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Now for other things Blair will be lucky to hold his spot the Fafita try a jersey grab 15 out to score Blair was immediately taken off , he will be struggling especially with the way Gavet is playing!

Video footage tells a different story…

- 01:44 Gavet shirt grabbing and brushed off by Fafita. Blair not even on the field.

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Perhaps BMM, Ava & Jack are being sent up to NT to play lots of minutes.

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Sean O’Loughlin & Kane Evans

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I remember reading not too long ago that Simona (and Nofoaluma) had aligned himself with NSW/AUS. I wonder if this is an oversight by NZ selectors… or if Simona way swayed to their side.

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Regarding to lead-up play to the BMM high tackle on Bowen… I was under the impression that you could take a quick tap 20m restart against a retreating defence - but only when the man who marked the ball in-goal took it to the 20m line and tapped it himself…. he didn’t… he passed it to somebody else. So why were they allowed to restart play before our defensive line was set? Am I forgetting the rules, or are the refs not doing their job properly…

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Braith already made mention that he’ll stay with WT in 2014 in some capacity, but maybe not as a player. He said he could very well retire at seasons end.

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Anasta, Buchanon, Tedesco, Lawrence, (even Ayshford this year). As soon as we drop these morons the better, they have been piss poor all season and tonight’s 1st half performance from these blokes (and Benchy of course but thats a different matter) is a prime example of my case, they provide nothing but help the opposition.

Anasta has lost the plot, cant kick, cant pass, cant run
Buchanon has no impact no leg drive - pretty poor for a prop to get driven back and or make 5 or less meters with every carry i dont care how old he is
Tedesco i think this has been mentioned before but isnt providing anything in attack and consistently but randomly slips over all the time
Lawrence is as fast as George Rose atm and quite poor in defense not worth the trouble
Ayshford is Ayshford - never provided anything significant in his 100 gams to the club really tbh
Benchy is Benchy.

Geez am i the only one that gets this frusrated when watching how poorly some of our players are performing…
if you are not up to it then leave.

Throw in bmm and I think you got it right mate, they are useless and offer nothing .

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You serious? That was easily one of his best for the club. Had an impact as soon as he came on. Damaging runs. Bent the line, got his body free, quick play the balls. Potter slowly unlocking his potential.

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Great addition to the roster. I hear a lot of “rubbish… we’ve already got better centres”, “where does he fit in”, “wont make the 17” etc.

Some fans don’t seem to realise that the coach is trying to build a competitive SQUAD. Thats what the top teams have, players who can slot in and get the job done when the inevitability of injuries strike - which is something we seem to struggle with each season.

You can’t fill the whole roster top to bottom with kids. You need some old heads… some experience waiting in the wings in case one of our young guns is low on confidence and needs a spell in NSW cup for a couple of weeks.

He’s a quality signing IMO, he’ll come in handy and is probably on a pretty modest contract.

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I heard it was pretty embarrassing. Slowed down with 30 metres to go, was pointing at himself on the big screen, got mowed down from behind, came off injured, didn’t come back.

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I think we should sign Tom Briscoe if we can’t get a good center, watch his highlights on youtube…wow.

We already have one and his name is Tim Simona.

Simona is a winger 😉

So is Tom Briscoe.