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@2005magic said in Signing Suggestions & Rumours:

@teddy23 - or throw a huge tanty, go and sulk and refuse to play. Remember he doesnt sing the national anthem- he already has a huge chip on his shoulders. Let some other team take the chance. I’d rather Moses Suli come back.

So we’ll turn our nose up at a dual premiership winning centre who averages 16 tries a season and kicks goals because he won’t sing a song? Someone who is infinitely better than anyone we already have in our backline and can also play fullback.

I don’t care if he has a chip on his shoulder, I don’t care if he doesn’t want to sing the anthem, I don’t care if he takes umbrage to being dropped. He doesn’t drink drive, he doesn’t beat up women, he doesn’t stalk or intimidate women in foreign countries, he doesn’t sexually assault women. Maybe he just wears his heart on his sleeve. We all thought Matto was a good bloke, how’d that turn out?

He is a talent, Fifita has a chip on his shoulder and we’ve heard endlessly here about how we should never have let him go, and this is a bloke who threatens to bash officials at junior footy games and openly supports one-punch killers.

Or do we just hate this kid because he won’t sing the anthem and gets poo face when he gets dropped? The only reason I hate the kid at the moment is because he wears blue, red and white on a footy field 30 weekends a year. That would change in an instant if he traded it for black, white and orange.

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I’ll admit I was furious when Ivan dicked us.

I was furious that Penrith were so underhanded in the way they carried on.

I was upset that Ivan couldn’t be honest about the whole affair as I felt the fans deserved better.

I thought he was on the right track with the gritty, playing for each other attitude that he advertised.

But I can also admit that even though he had me hoodwinked, all the heartache he caused with his exit was totally worth it, even if we don’t manage to scrape in next week.

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To those bemoaning the release of Matterson without us coming out on top being apparent, wait until the dominoes fall before you start cutting your wrists. A release usually comes before a signing.

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The wheels really feel off when Pascoe got pinged for the Farah debacle. Go was ousted, Pascoe has been in hiding since returning and the club has gone back to leaking like a sieve.

Go had control of the place. She knew how to control everything and the minute she left we went to pot. She is sorely missed.

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Even if Scott is loose, he walks backwards into our team and from the best of my knowledge he hasn’t beat up women or threatened to kill anyone so he’s OK by me.

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Up to Matto really. Does he keep turning up and having a crack, or does he want to be an ISP player for the next two years.

We all pine for a hard edged coach like Bellamy who demands nothing less than the best from his players. Apparently Curtis Scott has issues at Melbourne yet he’s still there. We have one of Bellyaches proteges trying to do the same thing. He’s been happy to drop players all year. Back him.

If the approach is from Easts make him play state cup. Don’t come here and then want back when they come knocking because their other big name purchase didn’t work out.

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@innsaneink said in Tigers sign Tim Mannah for rest of 2019:

Piggy Riddell rips into back door benny:

“These days he’s just a rent-a-quote four journalists, that’ll all he is. They know they’re going to get a headline out of him."

Preach it, Piggy.

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I’ve been critical of his off field behaviour in the past but I cannot deny that he is probably the toughest player to pull on our jersey. He made his 300 and he gave it all until the body gave in. He won a premiership, played for his state and country and his ancestral home as well. I think he’ll be happy finishing up on that note.

You can’t ask for more than what one can give. He gave it all. Thanks Robbie.

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Moylan is an “icing on the cake” type player. He’s the man who excels when the rest of the team does their job well. Doesn’t lead well from behind IMO, much like Moses. Great on his day though.

I’m not sure us signing him with the current state of our roster will extract the best from him.

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I empathise with Matterson in the sense that he didn’t probably get what he signed on for.

Most come here to be overpaid, have their career go to pot and wind up virtually unsignable at the end of their time.

He came here at good value, forced his way into origin consideration and will likely command more money elsewhere.

I’d be filthy too.

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This club needs to do a JAC on Melbourne with Pappy, they need to be putting feelers out to his manager now.

Grovel to the kid like a dumb ex-boyfriend if they have to. I understand the reasons as to why he left, but the circumstances have changed for us and if Hughes is a first choice fullback for Melbourne then he is in the same position there as he was here with Teddy. Offer him a decent contract, he knows he would dance into the #1 here and would play 80 every game. Thompson has been very handy for us, but we need to start stacking the backs up to the point where he should become a depth player by the end of his contract.

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@The_Patriot said in Ivan Cleary:

As i said earlier in the piece thats it for me. Ill watch the rest of our games but thats it.

NFL Pre Season about to start. Thankfully

Getting to the point where I’m thinking the game actually needs another superleague war. Brisbane, Easts, Souths and Melbourne can run off and have a 4 team comp and leave the rest to actually have a fairly run competition.

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To those who are challenging they’d rather vote no so Balmain would die out entirely and not lose their identity… What about the identity of the club that they were 50% instrumental in setting up? Not to mention rejecting a motion to guarantee survival of the Balmain Football Club.

Rejecting Ashfield could possibly mean that another club (whether it be Balmain or Wests Tigers,) may never get built at Rozelle and that only hurts the Wests Tigers in the long term, and that’s the club we tune in to watch every week.

Talk about cutting your nose off to spite your face.

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@jirskyr said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

@hammertime said in Matterson unhappy at Tigers?:

If true, hopefully Madge can admit fault, apologise and promise to be better going forward.

Or, if true, Madge can say “that’s what we need of you mate, you are one of our best players”. Why should the coach be apologising for asking players to extend themselves?

Are Tigers supposed to be a tough team that does whatever it takes to win, or do we go about apologising to players for asking them to exert themselves? Exactly what type of club are we aspiring to be?

There’s this persistent criticism of Madge that he “lost the players” at Souths and needs to learn something or other about his expectations and man-management. Yet, by all accounts, he learned this side of coaching from Craig Bellamy, who is the greatest coach of all time. So then we appear to be asking Madge to not try to emulate Craig Bellamy.

Madge has been removed from 1 team total, so it’s a sample of 1. Maybe he trained Souths too hard or maybe they got lazy.

Personally, Madge has proven he can take an average side and fashion them into contenders. He got a premiership by doing this. I really don’t care which players fall by the wayside if he can achieve this for Wests Tigers. If he can get us 1 premiership and then be let go for being too tough after 5 or 6 seasons, so be it.

This forum is unreal.

“It’s up to the coach to get the best out of his players,”

Coach gets best out of player.

“Coach is working players too hard, he needs to apologise.”

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I’m sick of this club being a walkover. They took the hard line with Cleary last year and I expect the same with Matterson. Everyone in the league believes we are a soft touch, it has to stop. For these reasons I am prepared to cut the club some slack if they do stick to their guns and hang on to Matterson if a favourable resolution for him to leave does not eventuate. We have lived up to our ends of the contract so we hold all the cards. The reverse happens when we want to put a player of lesser demand on the market and rightfully so as we don’t live up to our end of the bargain. It has to start working both ways.

If the club is reading this, hold your line and force a favourable outcome and if not, hold this guy’s career to ransom.