, he’s nowhere near the player he was last year, gone backwards.

This is the second post I have read of yours - saying AD is not a full back and that he is too slow. Fair enough that is your opinion.

However who is the replacement, all well and good saying no but I want to know who gets the yes.

Shift Nofoaluma to the 1

Watching Doohey is like watching an old bloke in the park doing Yoga

Doohey isn’t a fullback , he’s a centre

AND Nofoaluma is not a FB. If that is the answer to our so called FB problem it is not solved.

We are talking next year here - the 2021 + seasons.

Fact …Doohey is too slow at the back and that’s why he’s always out of position …
He’s a centre at best .

I also don’t believe this ‘he’s always out of position’ thing. He’s saved multiple tries for us in the last few weeks, and got caught out by one kick from cleary who’s the best half in the competition right now.

He’s come on in the last few weeks. He was poor to start off with though.

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@supercoach said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Just read 5 pages trying to catch up on any news, not one rumour or signings, 5 pages basically debating what half we need. Sure we need a half, but a goal kicker and a few backs who can run would also help

The thread is called suggestions and rumours, so don’t be surprised if people are merely making suggestions about who they’d like to see signed.

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@tigger19 said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

Elliot and CHN would be starters in our side,Sue as a backup like someone said is better value then Clark,and Meaney is a speedy fullback being played on the wing

Sue is a walking concussion. He has had as many head knocks as ET, if not more.