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I noticed this as well but surely it was Nathan’s choice. Maybe he didn’t wan the limelight or maybe it just wanted to spend the night with the Souths boys preparing for the game.

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Clearly a knock on from Lui. No ifs not buts. I saw it as it was shown live and thought knock on

The obstruction call is the one they can b***h about but those never get call unless there was a try anyway

Shame for the cows they deserved the win but they should really be looking at their own rubbish defence at the start rather than the refs

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If Broncos and Warriors both win Storm are out.

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if it ends up to 0. 7 is the winning number for the non scoring team

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He is but I glad a ref finally stood up to the way the players talk to them.

In my opinion the refs cop a raw deal should stand up for themselves more

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If he did say that he deserved to go.

It is one thing questioning a decision another calling the ref a cheat.

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You’d think that if Sirro and Dene were fit they would be given a run here as they need the match fitness

Potter already knows what Anasta and Lawerence offer

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I would go with:

1. Teddy
2. Nofo
3. Simona
4. Lawerence
5. Richards
6. Austin
7. Brooks

8. Woods
9. Farah
10. Galloway
11. Sirro
12. Thompson
13. Blair

14. Ava
15. Sue

18. Moses

I think that we need to go back to what worked for us at the start of the year and that is four forwards on the bench.
Potter keeps putting Austin on the bench mainly because he feels he can’t leave him out but for mine he is either in the run on side or not at all. Anasta is offering nothing and it is time to go.

If we are going to start blooding Moses this is the game to do it but if he plays it will be on the bench and that would take away from the four forwards

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Did the on field umpire say try or no try? If he said no try then there is no way in hell that the video ref could’ve said try.

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It didnt seem that he made a recommendation. Very strange turn of events.

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He said Try

At the best Anasta grounds it with his torso.

He jumped from the field of play so there would have been no seven tackles

50/50 I say so the video guys had to go with the on field call

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I think it might be time for Fulton to hang up the boots. He can’t make it through a game without getting concussed.

Yep. He would be stupid to continue.

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Was thinking exactly this when I heard that he had gone off with concussion.

I love the guy and really like him in the team but the time has come for him to say enough is enough and retire. If he can’t say it himself the club has to step in in my opinion. His long term mental health has to come first and all of these concussions can’t be good for that.