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was fantastic, maybe his best position is prop?

Could be. He looked great when he was carting the ball up the middle third, awesome leg drive and body positioning, fighting for every inch. But the again - he looked terrific in the 2nd half on a couple of occasions when he got the ball a little wider with space in front of him and was able to utilise his footwork and acceleration.

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Sheens is a good judge of young talent and when he likes a player they’re pretty much golden. Sounds a bit presumptuous, but I believe Sheens made up his mind before the trials even started, his last two performances just reaffirmed it… whether he sees out the full season, or hops back and forth between FG, NSW Cup and U/20s - we’ll just have to wait and see. But come round 1, I believe he’ll be starting in the #1 jumper. Joel Reddy will probably start from the bench just so Sheens has a backup option if the kid gets a little overwhelmed.

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Looks like a Sheens smokescreen to me.

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I wouldn’t mind seeing Joel Reddy on the right wing outside of Ayshford, they’re two big, strong, rangy, hard to tackle, defensively sound players and could strike up a strong combination. And anybody looks good outside of Lawrence, I like Beau and he looked very good on the couple of occasions he played on the left flank outside Rowdy.

Geez we’ve got some options this year. Sheensy said Brown will be out of rehab and play against the Roosters next week… then there’s the pocket rocket Utai, Lote still to come back, hopefully returning to his 2010 form, you’ve got John Grant who could very well be in with a chance of playing FG a bit further down the track if he continues to improve… I rate Simona pretty highly… then there’s the new breed in Koroibete and Nofoaluma.

Look back 3, maybe 4 years ago, and outside the top 17, where weren’t exactly abounding with options. Its a nice selection headache to have and a strong crop of players to step into the breach when injuries inevitably occur.

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Just noticed Faleula Finau is playing for Manly tonight as well… kid has talent, can’t keep em all though.

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@happy tiger:


When looking at highlights reels like this (turn the music down) its hard not to get excited if we do sign him…

Gee Helmesy lots of his highlights are in the Bulldogs jersey

That was a fair while ago now ……

True :slight_smile:

Still I guess he’s just as big and strong as ever - probably only lost a bit of pace and agility.

He’s not as dynamic as he used to be… doesn’t scatter defenders, make breaks and busts tackles anymore, like he did in the vid. But he does run straight and hard. And he’s still got a terrific offload, which we’re lacking.

Look, I don’t like the bloke… but if we’re offering less money than the Panthers and he chooses us over them, that’ll show that he’s coming for the right reasons and I’ll back him. I back anybody as long as they wear the Tigers jersey with pride and commitment, regardless of how big a toolbag I think they are personally…

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Slightly off topic, just curious, does anybody know if Taqele Naiyaravaro is still with the club, Magpies perhaps?

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Boy, thats a strong outfit. Jack Spencer would have to be the slightest prop I’ve ever seen.

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Have seen a few interesting flicks recently that I can recommend if your looking for something outside of the mainstream, Stryker these might be right up your alley, or maybe not…

House Of The Devil, a bit of a throwback to old school horror flicks, the story is VERY simple, visually it has a real 80s aesthetic and a kind of slow burn pace that sets it far apart from the typical torture-porn flicks which are filling cineplexes these days. The film is all about mood and it created a genuine feeling of suspense, which not many flicks can do for me these days.

Bellflower, a really divisive film, I was discussing it with a group of friends and came to the conclusion that it splits audiences into three camps: either you hate it it with a passion, appreciate it on an technical level but still not like it, or love it. I was in the last group. Has a sincere DIY feel to it, the guy who wrote and directed it is also the star and also built the Road Warrior-esque Buick and flamethrower that feature in the flick. He also customised the one of a kind camera they shot it on. “You’ve never seen anything like it before” is a statement that gets hurled around a lot these days, but for this flick at least it holds true. Kind of heralds the arrival of a new filmmaking talent, reminded me a bit of Scorsese and Taxi Driver.

The Skin I Live In, this one is definitely not for everyone. I really liked it though. An outlandish drama with a lil’ bit of sci-fi and subversive horror elements peppered in. The trailer for this one is a bit misleading, to be expected seeing as the film is a tough sell to audiences, but it gives a general idea of how far reaching the story is. A mate of mine described it as “thoroughly f’d up”… which has either positive or negative connotations, depending on your tastes. Definitely Antonio Banderas’ best work in a very very long time… not surprising, since he’s working with the filmmaker who launched his career.