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Let me know when @THE_POM logs in…

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I thought Gallen tried to take it up but geez it was a bloody boring fight…so glad I didn’t hand over any of my hard earned…snoozer

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@GNR4LIFE Agreed

I know he “may” be a little mentally fragile but ability wise I think he is on par with JTed at least - some may say a risk but jeez someone of his ability on “similar” money as JRey and Mbye…fantastic outcome if it happens…

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as much as I despise bullies and “men” who abuse women, there’s a side of me who says everyone deserves a second chance once justice has been served, a-la Packer…but just my opinion and as funny as it may seem, not everyone has to agree with me.

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as per an earlier poster, the 30K should absolutely be coming off the salary cap - not the player salary as that can’t be easily traced, but hey its the Bronco’s so…

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@WT2K flanno can’t be seen signing players according to the story I saw on his condition of return to the NRL - surely not 😜

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@happy_tiger no…wasnt talking about the sport themselves and how they are administered or whatever, meh was my interest…

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Same as cricket and the soccer, whatever

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@Bathursttiger2 It could also mean WTF!!! I never thought a player of that quality would sign with us… well it could, maybe…🤦